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This paper discusses the State of development of tourism in the State of Perlis. Perlis is the smallest State
in Malaysia is located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia where Malaysia bordering Thailand.
The focus is on the issues and challenges faced in developing tourism in the State. The main objective of
this study is to collect data and information as well as analyse and identify the issues and challenges
facing the tourism industry in the State of Perlis. This qualitative data collection was conducted in
October and November 2017. The study revealed that poor planning systematic cause the tourism
industry in the State cannot grow by leaps and bounds. In accordance with the uniqueness of local tourism
resources, the development of improper and inappropriate role have resulted in the potential for tourism
as a tool for development in the State. Thus limiting the travel function of the city transit only and a
small border tourist destination. The report also examines the extent to which the effectiveness and lack
of tourism industry in Perlis.

Perlis is the perfect destination for a natural holiday as it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city where
you do not have to scramble with traffic congestion, its natural fresh environment and, most importantly,
the cost of spending in Perlis is much lower compared to the big city . From January to April, the weather
here is usually hot and dry. While from September to December it is a rainy season. Temperatures are
recorded between 21 c to 32 c and average annual rainfall between 2000ml and 2500ml per year.
Although the Perlis State is small, it is no exception to the attraction of tourism products and it is able to
provide an interesting experience to visitors who come to Perlis. Here also, visitors can be presented with
the beauty of the village in the deepening with the green rice paddy fields are widespread.

History began in 1821 where at that time a massive reaction from locals to Siamese occupation
over Kedah. As a result of the event, the Siamese retreated and the local authorities were authorized to
administer Kedah, Setul, Kubang Pasu, and Perlis. King Long Krok was appointed Governor of Perlis.
The Deputy Governor of Perlis at that time was Syed Hussin Jamalullail. This is a historic moment for
Perlis where it has gained recognition from the status of colonies to a shaman state. Kangar was opened in
1653 by Tok Peduka, Great People during the reign of Sultan Muhyiddin Mansor Shah (1652-1661). At
that time there was Kangar Tree in the Perlis River and was named as the Port of Kangar. Now after 350
years, it has been a great prince of the people of Perlis.

Perlis is located in the north of Peninsular Malaysia borders with Thailand while in the south of
Perlis is neighboring with the State of Kedah. The state of Perlis is estimated to be 793.99km2 with a total
population of 217,480 people. The capital of Perlis is the city of Kangar, while Arau is the Di Raja town
located 10 km from the city of Kangar.

Next, for the Perlis State flag there are two colors: yellow and blue. The yellow on the top
signifies the sovereignty of the ruling king. While blue is a united and understanding people. It is believed
that the Perlis State flag was created by Megat Puteh bin Hj. Abdullah in the same year was created by the
Perlis State, in 1939, in conjunction with King Syed Alwi celebrating his 57th birthday and 35 years of
his reign on the throne of Perlis on June 29, 1939.

The Perlis State Symbols contain 7 series of rice seeds next to it. In each of these networks there
are 22 seeds which means 22 mukim were found in Perlis State at that time. In the middle of the emblem
there is a shield that is a sign of pride and honor and a symbol of state defense from any intrusion. In it
contains 22 yellowish rice that has been cooked shows the main food and food of the people of Perlis
State. In the middle of the circle there is a Perlis word using jawi script, as the Malay identity and Perlis
state identity. The green color symbolizes the fertility of the Perlis State, especially the rice plant. The
color is also a symbol of peace and harmony of the people of this country. The symbol symbolizes the
pride of Perlis as a result of his wealth.

Covering an area of 821km2, Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. It is located at the northern part of
the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia (6o30N and 100o15E), bordering Thailand with Satun and
Songkhla Provinces in its north. In 2010, the total population was recorded at 245,636 persons with a
density of 276.5/km2, placing it 4th out of the 14 states in terms of population density. The capital city of
Perlis is Kangar and the Royal capital is Arau. Padang Besar is a town located at Malaysia-Thailand
border. The main port of Perlis is Kuala Perlis, which also provides ferry services mainly for passengers
to the famous Langkawi Island (Figure 1). The state economy is dominated by agriculture accounting for
80.5% of land use in the state with the dominant crops being rice, sugar, herbs, rubber and fruits. Forestry
and fishery are also important economic sectors (Majlis Perbandaran Kangar, 2010).

The history of Perlis can be traced back to 1800, when it was originally a part of the older
kingdom of
Kedah. It was then separated from Kedah in 1942 and became a Thai vassal state directly under Bangkok
during the period of Siamese influence. During this period, Perlis was known as Palit. The Anglo-
Siamese Treaty in 1909 witnessed the transfer of suzerainty from Thailand to Britain but this was
returned to Thailand during World War Two by Japan as a reward for Siams alliance with it.
Nonetheless, Perlis again came under the British rule until it became part of the Malayan Union and then
gained its independence with the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1957.
Figure 1. Location and tourism resources in Perlis.

There are various obstacles and challenges in the tourism industry in the state of Perlis.

Competition with other countries

Competition with foreign countries. Among the challenges is the existence of competition in the
tourism industry with other countries where those countries are also aware of the importance of a tourism
industry for the country. Each country has its own privileges, which are the centres include shopping,
food, free theme, the beauty of its natural environment and many others. Thus, a country's creativity in
promoting their respective countries is of paramount importance in order to attract tourists and make
Malaysia a major tourist destination. Therefore, all Malaysians should prepare enough to attract tourists to

Option in accessibility and competitiveness of tourism products

The tourism sector in our country thrive and become an important source of national income.
This resulted in tourist spots in the country opened with much like mushrooms after the rain. The
Government has been moving all its agencies to ensure the tourism sector to grow rapidly in line with the
fast development of the country. However, there is still a reasonable space benefit all parties to ensure
that all parties benefit from the development of this sector. If the review with depth there are many
challenges faced by the tourism sector in our country in the future.

This is so because, long distance travelers prevent desire visit Perlis due to choice accessibility
and competitiveness of tourism products within the States in Malaysia. In addition, in common with other
destinations products has resulted in competition. This resulted in the Perlis State difficult to attract
visitors. North-South expressway which connects Padang Besar as entrance and exit. This gives a bad
impression to the development in Perlis. Therefore, all relevant parties should be looked at seriously in
this matter so that tourism development continues to show positive improvement.

Pollution of the natural surroundings

The environment is an important element in the travel industry because most of the tourists will
travel to Perlis this was due to the beauty of its natural environment. Not if the country has a lot of natural
beauty that can be reached but the pollution that defaces the beauty of directly giving negative images to
the State. Thus, all parties need to take responsibility for environmental hygiene in order to attract more
tourists and keeping an image so that the image of the nation State is not corrupted. This responsibility
should be shouldered not only by the Government or party concerned only even the whole society needs
to be aware of the environment for the common good.
In addition, environmental pollution is also one of the challenges of the tourism sector in our
country in the future. This is due to the environmental pollution in recent years become increasingly
adverse attitude is not responsible for a handful of members of the community and have been damaging
natural beauty around us. Nowadays, our country has a beautiful environmental once and have become
the backbone for the tourism sector in our country. If environmental pollution becomes worse, the
tourism sector in our country will certainly be affected because tourists want to enjoy the beautiful
surroundings and clean not dirty and foul.

Transport Problem

Perlis need a smaller airport in efforts to develop the tourism sector in the State. to make such
airport, transportation problems can be overcome, thereby increasing the amount Many travelers to Perlis.
tourist attractions in Perlis, but turnout of local and international tourists still low due to transport
problems. "Travel by road to Perlis from Kuala Lumpur takes about seven hours while the use of rail
services took over 15 hours, he said in a press conference in conjunction with the Traditional Water
Festival Kuala Perlis Customs complex in 2014 Kuala Perlis here yesterday. In this regard, Azlan said,
the State hopes the Federal Government be able to consider the construction of a such airport to develop
the tourism sector and to promote the presence of private investors in the State. According to him, with
the airport facilities, he is confident the tourism sector and the State's economy to grow faster. In other
developments, he said, the State Government is actively promoting tourism national sports class in Kuala
Perlis, Timah Tasoh Dam and Perlis 2015 Marathon next year. He said, the traditional Water Festival
Kuala Perlis will be held on 15 and 16 November the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board (LKIM)
here. In addition, the State Government plans to introduce a free bus service to international tourists to
facilitate them visiting interesting locations around Perlis. The service is expected to boost the tourism
sector in the State in addition to strategic cooperation with the private sector for the construction of
several new hotels in the State, he said.

Management of travel resources

Resource management of travel in the State of Perlis is an important element in enhancing the
tourism industry. There is a problem facing the tourism industry in the State of Perlis in the management
of travel resources. This is so because, the lack of coordination between agencies management tourist
attraction. This causes tourist attraction to Perlis critical problems. For example, Park Hill Ayer, Garden
Snakes by various agencies but instead happens. This is because the Center is managed by an agency this
responsibility will result in some overlap. Most of the attractions in Perlis is not the main attraction of the
country can be promoted at international level until it's hard to market the State as a tourist destination.
Therefore, all relevant parties should be looked at seriously about this issue so as not to affect the tourism
sector in the State.

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