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Commercial building

Commercial building is a building for contain various function of commercial. Commercial

building is a planed of building for getting income from some business. To increase the
income of urban business, it is a suitable place to build a commercial building. Commercial
buildings located in urban areas with a variety of specific problems.

Waste became a serious problem for urban areas. Human waste is produced increasingly
more and accumulate so that raises a lot of issues, so that the necessary waste management.

Managing waste wood is perfect for urban areas, where there are many furniture shops that
produce a lot of waste from the wood

Waste wood is wood remaining pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes that are forced to be
sacrificed in the process of its production because it is not able to produce (outputs) that high
value in terms of its economy to the level of a particular processing technologies used (MOA,

Waste wood can get from industries producing furniture, wood garden, and at the zone of

Wood waste perceived usefulness, so the producers dispose or burn wood waste. Wood waste
can be used as a high profit with such good management made wooden toys, wooden dolls,
household furnishings, room decor and more.

Interests of the community against the wooden toys had already been reduced due to the
growing number of gadgets that are given to children and the erosion of its manufacturer
wooden toys. But the model of the wooden toys have now been developed, such as action
figures from wood that cost more expensive if the model is very highly detailed. Wooden
toys are also widely used for souvenirs, wedding decorations or collectors of toys. So the
business of wooden toys from wood waste very profitable reversed capital for very little but
great advantage.
Factory Procedure

Wooden toys traditional from wooden waste

Wooden waste obtained neighborhood, carpenter, and furniture entrepreneur. Wooden has
been collected and entered sawing stage according to size and also drying stage. Drying stage
does in the facade design for drying wooden so the wooden gets more urban dry winds and
hot from sun. For getting Quality of wood, wooden must have a content of water below 20%.
(Teknologi Kerja Kayu 1986). After that the products entered store for marketed offline store
or online store.


Wind is a moved air flow as result of difference from low air pressure area to high air
pressure area, from low temperature to high temperature and winds cannot transpierce solid
object. Winds can be created with natural or artificial. This design considers winds. Wind
blowing gives the impression of relaxed to workers and visitor. Wind gives benefit to dried
wooden waste.

Site on Jalan Raya Seturan No.1 Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. At Fork
Street, to solve traffic problems, entry is located 35 meters from the crossroads and out access
is located 45 meters from the crossroads.
In this area there are a lot of restaurant, hotels, and not least fashion store. Nearby this site
there are 4 University is, Universitas Islam Indonesia Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas
Pembangunan Nasional Veteran dan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Yayasan Pahlawan
Negara and Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. So nearby in the site there are boarding
house, minimarket, cafe, laundry, furniture shop etc.

Furniture shops or craftsmen furniture located not far from the site of approximately 500
meters so that the business raw material available is very easy to get it

In the East, there were shops, to the North there is a green campus-owned UPN, and on the
West and South there are gardens residents. With its green space and gardens over grown
trees, it will reduce the noise produced by this factory with a distance of approximately 20
metres to the other buildings.

Site covering an area of 2000 m2 with a length of and a width of 50x40 m. Located at the T-
junction in the road that a day of solid day smoothly, to overcome the problem of the entrance
designed 35 meters from the intersection of the road, while for the exit designed 45 meters
from the T-junction of the roads so that the problem can be reduced congestion.

Vehicles of guests or visitors can park on the Northeast building with parking area enough for
10 cars. Vehicles for students or workers can be debasement, because the parking for the
residents of the security.

The shape of the building is crossed in addition to responding to the wind as well as for
efficient use of land, with the shape of the cross building 3 story + 1 basement it can
accommodate 50 rooms with leaving the land for green space on the site.

The use of trees and shrubs is also set to reduce noise and directs incoming wind on
buildings. In addition, this trees as air and shelter on the West side are exposed to sunlight in
the afternoon.

The type of plants that can be planted to reduce noise pollution is the broad-leaved trees and
thick. Type of tree that is used on this site is the flamboyant tree with a height of 5-15 meters.
Tree with red in it is used to care the scenery and enjoyed also gives the impression of a
romantic. So, that residents and visitors will not be boring.

There are Two Access in this design. The first is Entrance Access for guest or visitor which
located in front of building. Entrance directly connected with lobby (waiting room and front
office). After lobby, visitors will be enjoyed a mini gallery which there are toys collection
from this factory production. Visitor can get a cool experience with workshop in factory
about manufacture traditional toys. In half of this room, it will be a saw process area. This
design have a store (online and offline) for marketing factory product. Lobby, gallery,
factory, and shop are connected by core in the center of this building. This Core is Access for
students dormitory.


Commercial Building used timber structure that supported by pedestals same time be
foundations on building. Structure system uses frame timber structure.

The wooden structure is a structure element of the composition is wood. In the process, the
structure of the wood is widely used as an alternative in the planning of civil works, that is:
order the horses, the order and structure of the bridge, the rink scaffolding, column, beam and
floor of building.

The wood used is teak texture and fibers in addition to having the most beautiful among other
wood, teak wood has a characteristic that is stable, strong and durable, making it suitable for
building structures.

Teak wood is also easily found in Java so it is very easy to get it.

Beams are molded into a grid in order to sustain the existing load on it

The material on the building is 80% using renewable material that is wood. Using wood
material has properties that add to the feel of the warm when the night and adding to the
impression of cool during the day.
Wood also has a very beautiful texture.
Wood is a renewable material so that the wood is an environmentally friendly material.