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Final exam, 2nd year, 2nd term

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No 2.
1. Federal appellate judges and district judges are appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate.
They can be removed only by Congress through a process called ___________.
a)sentence b)rejection c)impeachment
2. A person charged with or convicted of crimes against humanity is a _____________.
a) criminal record b) criminal lawyer c) war criminal
3. An attempt to transform illegally acquired money into apparently legitimate money is a ______________.
a) Battery b) Money laundering c) Fraud
4. Instead ______ the car, he mowed the lawn.
a). of repairing; b). repairing; c). that he repaired; d). of repair
5. The ring was nowhere to _____.
a). be found; b). being found; c). find; d). found
6. There were no decent flats _______ in those day
a). for having; b). to be had; c). to have; d). to have had
7. He suggested ______ the house together
a). that you should search; b). for them to search; c). to their searching; d). to them to search
8. Although there is an absolute right to trial in both civil and criminal cases, trial are often enough expensive,
and a person may not wish to exercise the right to _________.
a) Trial b) appeal c)a sentence
9.The lawyers have the right _________a certain number of jurors without giving any justification.
a) to admit b) to reject c) to deny
10. All her dreams have _____ true
a) become; b) come; c) gone; d) taken
11. An attempt to influence an official by offering him or her some kind of reward is called__________.
a) kidnapping b) bribe c) arson
12. Taking people or things illegally into a country or place is ___________.
a) burglary b) smuggling c) hijacking
13. Taking people or things illegally into a country or place means
a) burglary b) smuggling c) arson
14. The judge conducts the ______________ in a trial and sees that the order is maintained.
a) rule b) proceedings c) sentence
15. The judge appoints lawyers to represent a ___________ who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.
a) plaintiff b) criminal defendant d) claimant
16. Using force or threatening force to take control of an aircraft during flight means
a) bribery b) smuggling c) hijacking d) petty theft
17. Rules governing the investigation of crimes, the arrest charging, and trial of accused criminals; and the
sentencing of those convicted (found guilty or a crime) are ___________.
a) Criminal procedure b) Criminal contempt c) Criminal law
18. I got your name and address from a friend of _______
a) me b) mine c) my d) myself