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Abase /bes/ verb

: To lower in position, estimation, or the like; degrade.

Abbess /bes/ noun

: The lady superior of a nunnery.

Abbey /bi/noun

: The group of buildings which collectively form the dwelling-place of a society of monks or

Abbot /bt/ noun

: The superior of a community of monks.

Abdicate (bd-kt) verb

: To give up (royal power or the like).

Abdomen /bdmn/ noun

: In mammals, the visceral cavity between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor;the belly.

Abhorrence /bhr()ns/noun

: The act of detesting extremely.

Bailiff belf/noun

: An officer of court having custody of prisoners under arraignment.

Baize /bez/ noun

: A single-colored napped woolen fabric used for table-covers, curtains, etc.

Bale /bel/ noun

: A large package prepared for transportation or storage.

Baleful /belfl/adjective

: Malignant.

Ballad /bld/noun

: Any popular narrative poem, often with epic subject and usually in lyric form.

Balsam /blsm/ noun

: A medical preparation, aromatic and oily, used for healing.

Cabal /kbl/ noun

: A number of persons secretly united for affecting by intrigue some private purpose.

Cabalism [kab-uh-liz-uh m] noun

: Superstitious devotion to one's religion.

Cabinet /kbnt/noun

: The body of men constituting the official advisors of the executive head of a nation.

Cacophony /kkfni/ noun

: A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sound or combination of sounds or tones.

Cadaverous /kdvrs/ adjective

: Resembling a corpse.

Cadence /kedns/ noun

: Rhythmical or measured flow or movement, as in poetry or the time and pace of marching

Cadenza /kdenz/ noun

: An embellishment or flourish, prepared or improvised, for a solo voice or instrument.

Datum /detm/ noun

: A premise, starting-point, or given fact.

Dauntless /dntls/ adjective

: Fearless.

Decapod [dek-uh-pod] adjective

: Ten-footed or ten-armed.

Decasyllable /dekslbl/ noun

: A line of ten syllables.

Earthenware /()nw/ noun

: Anything made of clay and baked in a kiln or dried in the sun.

Eclipse /klps/ noun

: The obstruction of a heavenly body by its entering into the shadow of another body.

Economize /knmaz/ verb

: To spend sparingly.

Ecstasy /ekstsi/ noun

: Rapturous excitement or exaltation.

Egress /ires/ noun

: Any place of exit.

Eject /idekt/verb

: To expel.

Felicity /flsti/noun

: A state of well-founded happiness.

Facet /fst/ noun

: One of the small triangular plane surfaces of a diamond or other gem.

Fanatic /fntk/ noun

: A religious zealot.

Fancier /fans/ noun

: One having a taste for or interest in special objects.

Felon /feln/ noun

: A criminal or depraved person.

Gauge /ed/ noun

: An instrument for measuring.

Gamble /mb()l/ verb

: To risk money or other possession on an event, chance, or contingency.

Gambol /mbl/noun

: Playful leaping or frisking.

Habitual /hbtul/adjective

: According to usual practice.

Habitude [hab-i-tood, -tyood] noun

: Customary relation or association.

Hackney /hakni/ verb

: To make stale or trite by repetition.

Haggard /hrd/ adjective

: Worn and gaunt in appearance.

Ichthyology /kldi/noun

: The branch of zoology that treats of fishes.

Idealize /adilaz/verb

: To make to conform to some mental or imaginary standard.

Idiom /dim/noun

: A use of words peculiar to a particular language.

Idiosyncrasy /diskrsi/noun

: A mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual.

Imbibe /mbab/ verb

: To drink or take in.

Imbroglio /mbrolio/ noun

: A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.

Imbrue /mbru/verb

: To wet or moisten.

Imitation /mte()n/noun

: That which is made as a likeness or copy.

Jargon /drn/ noun

: Confused, unintelligible speech or highly technical speech.

Jaundice /dnds/ noun

: A morbid condition, due to obstructed excretion of bile or characterized by yellowing of the


Jeopardize /deprdaz/ verb

: To imperil.

Joggle /dl/ noun

: A sudden irregular shake or a push causing such a shake.

Journalize (dr nlaz) verb

: To keep a diary.
Keepsake /kipsek/noun

: Anything kept or given to be kept for the sake of the giver.

Kerchief /krtf/ /krtif/ noun

: A square of linen, silk, or other material, used as a covering for the head or neck.

Kernel /krn()l/ noun

: A grain or seed.

Lacerate /lsret/ verb

: To tear rudely or raggedly.

Lackadaisical /lkdezk()l/ adjective

: Listless.

Lactation /lakte()n/ noun

: The secretion of milk.

Lawmaker /lmek/noun

: A legislator.

Lax /laks/adjective

: Not stringent or energetic.

Lewd /lud/adjective

: Characterized by lust or lasciviousness.

Lexicographer /lkskrf/ noun

: One who makes dictionaries?

Macadamize /mkadmzd/verb

: To cover or pave, as a path or roadway, with small broken stone.

Machinery /min()ri/ noun

: The parts of a machine or engine, taken collectively.

Maltreat /mltrit/ verb

: To treat ill, unkindly, roughly, or abusively.

Man-trap /mantrap/ noun

: A place or structure dangerous to human life.

Narrative /nartv/ noun

: An orderly continuous account of the successive particulars of an event.

Narrator /nretr/ noun

: One who narrates anything?

Nebula /nebjl/noun

: A gaseous body of unorganized stellar substance.

Necessary /nesseri/ adjective

: Indispensably requisite or absolutely needed to accomplish a desired result.

Obdurate /bdjrt/ adjective

: Impassive to feelings of humanity or pity.

Obelisk /blsk/noun

: A square shaft with pyramidal top, usually monumental or commemorative.

Obese /obis/ adjective

: Exceedingly fat.

Obligatory /bltri/ adjective

: Binding in law or conscience.

Pagan /pen/ noun

: A worshiper of false gods.

Pageant pdnt/ noun

: A dramatic representation, especially a spectacular one.

Palate /plt/ noun

: The roof of the mouth.

Quackery /kwkri/noun

: Charlatanry

Quadrate /kwdrt/verb

: To divide into quarters.

Radiate /rediet/ verb

: To extend in all directions, as from a source or focus.

Radical /rdk()l/ noun

: One who holds extreme views or advocates extreme measures.

Rapid /rpd/adjective
: Having great speed.

Safeguard /sefrd/verb

: To protect.

Sagacious /ses/ adjective

: Able to discern and distinguish with wise perception.

Salacious /sles/adjective

: Having strong sexual desires.

Tableau /tblo/ noun

: An arrangement of inanimate figures representing a scene from real life.

Tacit /tst/adjective
: Understood.

Ubiquitous /jubkwts/adjective

: Being present everywhere.

Ulterior /ltrir/adjective

: Not as pertinent as something else to the matter spoken of.

Waif /wef/ noun

: A homeless, neglected wanderer.

Waistcoat /weskot/ noun

: A vest.

Xenophobia /zenfobi/ adjective

: A fear of foreigners

Yearling /jrl/ noun

: A young animal past its first year and not yet two years old.

Year /jr/noun

: A period of time equal to twelve months

Yellow /jl/adjective

: Having the color like that of gold or the sun

or strange

Zealot /zelt/ noun

: One who espouses a cause or pursues an object in an immoderately partisan manner.

Zeitgeist /zatast/noun

: The intellectual and moral tendencies that characterize any age or epoch.

Accompany /kmpni/ verb

: To go with, or be associated with, as a companion.

Accomplice /kmpls/ noun

: An associate in wrong-doing.

Accomplish /kmpl/verb

: To bring to pass.

Accordion /kdn/ noun

: A portable free-reed musical instrument.

Accost /kst/ verb

: To speak to.

Account /kant/noun

: A record or statement of receipts and expenditures, or of business transactions.

Accouter /kut/ verb

; To dress.

Bibliography /bblirfi/ noun

: A list of the words of an author, or the literature bearing on a particular subject.

Bibliophile /bblifal/ noun

: One who loves books?

Bibulous /bbjls/ adjective

: Fond of drinking.

Bide /bad/ verb

: To wait.

Characterize /krktraz/ verb

: To describe by distinctive marks or peculiarities.

Charlatan /rltn/noun

: A quack.

Chasm /kzm/ noun

: A yawning hollow, as in the earth's surface.

Chasten /tesn/ verb

: To purify by affliction.

Decapod /dkpd/adjective

: Ten-footed or ten-armed.

Decasyllable /dekslbl/ noun

: A line of ten syllables.

Deceit /dsit/ noun

: Falsehood.

Edict /idkt/ noun

: That which is uttered or proclaimed by authority as a rule of action.

Edify /edfa/ verb

: To build up, or strengthen, especially in morals or religion.

Editorial /dtrl/noun

: An article in a periodical written by the editor and published as an official argument.

Educe /djus/verb

; To draw out.
Fishmonger /fmr noun

: One who sells fish?

Fissure /fr/ noun

: A crack or crack-like depression.

Fitful /ftfl/adjective

: Spasmodic.

Fixture /fkstr/ noun

: One who or that which is expected to remains permanently in its position.

Grantor /rnt/noun

: The maker of a deed.

Granular /ranjl/ adjective

: Composed of small grains or particles.

Granulate (grny-lt) verb

: To form into grains or small particles.

Grief (grf)noun

: Sorrow.

Grievance /riv()ns/ noun

: That which oppresses, injures, or causes grief and at the same time a sense of wrong.

Hesitation (hz-tshn) noun

: Vacillation.

Heterodox (htr--dks) adjective

: At variance with any commonly accepted doctrine or opinion.

Heterogeneity /hetrdniti/ noun

: Unlikeness of constituent parts.

Idolize (dl-z) verb

: To regard with inordinate love or admiration.

Ignoble /nb()l/adjective

: Low in character or purpose.

Ignominious (gn-mn-s) adjective

: Shameful.

Juror /dr/noun

: One who serves on a jury or is sworn in for jury duty in a court of justice.

Joust (dast) verb

: To engage in a tilt with lances on horseback.

Justification/dstfken/ noun

: Vindication.

Juvenile /duvnal/adjective

; Characteristic of youth.

Juxtapose (jkst-pz)verb

: To place close together.

Knavery (nv-r) noun

: Deceitfulness in dealing.

Knead /nid/verb

: To mix and work into a homogeneous mass, especially with the hands.

Knickknack (nknk) noun

: A small article, more for ornament that use.

Knight errant /nat ernt/ noun

: One of the wandering knights who in the middle ages went forth in search of adventure.

Levity (lv-t) noun

: Frivolity.

Levy /levi/ verb

: To impose and collect by force or threat of force.

Lewd /l(j)ud/ adjective

: Characterized by lust or lasciviousness.

Lexicographer (lks-kgr-fr) noun

: One who makes dictionaries?

Malediction /maldk()n/noun

: The calling down of a curse or curses.

Malefactor /mlfktr/noun

: One who injures another?

Maleficent /mlfs()nt/adjective

: Mischievous.

Malevolence (m-lv-lns)noun

: Ill will.

Manifesto /mnfesto/ noun

: A public declaration, making announcement, explanation or defense of intentions, or


Manlike (mnlak) adjective

: Like a man.
Narrator /nret(r)/ verb

: One who narrates anything?

Noisy /nzi/adjective

: Clamorous.

Nomad (nmd) adjective

: Having no fixed abode.

Odious (d-s)adjective

; Hateful.

Odium [oh-dee-uh m] noun

: A feeling of extreme repugnance, or of dislike and disgust.

Odoriferous/drf()rs/ adjective

: Having or diffusing an odor or scent, especially an agreeable one.

Odorous /odrs/ adjective

: Having an odor, especially a fragrant one.

Paramour /prmr/noun

: One who is unlawfully and immorally a lover or a mistress?

Paraphernalia /prf(r)neli/noun

: Miscellaneous articles of equipment or adornment.

Paraphrase /prfrez/ verb

: Translate freely.

Pare /p/verb

: To cut, shave, or remove (the outside) from anything.

Quietus (kw-ts) noun

: A silencing, suppressing, or ending.

Quintessence /kwntesns/ noun

: The most essential part of anything.

Quintet /kwntt/noun

: Musical composition arranged for five voices or instruments.

Quite[kwahyt] adverb

: Fully.

Quixotic /kwkstk/adjective

: Chivalrous or romantic to a ridiculous or extravagant degree.

Ravenous/rv()ns/ adjective

: Furiously voracious or hungry.

Ravine /Rav"en/ noun

: A deep gorge or hollow, especially one worn by a stream or flow of water.

Reaction /rikn/noun

: Tendency towards a former, or opposite state of things, as after reform, revolution, or


Sanguineous (sng-gwn-s adjective

: Consisting of blood.

Sapid /sapd/adjective

: Affecting the sense of taste.

Sapience/sepns/ noun

: Deep wisdom or knowledge.

Sardonic (sr-dnk)adjective
: Scornfully or bitterly sarcastic.

Theocracy (th-kr-s) noun

: The mixed worship of polytheism.

Theologian /ildin/ noun

: A professor of divinity.

Timbre /tamb/noun

: The quality of a tone, as distinguished from intensity and pitch.

Timorous /tmrs/adjective

: Lacking courage.

Unguent/wnt/ noun

: Any ointment or lubricant for local application.

Unicellular (yoon-sly-lr) adjective

: Consisting of a single cell.

Univalence/junvel()ns/ noun

: Monovalency.

Whine /an/verb

: To utter with complaining tone.

Wholly /hlli/adverb

: Completely.

Wield /wild/verb

: To use, control, or manage, as a weapon, or instrument, especially with full command.

Wile /wl/noun

: An act or a means of cunning deception.

Winsome [win-suh m] adjective

: Attractive.

Writhe/ra/ verb

: To twist the body, face, or limbs or as in pain or distress.

Writing/rat/ noun

: The act or art of tracing or inscribing on a surface letters or ideographs.

Wry/ra/ adjective

: Deviating from that which is proper or right.

Xenophobia/zenfbi/ adjective

: A fear of foreigners or strangers

Yesterday /jest(r)de/noun

: The day before today

Yet /jet/ adjective

: At some time before now ("Have they arrived yet?"); now; at this time ("I cannot tell you
about it yet."); conj. however ("The sun was shining, yet it was cold.")

You /ju/pronoun

: The person or persons being spoken to

Young /jr/adjective

: In the early years of life; not old

Zenith /zen/ noun

: The culminating-point of prosperity, influence, or greatness.

Zephyr /zefr/ noun

: Any soft, gentle wind.

Zodiac /zodik/ noun

: An imaginary belt encircling the heavens within which are the larger planets