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Urban Planning Questions Electrical Department

1. Rotor of Induction motor is rotating at synchronous speed, What is Torque?

a) High
b) Low
c) Zero
d) Infinity

2. Define Strength of Materials?

a) Strength of Internal resistance of the object applied with the external force
b) Absorbing the Strain

3. Define Power Factor?

a) Sine of Voltage and Current
b) Cosine of Voltage and Current
c) Tan of Voltage and Current

4. Harmonic Current in Power System:

a) Hystersis Loss
b) Eddy Current Loss

5. Weak Power System is due to:

a) Hi Short Circuit
b) Lo Short Circuit

6. Supplier offer gifts and prices in exchange of using superior materials, which was
not specified in the specification/ contract. Mention which option will you choose:
a) Accept Gifts
b) Reject Gifts
c) Accept Gift and follow as per the specification.
d) Accept Gift and use the superior material.

7. Important Factor in Distributed System

a) Reliability
b) Efficiency

8. Transformer Amplifier used in CMRRS for:

a) Rejection of Noise
b) Amplifying
c) Differential Amplifier
9. Moving Cranes use what type of motor?
a) DC Shunt Motor
b) AC Motor
c) Compound DC Motor

10. Zener Diode is used for

a) Voltage Regulator

11. A Household Ceiling Fan function with:

a) Start Capacitor Type
b) Permanent Capacitance Type

12. There is a contradiction in a Specification and a Drawing Note,

a) Details will be preceded by Notes
b) Details will be preceded by Drawing
c) Specification will be preceded by Drawing
d) Drawing will be preceded by Specification

13. JFET

14. Circuit Breaker commonly used in industrial application

a) SF6
b) Air Circuit

15. Assembly Language used for programming:

a) DSP
b) Microcontroller

16. What is System?

a) Closed volume with specified Inputs and Outputs
b) One Input and one Output
c) Different components/ equipments used for calulations

17. Transformer