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Advertising part B

Who are the ASA and what do they do?

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the self regulatory
organisation of the advertising industry in the UK. Their mission is to
make every UK AD a responsible AD. Also,they make sure that theyre
responding to all of the complaints they their monitor ads to check
theyre following the rule. As well as, they conduct research to test the
public opinion and identify where they need to take action to protect their

Why are they important?

ASA is one of the important companies because they help the UK
society to be protected and secure from harmful and to stole . As the
ASA role is to check ADS across the media and making sure all the
ADS are real and they dont including any bad contacts or societal

Why do you think advertising need to be regulated?

As the ASA check ads across the media to make sure theyre
penetrating to the rules they are giving to. Also, ASA monitor ADS in
different department or sectors to make sure potential consumer
protection issues or where there are societal concerns about specific
products, for example age-controlled products like alcohol, gambling or
electronic cigarettes. So for these reasons advertising need to be
regulated to make sure ads are safe, dont has any harmful or bad

Who are Ofcom and what do they do?

Ofcom is one of the communication regulator in the UK. they regulate
the TV, radio and video on demand sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles
and postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices
Their job role is to make sure the people in the UK they get the best of
their communications services and to make sure theyre protected from
fiddles and harsh applies. Also, to make sure the competition can
Ofcom main legal responsibilities is to make sure that people are
protected fairly from treating unfairly in television and from having their
privacy attacked. As well people who theyre watching TV theyre
protected from harmful and attacking material. Therefore, they have to
make sure the UK has a wide range of electronic communications
services with high speed services and high quality TV and radio
programmes are provided.
Moreover, video viewers on demand services are protected from harmful
content. As the radio spectrum will used in the most effective way and
making sure the contents and programmes are given knowledge to the

Why are Ofcom important?

Ofcom is important because is protecting the UK society from harmful
and swindle.
How are they funded?
Ofcom operate under a number
of Acts of Parliament.
What act do they operate
They operate under 411 act and
19 schedules had sit by the

What is the difference between

Ofcom and the ASA?
Ofcom is the communications
regulator in the UK. Ofcom
regulate the TV, radio and video
on demand sectors, fixed line
telecoms, mobiles and postal
services. Their role is to make
sure people in the UK get their
best communications services
and theyre protected from
scams and sharp practices. ASA
means the advertising standards authority, its one of the UKs
independent advertising regulators. ASA job role is to make sure ads
across the UK media stick to the advertising rule (the Advertising

What are the BCaP codes? And how are they used?
A code made to applies to all advertisements and programme
What recent adverts have had rulings from the ASA and what
BCAP codes have they breached?

The first advert had ruling from ASA is an Ads for Goodwin Smith Shoes.
The ASA received nine complainants about the Ads because it was
sexist, objectifying women, and degrading to women. As Goodwin Smith
Shoes had broken the CAP Codes, 1.3 and 4.1. The action does ASA
take is their ad must not appear again in its current form. They told
Goodwin Smith to ensure their ads are socially responsible and they did
not objecting any women again.