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Numbered steps in your procedure should be clear and specific to allow for the replication of your

experiment by another person. The conscious effort to keep controlled variables constant should be evident
in your procedure. Your procedure also should be appropriate to the level of uncertainty needed. For
example, dont use a beaker to dispense a precise volume of liquid. On the other hand, dont use the
analytical balance that masses to 0.0001gram when only an approximate mass is needed. (Think!) You can
allow for the collection of sufficient data by having a large enough range of values for your independent
variable and having repeated trials. Specify and justify any assumptions underlying the procedure. Think
through potential problems in advance, and demonstrate in your lab report your plan to master these

Aspect 3: Developing a Method for Collection of Data

In the design of your method of data collection, you need to pay attention to the need of sufficient,
relevant data. The definition of sufficient relevant data depends on the context. The planned investigation
should anticipate the collection of sufficient data so that the aim or research question can be suitably
addressed and an evaluation of the reliability of the data can be made. Example considerations when
assessing sufficiency of data could be the following:
The plan includes the duplication of data collected in multiple trials (at least 2-3 trials).
When planning the levels of the independent variable values, 5 is the minimum number when
If a trend line is to be plotted through a scatter graph then at least 5 data points are needed.
When doing titrations, the plan should show appreciation of the need for a trial run and repeats until
consistent results are obtained.

Data Collection and Processing

Aspect 1 Aspect 2 Aspect 3

Recording Raw Data Processing Raw Data Presenting Raw Data
Complete Records appropriate Processes the quantitative raw Presents processed data
quantitative and associated data correctly. appropriately and, where
qualitative raw data, including relevant, includes errors and
units and uncertainties where uncertainties.
Partial Records appropriate Processes quantitative raw Presents processed data
quantitative and associated data, but with some mistakes appropriately, but with some
qualitative raw data, but with and/or omissions. mistakes and/or omissions.
some mistakes or omissions.
None Does not record any No processing of quantitative Presents processed data
appropriate quantitative raw raw data is carried out or inappropriately or
data or raw data is major mistakes are made in incomprehensibly.
incomprehensible. processing.

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