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Equipment IT & Communications Retail and Commercial Consulting & Management & Investment Handling
Equipment IT & Communications Retail and Commercial Consulting & Management & Investment Handling


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Investment Handling & Airfield Planning & Construction Security World Business Partner Directory www.aci.aero

World Business Partner Directory


Airports Council International promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations Airport excellence in
Airports Council International promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations Airport excellence in

Airports Council International promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations

professional excellence in airport management and operations Airport excellence in safety programme complimentary service
professional excellence in airport management and operations Airport excellence in safety programme complimentary service
professional excellence in airport management and operations Airport excellence in safety programme complimentary service

complimentary service for members

Assess your safety levels to improve your standing in accordance with industry standards.

Assess, monitor, protect and improve your customer experience, cybersecurity, safety and compliance to ensure the sustainability of your airport.

Continuing education

Enhance your professional skills in airport management and operations.

Trade publications

Stay abreast of the airport industry’s traffic data, rankings, trends, financial performance, forecasts and best practice.

Events and conferences

Join a network of airport operators to discuss challenges and share best practice.

a network of airport operators to discuss challenges and share best practice. aci.aero l aci@aci.aero l


+1 514 373 1200

World Business Partner Directory Table of contents


Foreword: ACI World Business Partner Advisory Board Chair


The World Business Partner programme


ACI World Business Partner contacts




IT and Communications


Retail and Commercial


Consulting and Management and Investing


Handling and Airfield


Planning and Construction



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WBP Foreword

WBP Foreword Dear ACI Business Partners, It is an honour to be writing the foreword to

Dear ACI Business Partners,

It is an honour to be writing the foreword to the 2017 ACI WBP Directory in my capacity as Chair of the World Business Partner (WBP) Programme Advisory Board.

The WBP Programme has made significant progress over the years, and as we keep working together as a team, we can rest assured that it can only get better. While the aviation industry has had its fair share of challenges in the past few years, it remains the safest and fastest means of transport globally and is expected to remain so in the foreseeable future.

Growth in several areas affords us various opportunities as business partners to continue to participate in, and derive benefits. The challenges in the sector open up opportunities for WBPs to come up with innovative and creative solutions by taking advantage of peer collaborations that the programme offers. We do not only participate in the continued growth of the aviation industry, but we are able to expand our businesses as well.

As we continue to work to make sure members derive maximum benefit from the WBP Programme, the membership directory will become an even more essential tool for the realization of that goal. This directory is designed to facilitate networking and much more, with the current edition intended as a ‘living’ document to be constantly updated on a monthly basis with data provided by ACI Regions.

It is my hope that we will all take advantage of the opportunities the directory offers and continue to grow the WBP Programme for the benefit of the industry at large.


for the benefit of the industry at large. Sincerely, Tunde Oyekola, Mnia, Intl Assoc. AIA Chief

Tunde Oyekola, Mnia, Intl Assoc. AIA Chief Executive Officer El-Mansur Atelier Group ACI World Business Partners Advisory Board Chair (2017)

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



How healthy is your talent pipeline? Invest in your employees' skills today, cultivate a culture
How healthy is your talent pipeline? Invest in your employees' skills today, cultivate a culture

How healthy is your talent pipeline?

How healthy is your talent pipeline? Invest in your employees' skills today, cultivate a culture of
How healthy is your talent pipeline? Invest in your employees' skills today, cultivate a culture of

Invest in your employees' skills today, cultivate a culture of excellence and reap the rewards tomorrow.

certification In-house training Subject-matter competency Instructor-led E-learning aci.aero l training@aci.aero

aci.aero l training@aci.aero l +1 514 373 1200

The World Business Partner Programme

Over Over 500 500 World World Business Business Partners Partners (WBPs) (WBPs) support support ACI’s ACI’s mission mission to to foster foster cooperation cooperation among among all all aviation aviation industry industry

partners, partners, providing providing both both passengers passengers and and the the air air freight freight community community with with a a safe, safe, secure, secure, efficient efficient and and environmentally environmentally

compatible compatible air air transport transport system. system.

Mission Mission

To To serve serve as as a a resource resource for for businesses businesses and and individuals individuals who who provide provide products products and and services services to to commercial commercial aviation, aviation, and and

to to provide provide a a mechanism mechanism whereby whereby WBPs WBPs can can assist assist airports airports worldwide worldwide in in meeting meeting their their objectives objectives

As As WBPs WBPs you you will: will:

explore explore new new networking networking opportunities; opportunities;objectives objectives As As WBPs WBPs you you will: will: increase increase your your visibility visibility

increase increase your your visibility visibility within within the the global global aviation aviation community; community;new new networking networking opportunities; opportunities; have have privileged privileged access access to to airport

have have privileged privileged access access to to airport airport decision decision makers; makers;the global global aviation aviation community; community; influence influence the the strategic strategic direction

influence influence the the strategic strategic direction direction of of your your industry; industry; and, and,to to airport airport decision decision makers; makers; access access unique unique data data and and

access access unique unique data data and and publications. publications.direction of of your your industry; industry; and, and, WBPs WBPs receive receive many many great

WBPs WBPs receive receive many many great great benefits, benefits, including: including:

recognition recognition from from ACI ACI Regional Regional and and World World Governing Governing Board Board Members; Members;many great great benefits, benefits, including: including: listings listings of of corporate corporate information

listings listings of of corporate corporate information information and and contact contact details details in in the the ACI ACI World World membership membership directory; directory;World Governing Governing Board Board Members; Members; invitation invitation to to exclusive exclusive WBP WBP

invitation invitation to to exclusive exclusive WBP WBP networking networking meetings meetings and and receptions receptions with with airport airport leaders, leaders, including including World World Governing GoverningACI World World membership membership directory; directory; Board Board Members; Members; participation participation on

Board Board Members; Members;

participation participation on on ACI ACI World World Standing Standing Committees Committees according according to to membership membership level; level;World Governing Governing Board Board Members; Members; ACI ACI Member Member rates rates for for participating

ACI ACI Member Member rates rates for for participating participating or or exhibiting exhibiting in in all all ACI ACI World World and and Regional Regional events eventsaccording to to membership membership level; level; ACI ACI Member Member rates rates for for ACI

ACI ACI Member Member rates rates for for ACI ACI World World publications; publications; and, and,ACI ACI World World and and Regional Regional events events complimentary complimentary copies copies of of

complimentary complimentary copies copies of of ACI’s ACI’s monthly monthly Worldwide Worldwide Traffic Traffic Report Report and and International International Passenger Passenger and and Freight Freight Report, Report,ACI ACI World World publications; publications; and, and, Airport Airport World World magazine magazine and and

Airport Airport World World magazine magazine and and other other specialty specialty publications. publications.

Membership Membership in in ACI ACI helps helps to to strengthen strengthen your your company’s company’s position position in in the the aviation aviation industry industry and and provides provides access access to to

business business leaders leaders and and decision decision makers. makers. It It also also gives gives you you the the opportunity opportunity to to help help develop develop and and promote promote the the standards standards

and and policies policies governing governing airports airports today. today.

For For further further information information about about the the ACI ACI WBP WBP programme, programme, and and for for links links to to the the ACI ACI WBP WBP Regional Regional websites, websites, please please visit visit

http://www.aci.aero/World-Business-Partners/About-the-ACI-WBP-programme. http://www.aci.aero/World-Business-Partners/About-the-ACI-WBP-programme.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



ACI World Business Partner Contacts

ACI World

Joanna Kufedjian Manager, Events and Member Services Tel: +1 514 373 1232 jkufedjian@aci.aero

ACI Africa

Omoh Ohiomoba Manager, Economics, Communications and Marketing c/o Academie Internationale Mohammed VI de L’aviation Civile Aeropole Mohammed V Nouasseur CASABLANCA MOROCCO Cell: +2348163882435 oohiomoba@aci-africa.aero www.aci-africa.aero

ACI Asia-Pacific

WBP Programme Coordinator Unit 13, 2/F, Airport World Trade Centre 1 Sky Plaza Road Hong Kong International Airport HONG KONG Tel: +852 2180 9449 Fax: +852 2180 9462 wbp@aci-asiapac.aero www.aci-asiapac.aero


Yulia Plyusnina Programme Development Coordinator 10, Rue Montoyer, (box No 9), 1000 Brussels BELGIUM Tel: +32 2 552 0983 Fax: +32 2 502 5637 yulia.plyusnina@aci-europe.org www.aci-europe.org

ACI Latin America-Caribbean

Francisco Medela Industry Affairs Manager Prime Time Tower, Office 8C Costa del Este, Panama City PANAMA REP. OF PANAMA Tel: (507) 830 5657 / 58 fmedela@aci-lac.aero www.aci-lac.aero

ACI North America

Veronica S. Gerson Senior Manager, Member Services 1615 L Street, NW-Suite 300 WASHINGTON, DC, 20036 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Tel: +1 202 293 8500 Fax: +1 202 331 1362 vgerson@aci-na.org www.aci-na.org

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



Your source for data-driven decision-making Access statistics for over 2,300 airports in 160 countries through
Your source for data-driven decision-making Access statistics for over 2,300 airports in 160 countries through

Your source for data-driven decision-making

Your source for data-driven decision-making Access statistics for over 2,300 airports in 160 countries through Airports
Your source for data-driven decision-making Access statistics for over 2,300 airports in 160 countries through Airports

Access statistics for over 2,300 airports in 160 countries through Airports Council International (ACI) World’s unrivalled airport industry market intelligence.

Best practice Financial performance Trends and forecasts aci.aero l publications@aci.aero l +1 514 373 1200

aci.aero l publications@aci.aero l +1 514 373 1200

Registration now open!

Registration now open! AFRICA WORLD 16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius Join us in Mauritius on 16-18
Registration now open! AFRICA WORLD 16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius Join us in Mauritius on 16-18
Registration now open! AFRICA WORLD 16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius Join us in Mauritius on 16-18
Registration now open! AFRICA WORLD 16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius Join us in Mauritius on 16-18
Registration now open! AFRICA WORLD 16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius Join us in Mauritius on 16-18

16-18 October 2017 I Mauritius

Join us in Mauritius on 16-18 October 2017 for the ACI Africa/World Annual General Assembly,
Join us in Mauritius on 16-18 October 2017
for the ACI Africa/World Annual General
Assembly, Conference and Exhibition.
Home of the ACI ASQ Awards Ceremony, taking place at the Gala Dinner on 17
Home of the ACI ASQ Awards
Ceremony, taking place at the
Gala Dinner on 17 October.

For more information go to www.aci-waga2017.com



Listed alphabetically by company name

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




ADELTE Europe Affliate Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Buenos Aires 1 Barcelona 8029 ES - SPAIN Tel: +34 902 300 601 Email: info@adelte.com Web: www.adelte.com

Primary Contact: Mr Francois MAMERT Business Title: Marketing Director

Secondary Contact: Ms Gemma DE VICENTE Business Title: Marketing Assistant

ADELTE Airport Technologies S.L.U. provides engineering know-how and results-driven solutions for the world's leading international airports. From advanced boarding bridges and terminal solutions that deliver a better experience for passengers, to innovative ground support equipment and aircraft recovery products to improve performance on the apron, ADELTE is focused on working closely with its partners to enhance airport operations worldwide.

Airbus Americas, Inc. North America

1909 K Street NW

Washington DC 20006 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 202 331 2235 Web:


Primary Contact: Mr Dan COHEN-NIR Business Title: Programs Director

Airbus is the world's leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the industry .

Airbus SAS

Primary Contact: Mr Fabrice VILLAUME

Airbus is the leading aircraft manufacturer


Business Title: Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

offering the most modern, comprehensive and efficient passenger aircraft family on the more

1 Rond-Point Maurice Bellonte Blagnac Cedex 31707 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 5 61 93 33 33 Email: info@airbus.com Web: www.airbus.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Andrew GORDON Business Title: Director Strategic Marketing & Analysis

than 100-seat market, while its military division

is the global leader for transport, tanker and

surveillance airlifters ranging from three to 45

tonnes of payload. Airbus is an EADS company.

Arconas Corporation North America Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean

5700 Keaton Crescent

Mississauga ON L5R 3H5 CA - CANADA Tel: +1 905 272 0727 Email: lgordon@arconas.com

Web: www.arconas.com

Primary Contact: Ms Lynn GORDON Business Title: Vice President - Airport Solutions

ARCONAS is a solutions-oriented, award- winning designer and manufacturer of Exceptional Public Seating. Since its

incorporation in 1972, Arconas has established

a reputation for providing customized solutions

for our airport clients worldwide. Our Airport

Solutions team works closely with airports, airlines, architects and designers to create unique, comfortable environments for their passengers with gate & lounge seating and passenger power solutions that offer superior comfort and quality. Arconas seating is environmentally-friendly, low-VOC, and now features soybean-derived BiOH Polyols in its foam.

ASAP Services N.V. Latin America and Caribbean

Primary Contact: Mr Richard LACLE Business Title: General Manager

International Organization supplying and integrating specialized equipment and systems to Local and International clients like, Airport, Seaports, the Hospitality Industry, Correctional Institutions, Medical Institutions and a vast array of other commercial and industry sectors.

P.O. Box 362 Oranjestead AW - ARUBA Tel: +1 297 583 0023 Email: info@asap.aero Web: www.asap.aero


Primary Contact: Mr Jean-Michel CARDI

Astrium is a division of EADS Company that has been involved in air traffic control and airport integration projects for the past 20+ years. Astrium capitalisation of expertise is especially illustrated in the domain of Airport simulation. Leveraging on its comprehensive toolset ATHOS supervisor associated with CAST simulation kernel, Astrium is able to simulate and monitor airport airside and landside crisis scenarios and most of the Airport Collaborative Decision Making processes. Astrium is involved in the SESAR Industrial Support (SESAR-IS) contract.


Business Title: ATM Business Development Manager

66 Route de Verneuil Les Mureaux Cedex 78133 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 (0) 139 06 1918 Email: jean-michel.cardi@astrium.eads.net Web: www.astrium.eads.net

Atlantic Aviation FBO, Inc. North America

Primary Contact: Mr Clive LOWE Business Title: Senior Vice President

6652 Pine Crest Drive

Plano TX 75024 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 972 905 2500 Email: Clive.Lowe@atlanticaviation.com Web: www.atlanticaviation.com

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




BCS Group Ltd Asia-Pacific

Unit F, 7 Orbit Drive, Albany North Shore City 632 NZ - NEW ZEALAND Tel: +64 9 414 1350 Email: office@bcsgroup.biz Web: http://www.bcsgroup.biz

Primary Contact: Mr Patrick TEO Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Secondary Contact: Mr Andrew MAUGER Business Title: General Manager - Australasia

BCS is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and we employ over 350 staff at locations across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, and North America. At BCS our expertise lies in delivering end to end solutions consisting of logistics hardware, automation controls and elegant software products that have made BCS supplier of choice to airports, airlines, freight and industrial customers around the world. Airport Systems are the baggage handling systems (BHS) specialists within BCS Group.BCS is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and we employ over 350 staff at locations across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, and North America. At BCS our expertise lies in delivering end to end solutions consisting of logistics hardware, automation controls and elegant software products that have made BCS supplier of choice to airports, airlines, freight and industrial customers around the world. Airport Systems are the baggage handling systems (BHS) specialists within BCS Group and specialise in the development, design, manufacture, installation and servicing of a broad range of innovative, state of the art baggage handling systems suitable for small regional ports right through to the largest International Airports. Our operations and maintenance business recognise that the purchase, installation and commissioning of any baggage handling only represents the initial investment and that ultimate cost of ownership and return on investment for our clients is driven by expert and proactive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the system. Finally our Solutions and Services business unit leverages IP across the BCS group to deliver innovative advanced technology and software solutions that enhance our clients operations such as our world leading BAGgate™ automated bag drop solution.

Bombardier Transportation North America

1501 Lebanon Church Rd Pittsburgh PA 15236-1406 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 412 655 5336 Web: www.bombardiertransport.com

Primary Contact: Mr Andrew ROBBINS Business Title: Head of Sales

"Bombardier's fully automated people movers - the BOMBARDIER INNOVIA* APM - have consistently delivered system availability in excess of 99 percent. With over 35 years of experience in supplying, operating and maintaining driverless systems in over 25 worldwide locations, Bombardier continues its leadership role with the implementation of its INNOVIA* technology at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. *BOMBARDIER and Innovia are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries."


Primary Contact: Ing. Francesco MOSSA


Business Title: Area Sales Manager

Zona Ind. Viciomaggio, 54/G-56 Arezzo 52041 IT - ITALY Tel: +39 0575 4181 Email: infosecurity@ceia-spa.com Web: http://www.ceia.net

Cobalt Light Systems Ltd Europe

174 Brook Drive, Milton Park Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 4SD GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 1235 433 216 Email: ken.mann@cobaltlight.com Web: www.cobaltlight.com

Primary Contact: Mr Ken MANN Business Title: Vice President Security Products

Secondary Contact: Dr Paul LOEFFEN Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Cobalt Light Systems is a security equipment manufacturer that has developed the Insight100, an ECAC approved Type B standard 2 LEDS. The Insight100 uses Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) which allows screening of liquids in five seconds with a near ideal probability of detection and a <0.5% false alarm rate.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




CPH Inventures A/S Europe

CPH Inventures Hedehusene 2640 DK - DENMARK Tel: +45 31781010 Email: info@cphinventures.com

Primary Contact: Mr Lars THOGERSEN Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Secondary Contact: Ms Louise BROCKDORFF Business Title: Project Manager

Cyclone Clean (Nilfisk - Advance Technologies) Europe

1845 West 1st Street

Phoenix AZ 85218 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +43 664 1256 902 Web: http://cycloneclean.com

Primary Contact: Mr Dieter PADE Business Title: Vice President International Sales

Secondary Contact: Mr Wade REITMEIER Business Title: General Manager

Embraer, Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica, S.A. Europe

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170 S.J. dos Campos - SP 12227-901 BR - BRAZIL Tel: +55 12 3927 2526 Email: info@embraer.br Web: www.embraer.com.br

Primary Contact: Mr Joao Pedro TABORDA Business Title: External Relations Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Carlos GRANDI Business Title: Acoustics Expert

Embraer has become one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world by focusing on specific market segments with high growth potential in regional, military, and corporate aviation. We develop and adapt successful aircraft platforms and judiciously introduce new technology whenever it creates value by lowering acquisition price, reducing direct operating costs, or delivering higher reliability, comfort, and safety. As a result, our aircraft provide excellent performance with day-in and day-out reliability in more than 58 countries on five continents.

GE Aviation

Primary Contact: Mr Jerry FAGERHAUG

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE, is a

North America

leading provider of jet and turboprop engines,

One Neumann Way, MD F120 Cincinnati, OH 45215-1988 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 203 373 2211 Web: www.ge.com

components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft and has a global service network to support these offerings. GE Aviation recorded revenues of $20 billion (US) in 2012.Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), GE Aviation employs about 40,000 people and operates manufacturing, overhaul, and repair facilities worldwide. About 25,000 jet engines from GE and its partner companies (CFM International and The Engine Alliance) are in airline service. An aircraft powered by GE or CFM engines takes flight every 2 seconds.

LG Electronics

Primary Contact: Mr Jay KANG

Based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., LG Electronics

North America

Business Title: Marketing Manager

USA, Inc., (LGEUS) is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $48.5-billion


Millbrook Drive

global force in consumer electronics, home

Lincolnshire IL 60069 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 201 816 2025 Web: www.lgsolutions.com


appliances and mobile communications. In the United States, LGEUS sells a wide range of digital display and digital media products, digital appliances and mobile phones under LG's "Life's Good" marketing theme. For more information, please visit www.LGusa.com.

LK Luftqualitat AG-Ionair Europe

Staldenhof 3A Lucerne CH-6014 CH - SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 41 261 0505 Email: info@ionair.ch Web: www.ionair.ch

Primary Contact: Mr Christophe BERTHOUD Business Title: Sales Director Europe

Secondary Contact: Mr Beda WEIBEL Business Title: CEO

Since 1993, LK Luftqualität AG – Ionair® has become a worldwide leader in developing and producing innovative and energy saving dynamic supply-air ionization and design solutions for comfort climate, air purification and odor neutralization. We support our customers from design to engineering and implementation of new or reconstructed HVAC systems. Ionair® - naturally fresh air.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




Meraj International FZC Africa

Plot No 1 H-42 A, Phase 1 Sharjah AE - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tel: +971 6 526 2130 Email: info@merajinternational.ae Web: http://www.merajinternational.ae

Primary Contact: Mr Metin BARUT Business Title: Vice President International Sales

Secondary Contact: Mr Waavar OUVESHI Business Title: Director

Meraj is a premier manufacturer of Special Application Trucks and Pumps. It is important to mention here that MERAJ is a 37 years old brand and started its operation in 1978 and today has become a leading and comprehensive solution provider to the specialized vehicle solution. All MERAJ manufactured vehicles meets the highest international standards such as NFPA, ICAO, BSS & EN. MERAJ has experience and skill to utilize all type of European, Japanese and American chassis, based on customer requirements. Over the years MERAJ has designed and built various type of Fire Fighting vehicles, Municipal vehicles, Cranes, Access Platforms, Fueller, Refueller and Pump for fixed installations. MERAJ Total Work Force is comprising of 350 people out of which 10 high trained R&D engineers are working in the company. We have extensive products range and client base in Europe, Middle East, Caspian Area, Far East and etc. MERAJ offers to distributors full range of high quality Rescue Tools, Firefighing Equipment and PPE.

MultiX S.A.

Primary Contact: Mr Jacques DOREMUS

MultiX designs and produces spectrometric x-


Business Title: CEO

ray detectors for material identification including

164 bis Avenue Charles de Gaulle Neuilly sur Seine 92200 FR - FRANCE Tel: 33130703571 Email: contact@multixdetection.com Web: www.multixdetection.com

liquid and solid explosives. MultiX has developed numerous partnerships with world leading X-ray system manufacturers in order to bring to the market a new generation of scanners able to identify all explosives and other illicit materials to make our world safer.

Nippon KOEI Co., Ltd Asia-Pacific

1-14-6 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-8539 JP - JAPAN Tel: +81 3 5276 2451 Email: nk-port-b@qx.n-koei.co.jp Web: www.n-koei.co.jp

Primary Contact: Mr Takashi SEKI Business Title: Executive Officer / Director General of International Consulting Operations

Secondary Contact: Mr. Shuichi KUDO Business Title: Chief Specialist/ Airport Port & Airport Group

NIPPON KOEI was founded in 1946 as the first independent consulting firm ever established in Japan and is an independent company 100 percent owned by corporate and ndividual shareholders including the firms executives and key personnel.

Oshkosh Corporation


35 Tuas Ave 2


SG - SINGAPORE Tel: +65 6591 9030 Email: techian@oshkoshcorp.com Web: www.oshkoshcorporation.com

Primary Contact: Mr T E CHIAN Business Title: Senior Sales Director, South Asia

Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds the world's toughest specialty trucks and truck bodies and access equipment by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use them. We make it our business to understand the rigors of our customers' jobs, and deliver vehicles to them that out-perform anything else on the market. Our commitment to the highest quality products and customer support extends the lifetime of our vehicles through our 24/7 global service network. And because our company is broadly diversified, we can leverage our proprietary technologies to create powerful competitive advantages across many different markets.

Potters Ballotini SAS Europe

Zi Du Pont Panay St Pourcain Sur Sioule 3500 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 470457045 Web: http://www.potterseurope.com

Primary Contact: Mr Pascal HIVERT Business Title: European Sales Manager

Secondary Contact: Mr Kinn MOURSUND Business Title: Airport Consultant

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




RATE (Australia) Pty Ltd Asia-Pacific

11 Military Road Broadmeadows VIC 3047 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9357 1863 Email: account@rateaustralia.com.au Web:


Primary Contact: Mr Peter REIDY Business Title: Managing Director

Secondary Contact: Ms Therese REIDY Business Title: Finance Manager

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Europe

Muehldorfstr 15 Munich D-81671 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 89 4129 12 136 Web: http://www.rohde-schwarz.com

Primary Contact: Mr Christian EVERS Business Title: Senior Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Rainer WARTMANN Business Title: Product Manager

Royal Capi-Lux

Primary Contact: Mr Peter WIGGERS

The Moodie Report is a multi-media business


Business Title: Managing Director

intelligence service specialising in travel-related commercial revenues. It appears in website

Robijnlaan 14 Hofddorp 2132 WX NL - NETHERLANDS Email: service@capi.com Web: www.capi.com

Secondary Contact: Mrs Eline TUIJN Business Title: Manager Communications and Tender Projects

(www.TheMoodieReport.com), e-Newsletter and print formats. The company owns The Airport Commercial Revenues Study, an annual benchmarking study. The Moodie Report also joint ventures with ACI in the acclaimed commercial revenues conference, The Trinity Forum.

Sasse Aviation Service Europe

Nordallee 39 München Flughafen 85356 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 89 97 59 97 45 Email: priscilla.neri@sasse.de Web: www.sasse.de

Primary Contact: Ms Priscilla NERI Business Title: Aviation Manager

Secondary Contact: Mr Thomas JESSBERGER Business Title: Managing Director

Sasse Aviation Service GmbH is a recognised service provider, specialised in cleaning services for the aviation industry and operating at several airports in Germany, UK and Ireland. Our services include: airport and aircraft cleaning, maintenance of technical equipment, ramp services, lounge and gate services, winter and landscaping services.

Secure Wrap Latin America and Caribbean

4050 NW 29th St Miami FL 33142 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 305 870 9720 Email: guarinc@securewrap.com Web: www.securewrap.com

Primary Contact: Mr Daniel VALDESPINO Business Title: Vice President

Secondary Contact: Ms Lorena GUTIERREZ Business Title: Executive Assistant - Corporate Office

Secure Wrap® is the worldwide leader in Baggage Protection Services for air travelers, specializing in check-in luggage security. Secure Wrap® provides luggage wrapping services at international airports throughout the globe spanning across 5 continents. Secure Wrap® stations are conveniently located in the public terminal space of airports to allow passengers to protect their baggage prior to check-in. These stations are equipped with state-of-the- art machinery which wrap and protect passengers’ baggage in a nontoxic, 100% recyclable, tamper resistant/evident plastic film in seconds.

SMETS-Technology GmbH Europe

Handwerkerstrasse 5a Hoppegarten 15366 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 30 780 96 49 60 Email: info@smets-technology.com Web: www.smets-technology.com

Primary Contact: Mr Karl SMETS Business Title: Managing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Dieter PADE Business Title: Vice-President Sales & Services

The owners of the company SMETS-Technology GmbH are very experienced in Ultra High Water Pressure Technology and have developed Rubber and Paint Removal technologies since 1975. SMETS-Technology GmbH manufactures, delivers, and applies professional and multipurpose vehicles for a wide range of cleaning applications on Airports, Municipalities, Road Authorities, and in the contracting business (industrial cleaning).

Suzuoka Co. Ltd. Asia-Pacific

3-31-13 Nishirokugo Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0056 JP - JAPAN Tel: +81 3 3733 5551 Email: headoffice@suzuoka.co.jp Web: www.suzuoka.co.jp

Primary Contact: Mr Kouji SAMEJIMA Business Title: Director, General Administration Department

Suzuoka, an airport signs specialist has provided design, manufacturing, installation, and repairing of visual guidance equipment and displays to over 60 airports both in Japan and abroad since 1960. The policy of the company is to handle the visual guidance as an integral part of the total airport system, working together with other equipments and facilities in the airport.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory




ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems SA Europe

Poligono Industrial Vega de Baiña s/n Mieres 33682 ES - SPAIN Tel: +34 98 544 6804 Email: penelope.trogisch@thyssenkrupp.com Web: www.thyssenkrupp-elevator-espbb.com

Primary Contact: Mrs Penelope TROGISCH Business Title: Marketing Office

ThyssenKrupp Elevator (ES/PBB) GmbH is one

of the leading escalators and passenger

boarding bridges companies in the world, providing effective and efficient solutions worldwide. Our activities are focused on a wide range of services, such as design, sales, manufacturing and after-sales (only for PBBs) of escalators, moving walks, TurboTrack and passenger boarding bridges.

Transdev Aéroport Services (TAS) Europe

4, avenue de la Râperie Roissy 95700 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 1 3429 4390 Email: corinne.jolibois@transdev.fr Web: www.veoliatransdev.com

Primary Contact: Mr Xavier MARTEL Business Title: Directeur Général

A key strength of Transdev is its international

experience, operating 100 networks in more than 70 cities worldwide. Transdev is the recognised world leader in tram services. We currently operate tram networks in the UK, France and Portugal and have recently been awarded the contract to run the whole of Melbourne's tram system, the world's third largest tram network. This brings to eight the number of tram networks operated worldwide by the company.

TranSystems Corp.

Primary Contact: Mr Gregory WELLMAN

TranSystems Corporation is a Kansas City based

North America

Business Title: Vice President

transportation consulting firm with 25 offices throughout the United States. TranSystems

2400 Pershing Rd Kansas City MO 64108-2501 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 816 329 8746 Web: www.transystems.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Steven TAFURO Business Title: Principal

serves public and private sector clients in the areas of planning, engineering, architecture, environmental planning and construction management. Primary airport engineering and planning professionals are based in Kansas City, Phoenix, Norfolk, Orlando, Oakland and Chicago. While targeting aviation for expansion, TranSystems is already a key player in the rail, trucking, maritime and intermodal markets.

UFL Group Ltd. Asia-Pacific

Primary Contact: Mr Raymond REESBY Business Title: CEO, Executive Chairman

UFL Group specialise in the supply of high end

architectural contract and residential furniture.

We are a New Zealand owned and operated

P.O.Box 71130, 308 Rosebank Road Auckland

Secondary Contact: Mr Shaun STORCK Business Title: General Manager

business with origins beginning over 40 years when founder and current CEO, Raymond


International Operations

Reesby opened Nova Interiors, New Zealand's

Tel: +64 9 828 1000


major interiors company. Today, UFL Group

Email: info@ufl.co.nz

combine significant years of industry knowledge

Web: http://www.ufl.co.nz


extensive experience to offer an eclectic


of some of the world's best furniture

combined with a locally produced range of products.

We Are Opening Doors LDA - WAOD Europe

Primary Contact: Mrs Anneke RENES Business Title: Managing Director

Rua do Fogo 136 S. Domingos de Rana 2785-615 PT - PORTUGAL Tel: +35 1 918 960 654 Email: info@weareopeningdoors.com Web: http://www.weareopeningdoors.com

Zoeftig Ltd

Primary Contact: Mr Paul WILLIAMS

Zoeftig have been a market-leading


Unit 11, Kings Hill Ind Est Bude Cornwall EX23 8QN

Business Title: CEO & Commercial Director

international supplier of contract furniture for over 40 years, with major installations of its products on all continents. We design and make beautifully robust, flexible seating which puts



in control of all your seating areas. From

Tel: +44 1288 354512

traditional rows to sociable clusters, from

Email: enquiries@zoeftig.com

privacy and convenience for the lone traveller

Web: www.zoeftig.com


work in mind, to comfort and space for the


lounge, whatever their differences, all of our

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory


increasingly popular airport seating systems share great looks and flawless high quality.


IT &

IT & Communication

Listed alphabetically by company name

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Is your airport future-proof? Assess, monitor, protect and improve your operations with airport industry benchmarks
Is your airport future-proof? Assess, monitor, protect and improve your operations with airport industry benchmarks

Is your airport future-proof?

Is your airport future-proof? Assess, monitor, protect and improve your operations with airport industry benchmarks to
Is your airport future-proof? Assess, monitor, protect and improve your operations with airport industry benchmarks to

Assess, monitor, protect and improve your operations with airport industry benchmarks to ensure the sustainability of your airport.

Customer experience l Cybersecurity l Safety and compliance aci.aero l aci@aci.aero l +1 514 373 1200


+1 514 373 1200

Mark your calendar for Airports Council International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for
Mark your calendar for Airports Council International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for
Mark your calendar for Airports Council International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for
Mark your calendar for Airports Council International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for

Mark your calendar for Airports Council International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums

International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
International's upcoming Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China |
Thank you for attending
Thank you for attending
Airport Service Quality Forums Thank you for attending 26–28 April - Haikou, China | 13–15 September

26–28 April - Haikou, China


13–15 September - Prague, Czech Republic


2–4 October - Detroit, USA

Theme for 2017: Cultivating a customer experience airport community

The ASQ Forums offer the airport community the opportunity to share best practices in airport customer experience and learn more about the world's leading passenger satisfaction benchmarking programme.

There are no attendance fees for airport employees.

For more information, please visit www.aci.aero/asq.

We look forward to welcoming you to China, the Czech Republic and the United States!

www.aci.aero/asq. We look forward to welcoming you to China, the Czech Republic and the United States!
www.aci.aero/asq. We look forward to welcoming you to China, the Czech Republic and the United States!
www.aci.aero/asq. We look forward to welcoming you to China, the Czech Republic and the United States!


www.aci.aero/asq. We look forward to welcoming you to China, the Czech Republic and the United States!

IT &

Adecs Airinfra B.V. Europe

Bagijnhof 80 AR Delft 2611 NL - NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 152 150 040 Email: info@adecs-airinfra.nl Web: www.airinfra.eu

Primary Contact: Mr Peter FRANKENA Business Title: Airport Consultant

Adecs Airinfra offers consultancy and IT solutions to support airports with their development and improve airport efficiency. Our areas of activity are: Airport strategic planning Airport operations management Environment and spatial planning Airport sustainability Air traffic management Adecs Airinfra has 10 years of experience in these areas of activity.


Primary Contact: Mr Lance ORSMOND


Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

5 Buncrana Terrace, Banora Point Tweed Heads 2486 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 407 703 132 Email: admin@aeroascent.com Web: http://www.aeroascent.com


Primary Contact: Mr Jon KEEFE

AeroParker is proven, scalable pre-book and pay


Business Title: CEO

airport car parking and ancillary software which

Chapel Studios, 47 Waterloo Road Stockport, Cheshire SK1 3BJ GB - UNITED KINGDOM Email: jon.keefe@aeroparker.co.uk

significantly increases direct non-aeronautical revenue whilst collecting customer data for future commercial gain. AeroParker’s ‘Virtual Terminal’ is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices ensuring the ultimate buying experience for all passengers using the system.

AI-MS Aviation Infrastructure Management Systems GmbH Europe

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 33/19 Vienna A-1030 AT - AUSTRIA Tel: +43 676 406 66 85 Email: office@ai-ms.eu Web: www.ai-ms.eu

Primary Contact: Mag Wolfgang EDELMANN Business Title: Managing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Walter RICHTER Business Title: Managing Director

As an industrial sector specialist AI-MS is focussed on providing software applications and accompanying consultancy services for aviation infrastructure operators only. We serve our clients with a wide range of customised solutions for the complex planning and communication processes of aviation infrastructure providers such as market potential analysis, technical and operational analysis, strategic concepts, traffic forecasts, capacity enhancement programmes, operational concepts, financing concepts and corporate business plans.

Airport Direct Travel Europe

The Business Center, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bidefort Devon E39 3BT GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 0 1237 426 401 Email: enquiries@airportdirecttravel.com Web: www.airportdirecttravel.com

Primary Contact: Ms Marie HART Business Title: Business Manager

Airport Direct Travel (ADT) is an airport-centric business that provides world class IT solutions and services to the Airport Industry. As an enterprise organisation with offices in Europe, U.S.A and Australia, ADT focuses on generating income for their Airport clients by leveraging their experience and industry leading technology 'AirportREZ' to deliver greater parking and ancillary revenues.

Amadeus IT Group S.A. Europe Affliate Region: North America

25 allee Pierre Ziller Valbonne Sophia Antipolis 6600 FR - FRANCE Tel: +34 91 582 0100 Email: airports@amadeus.com Web: www.amadeus.com

Primary Contact: Mr Helene LAMBERT Business Title: Product Marketing, Airport IT

Amadeus is not only the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, but a leader in delivering a wider range of superior technology to help you tackle the issues you face. Every Amadeus customer uses our modular technology in a different way. From global network airlines to low cost carriers, from multinational travel agencies to independent hotels; these companies use our technology to create effective commercial environments, make their business processes more efficient and give themselves a competitive advantage.

Aragon Partners S.r.l. Europe

Via Costanza B. Vaccolini 14 Rome 153 IT - ITALY Tel: +39 06 87930440 Email: amministrazione@aragonpartners.it

Primary Contact: Mr Francesco CIARMATORI Business Title: Managing Partner

Secondary Contact: Mr Paolo BOTTIGLIONE Business Title: Managing Partner

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Arora Engineers, Inc. North America

61 Wilmington-West Chester Pike Chadds Ford PA 19317 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 610 459 7900 Web: www.aroraengineers.com

Primary Contact: Mr Manik ARORA Business Title: President and CEO

Secondary Contact: Mrs Patti GIBSON Business Title: Marketing Manager

Since 1986, Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) has concentrated on the aviation industry as a core client. The firm's solid mix of industry knowledge and expertise allows it to offer a broad spectrum of engineering services, including oversight, project management, and design of new and existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, electrical aeronautical, fire protection, and IT building and airfield systems. Arora also provides construction management and facilities maintenance management. As a certified MBE, the firm's multidisciplinary approach offers clients comprehensive, cost- effective solutions.

Ascent Technology, Inc. North America

One Kendall Square Cambridge MA 2139 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 617 395 4800 Web: www.smartairport.com

Primary Contact: Mr Windler SCHWEER Business Title: Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Secondary Contact: Ms Karen PRENDERGAST Business Title: President

Ascent Technology's SmartAirport® Operations Center(TM) enables airports and airlines to use costly constrained resources efficiently, effectively, and economically, minimizing the impact of unavoidable disruptions on operations. With Ascent's solutions for coordinated schedule building, capacity analysis, planning, and real-time management of constrained airport resources, airports and airlines can handle more flights and greater passenger traffic with existing resources, efficiently and profitably.

Aviation Business Media Europe

91-93 Windmill Road Sunbury-on-Thames Surrey TW16 7EF GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 208 831 7563 Email: jonathan@aviationmedia.aero Web: www.aviationmedia.aero

Primary Contact: Mr Jonathan LEE Business Title: Managing Director

Aviation Media is an independent, business-to- business communications company that specialises in the production of global aviation magazines, special publications, conferences, exhibitions and events, websites for the global aviation industry. The team has over 40 years of experience in all forms of magazine and event media, including: • Routes News and Airline Fleet Management • ACI World’s Airport World • ACI Airport Economic and Finance Conference • ACI Europe’s Regional Airports Conference and Exhibition • ACI World’s Annual General Assemblies, various past Airport Cities World Conferences and Exhibitions and SMART Airports.

AviaVox B.V.

Primary Contact: Mr Johan GODIN

AviaVox is a leading provider of Intelligent


Business Title: Managing Director

Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines. The company has developed software with

PO Box 75560 Airport Schiphol 1118 ZP NL - NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 20 31 60 110 Email: info@aviavox.com Web: www.aviavox.xom

Secondary Contact: Mr Bob JOOREN Business Title: Project Manager

which, fully automatically, high quality synthetic voices can be generated in a multitude of languages. AviaVox is based in the Netherlands.

Black Box Network Services North America

PO Box 260728 Miami FL 33126 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 305 876 8467 Web: www.blackbox.com

Primary Contact: Mr Johnathan LEWIS Business Title: Director, Airport Services

Black Box Network Services is a leading communications system integrator dedicated to designing, sourcing, implementing, and maintaining today's complex communications solutions. Our proven history since 1976, combined with our global footprint, diverse capabilities, solid financial standing, and deep commitment to provide the best technical solutions and support in the industry make us a superior resource for our customers. No other provider offers the solutions and support of Black Box Network Services, and we are commited to exceeding expectations.

BLIP Systems


Haekken 2 Vodskov 9310 DK - DENMARK Tel: +45 98 25 82 00 Email: sales@blipsystems.com Web: http://www.blipsystems.com

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Boingo Wireless

Primary Contact: Mr Scott PHILLIPS

Boingo Wireless, Inc., the Wi-Fi industry's

North America

Business Title: VP Business Development

leading provider of software and services worldwide, makes it simple and easy for people

10960 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90046 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 301 689 1163 Web: www.boingo.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Eric ISHERWOOD Business Title: Business Development

to enjoy Wi-Fi access on their laptop or mobile device at more than 450,000 hotspots worldwide. With a single account, Boingo users can log on to Boingo Network locations that include the top airports around the world • major hotel chains • cafés •coffee shops • restaurants • convention centers • metropolitan hot zones. Boingo, and its Concourse Communications Group subsidiary, operate wired and wireless networks at 58 airports worldwide.

Bosch Security System Europe

Attn Marketing Strategic (ST/MKS), Postfach 11 11 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 89 6290 1071 Email: frieder.spieth@bosch.com Web: http://www.boschsecurity.com

Primary Contact: Mr Spieth FRIEDER Business Title: Marketing Manager

BPD Zenith Ltd Europe

3C Clifford Court, Cooper Way Carlisle GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +1228 516000 Email: info@bpdzenith.com Web: http://www.bpdzenith.com

Primary Contact: Miss Mary BECKETT Business Title: Sales Administrator

Secondary Contact: Miss Helen HAYDEN Business Title: Marketing Manager

Brüel & Kjær EMS Inc. North America Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific, Europe

Primary Contact: Ms Randi RADABAUGH Business Title: Office Manager

Brüel & Kjær EMS is the world leader in airport noise and environment management with a client base of over 200 airports worldwide. We help airports manage their growth and regulatory compliance by assessing and helping to minimize the airport environmental footprint and to build stronger community partnerships. We offer airports flight tracking, noise monitoring and managed environmental services, including the reporting of carbon and other GHG emissions.

1050 Fulton Avenue Sacramento CA 95825 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 916 265 7700 Web: www.bksv.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Michael RIKARD-BELL Business Title: Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Primary Contact: Mrs Heleen ERKAMP Business Title: CEO

Casper is an innovative IT company specialized in the development of real-time location-based monitoring and analysis tools. Casper delivers airport noise and flight tracking systems, A-CDM situational awareness solutions and interactive community involvement websites.


Parklaan 32 KW Haarlem 2011 NL - NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 23 515 5101 Email: info@frontier.nl Web: www.frontier.nl

Secondary Contact: Mr Emile KROON Business Title: Director Sales and Marketing

CGI IT UK Ltd. Europe

Primary Contact: Mr Gil BRAZ OLIVEIRA Business Title: Director Airport IT

Founded in 1976, CGI is a global IT and business process services provider delivering high-quality business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services. With 71,000 professionals in 40 countries, CGI has an industry-leading track record of on-time, on- budget projects, aligning our teams with clients’ business strategies to achieve top-to-bottom line results.

Avenida José Malhoa, 16B, 5º, Edifício Europa, Lisboa 1070-159 PT - PORTUGAL Tel: +44 020 7954 1400 Email: gil.oliveira@cgi.com Web: www.cgi.com

Secondary Contact: Ms Emily TAYLOR Business Title: Marketing Specialist


Primary Contact: Mr Michael BAYLIS

CI_Aviation is a dynamic, full-range aviation

North America

facility management, information technology,

9 Dunwoody Park Dunwoody GA 30338 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 770 425 2267 Web: http://www.ci2.com

engineering, administrative consulting and staffing services organization committed to excellence. Our team is driven by a strategic vision and includes globally certified professionals with a reputation for consistently providing sustained high-quality performance that far exceeds industry standards.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Com-Net Software, a SITA company North America

3728 Benner Rd

Miamisburg OH 45342-4302 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 937 859 6323 Web: www.comnetsoftware.com

Primary Contact: Mr Mark MAYFIELD Business Title: Director Sales & Marketing

Com-Net, a division of Signature Technologies, Inc., has been the premier FIDS integrator since 1985, with over 230 installations including MUFIDS, BIDS, GIDS, and RIDS. Our newest advanced software line is designed for both change and flexibility, allowing airports to meet the demands of the future. ECLIPSX installations or upgrades include ANC, MKE, DAY, and CLT. Com-Net is the primary FIDS supplier for US Airways, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, Comair, Southwest Airlines, SkyWest and Atlantic Coast Airlines.


Primary Contact: Mr Bartosz DEMCZUK


Business Title: Business Unit Director

Al. Jana Pawla II, 30A, 31-864 Krakow PL - POLAND Tel: +48 12 684 80 00 Email: services@comarch.com Web: http://www,comarch,com

Secondary Contact: Mr Piotr KOZTOWSKI Business Title: Consulting Director

Concessionaire Analyzer+ Europe

c/o Shireburn Software Ltd., SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport Luqa LQA4000 MT - MALTA Tel: +356 2131 9977 Email: info@concessionaireanalyzer.com Web: www.concessionaireanalyzer.com

Primary Contact: Mr John DE GIORGIO Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Secondary Contact: Ms Rebecca VASSALLO Business Title: Marketing Executive

Concessionaire Analyzer+ is a software solution that allows airport revenue management to collect sales data at a transaction level from retail concessions as well as passenger and flight data and to analyze them using Business Intelligence techniques so as to influence retail sales and maximize retail revenue to the airport.

Digital Images International Asia-Pacific

Unit 8, 5 Parsons St, Rozelle Sydney NSW 2039 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9555 1855 Email: sales@dii.com.au Web: www.dii.com.au

Primary Contact: Mr Bernard LARKIN Business Title: Managing Director

Digital Images International (DII) is a world leader in Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) with more than thirty years of experience in the aviation industry. The DII FIDS package is high performance. It has high reliability, and a long life span. It is extremely fast. It can update all displays in less than one second. Its scalable architecture allows expansion to airports of any size. The system can easily interface with other airport systems using both legacy and modern protocols such as XML. It is multi-lingual - operating in many languages, including Chinese, Thai and Arabic. It also includes a WebFIDS module which provides flight Information on the Airport’s web site. Customers can access real time flight information from locations away from the airport. e.g. taxi dispatch, offices, home, resorts and hotels.

Diio, LLC

Primary Contact: Mr Jordan KAYLOE Business Title: Senior Vice President

Diio specializes in projects taking massive amounts of data in, processing and refining that data, and producing highly pertinent, easily actionable information out.

North America


Wiehle Avenue

Reston VA 20190 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 703 748 5307 Web: www.diio.net


Easy Fast Track Europe

Primary Contact: Mr Eric TRICHOT Business Title: Managing Partner

455 prom. des Anglais Nice Cedex 3 6299 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 4 93 65 22 69 Email: eric.trichot@easyfastrack.com Web: http://www.easyfastrack.com

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

ESRI North America Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific

380 New York Street Redlands CA 92373 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 909 793 2853 Email: tbills@esri.com Web: www.esri.com

Primary Contact: Mr Terrence BILLS Business Title: Transportation Industry Solutions Manager

Secondary Contact: Mr Marshall CAMMACK Business Title: Transportation Industry Coordinator

Esri's geographic information system (GIS) software supports aviation organizations worldwide. Airport managers are discovering that GIS technology is an excellent tool that provides unique information and analytical capabilities not available in other information systems. Esri offers a suite of software that integrates spatial data with airport facility management systems, planning and noise modeling systems, databases and CAD systems, weather surveillance and other satellite-based data collection systems. Esri's GIS software inherently integrates technology that supports data sharing and analysis across departmental boundaries.

Everbridge North America Affliate Region: Europe

Primary Contact: Mr Michael CARDARELLI Business Title: Director, Transportation Practice

Everbridge is the leading provider of unified critical communications solutions to airports, enabling clients to automate their communication plans, speed response and eliminate human error. Everbridge has the ability to deliver and verify messages in near real-time to more than 100 different communication devices, in over 200 countries and territories, in multiple languages – all simultaneously.

25 Corporate Drive Burlington MA 1803 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 818 230 9509

FLIO Germany GmbH Europe

Primary Contact: Mr Stephan UHRENBACHER Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Hongkongstrabe 7 Hamburg 20457 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 179 39 1179 Email: hello@flio.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Andrew WATSON Business Title: CRO

Four Winds Interactive North America

3012 Huron St.

Denver CO 80202 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 877 204 6679 Web: www.fourwindsinteractive.com

Primary Contact: Ms Leah SAUGEN Business Title: Events Manager

Secondary Contact: Ms Erin DOHERTY Business Title: Director of Marketing

Used to power thousands of signs, the Four Winds Interactive digital signage system is the ideal solution for both domestic and international use. With features including broad media playback capability, sophisticated data integration, digital wayfinding, and interactivity, the digital signage software offers its users a flexible solution designed to enhance the diverse communication objectives of companies in a variety of market segments. www.fourwindsinteractive.com


Primary Contact: Mr Neville PATTINSON Business Title: Vice President Government Sales

Gemalto is the leader in Digital Security enabling our clients to offer trusted digital services for billions of individuals and things. In the travel market Gemalto provides secure electronic documents, document authentication solutions, identity solutions, border and visa management solutions along with kiosks and automated gates for efficient management of travelers.

North America


Capitol of Texas Highway North

Austin TX 78759 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 512 257 3982


GroupEAD Europe S.L. Europe

Primary Contact: Dipl-Ing Heinz-Michael KRAFT Business Title: CEO

GroupEAD is an Aeronautical Information Service Provider, founded in 2001 by AENA, DFS and Frequentis AG. We provide the EAD Services on behalf of EUROCONTROL and have become a AIM and Aviation Data services provider by offering a wide range of services in this context including SDO, NOTAM, AIP Production, Charting, Training, Consultancy and Airport Operation Services.

Avda. Castilla, 2 - Edificio Francia, A 2º San Fernando de Henares Madrid 28830 ES - SPAIN Tel: +34 91 678 5381 Email: info@groupead.com Web: www.groupead.com

Secondary Contact: Ms Gema MARTIN DE BLAS SANCHEZ Business Title: Quality Assistant

Harris North America Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific

12930 Worldgate Drive Herndon VA 20170 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 571 203 1000 Web: http://www.harris-orthogon.com

Primary Contact: Ms Melody PLEASURE Business Title: Marketing and Communications

Secondary Contact: Ms Stefanie HERMANN Business Title: Business Development Manager

Exelis is a diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defense and information solutions company with strong positions in enduring and emerging global markets. Exelis is a leader in networked communications, sensing and surveillance, electronic warfare, navigation, air traffic solutions and information systems with growing positions in cyber security, composite aerostructures, logistics and technical services. The company has a 50-year legacy of innovation and technology expertise, partnering with customers worldwide to deliver affordable, mission-critical products and services for managing global threats, conflicts and complexities.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Harris Orthogon GmbH Europe

Hastedter Osterdeich 222 Bremen 28207 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 421 20 122 440 Email: ulrike.wenzel@exelisinc.com Web: www.barco.com

Primary Contact: Mr Frank KOEHNE Business Title: Market Director ATM

Secondary Contact: Mr Michael EISELE Business Title: Business Development Manager

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization products for a variety of selected professional markets such as air traffic control. Barco’s software components and display systems provide accurate real-time information throughout the operational workflow and support controllers and operators in making air traffic safer and more efficient.


Primary Contact: Mr Thondikolum

Apply the depth of IBM's industry expertise in


both business and technology to help you create

D3 Block, 8/F, Manyata Business Park Bangalore 560045 IN - INDIA Tel: +91 80 406 62447 Email: rananjun@in.ibm.com Web: www.ibm.com/in

ANANTHESWARAN Business Title: Subject Matter Expert - Airports

Secondary Contact: Mr K Y SRAVAN Business Title: Industry Architect

value in your organization. IBM is a leader in many aspects of Information Technology and Automation. IBM has a strong presence in airports and has helped many airports build state of the art IT infrastructure and applications. IBM has played key roles in airport modernisation projects as a System integrator, Design Authority and Transformation partner. IBM has done pioneering work in Airport innovations, having many references for its consulting and Smarter airport themes. IBM is today engaged with leading airports on important topics such as Airport CDM, IT Strategy consulting, Cloud and Airport Commerce. IBM's flagship software product Websphere is one of the most widely used airport integration platform. IBM has emerged as a front runner in Social media and Analytics, which are being deployed by clients world over.

ICM Airport Technics Australia Pty Ltd Asia-Pacific

4A / 42 Church Avenue Mascot NSW 2020 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9700 9527 Web: www.autobagdrop.com.au

Primary Contact: Mr Tim KOTLAR Business Title: General Manager Sales

Secondary Contact: Mr Richard Dinkelmann Business Title: Managing Director

ICM Airport Technics operates around the world delivering the perfect integration of process, technology and usability in baggage automation systems for airports and airlines with full service support Our experienced professional services and support teams have a proven track record in implementing self-service bag drop solutions with over 17 million bags processed and more than 90 Auto Bag Drops in 10 airport terminals. Our solutions have revolutionised baggage drop off and set industry benchmarks in bag drop transaction times and throughput. The result is reduced operational costs for airports and airlines, and improved passenger experience. ICM Airport Technics is well positioned to provide improved baggage handling solutions for any client. We are part of the Unitechnik Group, a worldwide logistic system integrator with offices in Germany, Australia, China, USA, UK and United Arab Emirates.

ICSA Boardroom Apps GmbH Europe

Primary Contact: Ms Lena FUCHS Business Title: European Marketing Executive

11 Stock, Westhafen Tower, Westhafenplatz 1 Frankfurt am Main 60327 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 0 69 12006 6661 Email: lena.fuchs@boardpad.com Web: http://www.boardpad.de

Secondary Contact: Ms Isabelle KERDRANRAT Business Title: European Regional Sales Manager

Ikusi - Angel Iglesias S.A. Europe

Paseo Miramon, 170 San Sebastian 20009 ES - SPAIN Tel: +34 943 44 8800 Email: airports@ikusi.com Web: www.ikusi.com

Primary Contact: Mrs Arantza FONTAN Business Title: Commercial Department

Ikusi is a world leader in electronic systems design, implementation and management with an extensive national and international presence. From the outset, Ikusi has been focused on two business activities: Engineering and Electronic Systems Integration and Electronic Equipment Design and Manufacturing. Ikusi´s other main area of activity is the design, manufacturing, marketing and technical support of our wide range of TV equipment designed to receive, process and communication as well as remote control equipment for electric and electro-hydraulic powered machinery.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Indra Navia AS Europe

Olaf Helsets vei 6 P.O. Box 150 Oppsal Oslo NO-0619 NO - NORWAY Tel: 4723180200 Email: sales.info@indra.no Web: www.indracompany.com

Primary Contact: Mr Gerry BENZ Business Title: Business Support Manager

Secondary Contact: Ms Anita BILICKA Business Title: Marketing Executive

Indra Navia - a multi-national operation with facilities in Europe, the Mid-East and Asia, is dedicated to developing and implementing advanced air traffic control systems with an installed base encompassing 111 countries. Indra Navia combines worlds leading Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) technologies, along with the Air Traffic Management portfolio of Indra, to provide integrated Air Traffic Solutions for airspace management. Across the world, air traffic service providers and airport operators civilian and military enjoy the benefits of integrated CNS solutions.

Indra Sistemas S.A. Europe

Carretera de Loeches 9 Torrejon de Ardoz Madrid 28850 ES - SPAIN Tel: +34 9162 8402 Email: jmfuente@indra.es Web: www.indra.es

Primary Contact: Mr Jose Maria DE LA FUENTE HIDALGO Business Title: Sales and Business Development Manager

Secondary Contact: Mr Juan Francisco GARCIA LOPEZ Business Title: Technical Initiatives

Indra is a leading IT Systems Company with references in 90 countries and more than 30 years experience in ATM. Indra is a turn-key provider with a complete IT Airport Systems suite and tailor made solutions (ATC-Tower, Ramp/Airfield and Terminal) that fit any airport size and cover all project life.

Innovation TANK

Primary Contact: Mr Lance ORSMOND


Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

5 Buncrana Terrace Tweed Heads 2486 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 4 0770 3132 Email: goinnovate@innovation-tank.com Web: http://www.innovation-tank.com

Innovative Business Software A/S Europe

Landemaerket 10 Copenhagen DK-1119 DK - DENMARK Web: http://www.innovative.dk

Primary Contact: Mr Jens MIDDELBO OUTZEN Business Title: CEO & President

Innovative Business Software A/S is a Danish software company, which since 1982 has been developing solutions for receiving and managing all kinds of alarms, incidents and emergencies. Today, we are the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions in Scandinavia within the private and public security sectors.

Interlem SRL

Primary Contact: Dr Massimiliano RIVA


Business Title: Chairman

Via Milanese, 20 Sesto San Giovanni - Milan 20099 IT - ITALY Tel: +39 02 49543150 Email: massimiliano.riva@interlem.it Web: http://www.interlem.it

Secondary Contact: Mrs Antonella CANEPA Business Title: Human Resource Manager

International Display Systems, Inc. North America

3131 South Dixie Drive Dayton OH 45439 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 937 293 3118 Web: www.idspids.com

Primary Contact: Mr Robert KEELOR Business Title: Vice President

International Display Systems, Inc. (IDS), a systems integrator, was founded in 1982 with the principal business being the engineering, installation, and maintenance of Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and other transportation industry-related Information Display Systems. In the past 30 years, IDS has successfully installed over 275 significant Information Display Systems. With corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, IDS also supports service centers and construction offices in Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

KRANKIKOM - Alexander Kranki Kommunikation GmbH Europe

Schifferstrasse 200 Duisburg 47059 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 203 30597917 Email: frank.reiserwitz@krankikom.de Web: http://www.krankikom.de

Primary Contact: Mr Frank REISEWITZ Business Title: Head of Business Development

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Lamar Alliance Airport Advertising North America

8945 West Russell Road

Las Vegas NV 89148-1228 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 702 362 4777 Web:


Primary Contact: Ms Shauna FORSYTHE Business Title: VP Business Development, Airports

Lamar Airport Advertising creates custom advertising programs for airports nationwide. Integrating the latest technologies, local and national sales, Lamar achieves the most revenue possible for our airports while enhancing each airport's individual ambiance. Specialties include digital, branding, sponsorship and marketing programs. Lamar's airport campaigns reach over 135 million passengers annually.


Primary Contact: Ms Kimie CARTER

North America

Business Title: Sales Service Rep

2985 Scott St

Vista CA 92081 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 858 826 5260 Web: http://www.leidos.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Nigel ALVESTON Business Title: Director European Business Development

Lockheed Martin Business Technology Solutions Ltd. Europe Affliate Region: North America

India of Inchinnan, Greenock Road, Inchinnan Renfrew, Renfrewshire PA4 9LH GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 141 814 3700 Email: info@amorgroup.com Web: www.amorgroup.com

Primary Contact: Mr Shaun MCDOUGALL Business Title: Marketing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Alaistair DEACON Business Title: Chief Aviation Technologist

Amor Group provides the world’s only truly integrated set of airport operational solutions via the Chroma Airport Suite. Chroma helps airports across the world improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and improve passenger experience via an integrated set of products including ACDB, AODB, RMS, FIDS, CDM, Billing, Demand Forecasting & BI.

Materna Information & Communications Corp. North America Affliate Region: Europe

5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd.

Orlando FL 32839 US - UNITED STATES Web: http://www.materna-ips.com

Primary Contact: Mr Gary MCDONALD Business Title: President, NA

Materna is a 360° service provider delivering a complete range of services for automated passenger handling to airlines and airports:

covering everything from kiosk check-in and self-bag-drop hardware through to software implementations as well as service delivery and maintenance. These include CUSS-kiosks and applications for check-in, automated bag-drop, secure access and self-boarding.

Monument Tracker SAS Europe

Space Camp 4 allée des cormorans Cannes 6400 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 492979776

Primary Contact: Mr Jean Jacques LOTTERMOSER Business Title: Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Secondary Contact: Mr Jean ASTOLFI Business Title: CTO and Associate

Moye Consulting

Primary Contact: Ms Mary A PERKOWSKI

Moye Consulting provides special systems

North America

Business Title: Aviation Market Leader

engineering services. We design active and passive communications infrastructure, wired


Corporate Drive

and wireless networks, security, audio-visual,

Dallas TX 75038 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 510 301 1790 Web: http://www.moyeconsulting.com


fire and life safety and airport specialty systems such as information displays, aircraft docking, common use and other passenger processing systems. We maintain D/WBE certifications with major airports, regional, state and federal agencies.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &


Primary Contact: Ms Jacqueline LANCASTER-

NAV CANADA is a private sector, non-share

North America

MCCARTHY Business Title: Manager, Commercial

capital, corporation that owns and operates Canada's civil air navigation system (ANS). With


Hunt Club Road


operations coast to coast, NAV CANADA

Ottawa ON K1V 1C1 CA - CANADA Tel: +1 800 876 4693 Email: lancasj@navcanada.ca Web: www.navcanada.ca

Secondary Contact: Ms Tracy BEEMAN Business Title: Director, Customer & Commercial Services

provides air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information services, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation.

NEC Corporation

Primary Contact: Mr Akihiko ICHIKAWA

NEC Corporation, a Japanese technology


Business Title: Manager, Air Transportation Solutions Division

company founded in 1899, is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that

7-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-80011 JP - JAPAN Tel: +81 3 3798 6636 Email: t-yano@aj.jp.nec.com Web: www.nec.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Masahiro KOBAYASHI

benefit businesses and people around the world. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilize the company's experience and global resources, NEC's advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society. For more than 50 years NEC has been a leading provider of air traffic control and airport systems in Japan and is continuously expanding its presence in the global aviation market. The company's product portfolio includes air traffic control systems and a variety of airport IT solutions, including flight information display system (FIDS), bird detection system (BDS), security and biometrics systems.



2 Passage De La Gare Vavlresson 92420 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 1 47 01 32 75 Email: wneece@ozion-airport.com Web: http://www.ozion-airport.com

PASSUR Aerospace

Primary Contact: Mr Ron DUNSKY Business Title: Vice President

PASSUR Aerospace provides business intelligence solutions that improve the efficiency, environmental performance, passenger care, and revenue of airports, airlines and other aviation-related businesses. PASSUR currently serves dozens of airlines (including 6 of the top 8 North American airlines and all five of the top hub carriers), approximately 60 airports (including 23 of the top 30 North American airports) and more than 200 corporate aviation customers, as well as the U.S. government. PASSUR's solutions are powered by a unique, independent network of 155 passive radars.

North America

One Landmark Square Stamford CT 6901 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 203 622 4086 Web: www.passur.com


Quantum Secure

Primary Contact: Ms Kristi CRASE Business Title: Director of Vertical Market Development

Quantum Secure's SAFE for Airports is a modular software suite which cost effectively enables airports to streamline their credential and access management processes from enrollment of biometric data, STA/CHRC processing, BASIC integration and TSA Watchlist, to automation of physical access management. SAFE integrates with Physical and IT systems to increase efficiencies and comply with TSA regulations .

North America


Century Center Ct.

San Jose, CA 95112 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 408 453 1008 Web: http://www.quantumsecure.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Andy KUCHEL Business Title: Director, Channel Business Development


Primary Contact: Mr Rick RETZER


Business Title: Senior Account Manager

Spedition str 1 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 211 54210800 Email: quintig.aviation@3ds.com Web: http://www.quintig.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Ruud VERSTEGEN Business Title: Director Transportation Experience

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &


Primary Contact: Mr Renaud WILLARD

RESA is a French integrator, supplying a


Business Title: Sales & Marketing Director

comprehensive range of IT systems for airports and airlines:

Domaine d'Asson La Boissière de Montaigu 85600 FR - FRANCE Tel: +33 2 5124 7000 Email: info@resa.fr Web: www.resa.aero

Secondary Contact: Mr Rémy D'ABRAVANEL Business Title: Chairman

Rockwell Collilns North America Affliate Region: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean

2551 Riva Rd

Annapolis MD 21401-7435 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 410 266 4170 Email: info@arinc.com Web: www.arinc.com

Primary Contact: Mr Michael SAUNDERS Business Title: Sales & Marketing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Jerry SHEEHY Business Title: Senior Marketing Manager, Commercial Systems Rockwell Collins

From offsite to the terminal to the flight, ARINC is involved in every aspect of airport operations. We deliver innovative solutions to ease congestion and keep passengers moving. We build the most reliable networks in the world, engineer back-bone information and data systems for end-to-end interoperability, and provide the mission-critical communications nearly a million passengers and 10,000 aircraft rely on every day. ARINC designs cost-effective, scalable solutions to help maximize efficiency across the board.

SAAB North America Affliate Region: Europe

2101 L Street N.W.

Washington DC 20037 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 703 406 7900 Web: www.saabgroup.com

Primary Contact: Ms Angela SCHREIBER Business Title: Air Traffic Business Management Analyst

Secondary Contact: Ms Sara DIXON

Saab serves the global market with world- leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. Its most important markets today are Europe, South Africa, Australia and the US. Saab has around 13,000 employees. Annual sales amount to around SEK 24 billion, of which research and development account for about 20 per cent of sales. Five business areas The global defence industry is currently undergoing an extensive transformation.

SDI Presence LLC North America

33 West Monroe Chicago IL 60603 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 312 580 7500 Web: www.sdienterprises.com

Primary Contact: Ms Dawn Nash PFEIFFER Business Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Secondary Contact: Mr Larry HOULE Business Title: Vice President, Business Development

With over 19 years of aviation and public sector experience, SDI delivers integrated command environment systems and infrastructure to airports and government agencies. SDI provides vendor-independent advisory services, technology delivery, and on-site operational support to some of the nation's busiest airports to achieve a higher level of security, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Visit us at our website: www.sdienterprises.com.

ServiceTec International, Inc. North America Affliate Region: Europe

12007 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston VA 20191 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 703 259 4000 Email: info@servicetec.com Web: www.servicetec.com

Primary Contact: Ms Lynne HARRISON Business Title: Executive Vice President

Secondary Contact: Mr Andrew ANDERSON Business Title: Chairman

ServiceTec is the world's largest and highly respected independent provider of Managed IT Services to the airport and airline industries. ServiceTec partners with airports and airlines of all sizes to ensure the ongoing availability of business and mission critical systems including passenger check-in systems, baggage handling systems, common use kiosks, and biometric and access control systems, as well as the associated infrastructure. The company deploys highly skilled personnel who ensure the efficient operation of these systems.

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH Europe

Rechnungsbearbeitung Buecklestr. 1-5 Konstanz 78467 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 911 145 7651 Email: dietmar.boehme@siemens.com Web: www.siemens.com

Primary Contact: Mr Markus FUCHS Business Title: Manager Aviation

Siemens is an integrated technology company, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. Siemens is a leading supplier of integrated solutions for airports and airlines with a capability to support all airport end-to- end operational and functional processes. As such, Siemens provides innovative solutions to airport operating companies, supporting them in optimization of all operational aspects that ultimately lead to more efficiency and sustainability.

SITA Europe Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, North America

No.11 Loyang Way Singapore 508723 SG - SINGAPORE Web: www.sita.aero

Primary Contact: Ms Catherine MAYER Business Title: Vice President Airports

SITA provides IT systems integration and an extensive portfolio of airport - value added solutions including self service, baggage and common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS), dynamic multimedia and operations database systems, and mobile solutions for the workforce and passengers. SITA is the leading application Service provider for these applications and more.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &


Primary Contact: Mrs Sabine HÖLZL

SKIDATA is an international market leader in


Business Title: Head of Marketing Communication

access and ticketing solutions for controlled access of vehicles and people. For their parking

Unterbergstrasse 40 Grödig (Salzburg) 5083 AT - AUSTRIA Tel: +43 6246 888 0 Email: simone.frank@skidata.com Web: www.skidata.com

facilities, modern airports look for security, customer-friendliness and added value for maximised revenue. SKIDATA meets these expectations with tailor-made solutions for international and regional airports. The systems are adapted to airport security requirements and designed for integration with business models for additional services beyond pure parking applications: full-service parking including online reservation.

Swyft Inc.

Primary Contact: Mr Gower SMITH


Business Title: Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder

140 Geary Street, Floor 7 San Francisco CA 94108 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 415 766 2882 Email: hello@swyftstore.com Web: http://www.swyftstore.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Richard HASHIM Business Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

T-Systems International GmbH Europe Affliate Region: Asia-Pacific

Am Gut Wolf 9a Aachen 52070 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 2408 943 1222 Email: josef.schmitz@t-systems.com Web: www.t-systems.com

Primary Contact: Dr Josef SCHMITZ Business Title: Vice President Travel Solution Consulting, SI Sales & Industry Leadership

Secondary Contact: Mr Jens-Dietrich BEHNE Business Title: Principal Consultant, SI Sales Aviation

T-Systems, a division of Deutsche Telekom, is a worldwide provider of comprehensive solutions and services for information technology and telecommunications. The T-Systems solution for airports combines more than 20 years of hands- on experience in the field of airport business processes and information technology (AODB, FIDS, Resource Management Simulation, Vehicle Scheduling System etc.) with the persistant drive to offer integrated systems that serve anyone, anywhere at any time.

Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC North America

Primary Contact: Ms Dawn LUCINI Business Title: Director, Aviation Security

Telos ID is a trusted and experienced provider of secure solutions for identity management. Our solutions include biometrically advanced protection that controls physical and logical access, as well as services that support identity background checking. Telos ID was selected in February 2011 as a Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC).

19886 Ashburn Road Ashburn VA 20147 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 703 724 3800 Email: info@telos.com Web: www.telosid.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Robert BRANDEWIE Business Title: SVP, Identity and Security Solutions


Primary Contact: Mr Paul BRUGGER Business Title: Chief Executive Officer



The Rock Kinsale IE - IRELAND Tel: +353 86 045 0404 Email: info@tic.ie Web: http://www.tic.ie / www.biztweet.aero

Tosca Human Factors Solutiions Ltd Europe

78 Temple Road Blackrock Co Dublin IE - IRELAND Tel: +35 3861613570 Email: chiara@toscasolutions.com Web: http://www.toscasolutions.com

Primary Contact: Mrs Maria Chiara LEVA Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Secondary Contact: Mr Fabio MATTEI Business Title: CTO

Transoft Solutions Aviation Europe

Simtra Aerotech AB Molndal 43137 SE - SWEDEN Tel: +46 31604360 Email: aviation@transoftsolutions.com Web: http://www.transoftsolutions.com

Primary Contact: Mr Ben VAN LEEST Business Title: Vice President, Aviation

Secondary Contact: Mr James RENNER Business Title: Business Development Manager, Aviation

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory



IT &

Xovis AG

Primary Contact: Mrs Anina CHRISTEN


Business Title: Manager Marketing and Communication

Industirestrasse 1 Zollikofen 3052 CH - SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 32 508 35 63 Email: anina.christen@xovis.com Web: http://www.xovis.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Andreas FAEHNDRICH Business Title: VP Xovis Airports

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory





Retail & Commercial

Listed alphabetically by company name

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory





ABM Aviation

Primary Contact: Mr Andrew GAMBLING

ABM's Aviation Group provides first-class,

North America

integrated facility and aircraft services designed to help reduce costs, boost revenue, and


Peachtree Road NE

enhance the traveler experience. From the

Atlanta GA 30326 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 404 713 3927 Web: http://www.abm.com/aviation


parking lot to plane seat, we provide end-to-end services to airlines and over 100 airports throughout the United States and 15 European locations. ABM offers expert aircraft, energy, facilities maintenance, janitorial, parking & transportation, passenger, and retail staffing & marketing services for airports and airlines.

ACTM Netherlands BV Europe

Primary Contact: Mrs Belinde BAKKER Business Title: Managing Partner

ACTM is an independent and global management consulting firm specialized in the commercialization of airports and in retail. Our specialized services include: Traffic development, Consumer & retail, Parking management, Advertising, Cargo logistics, Real estate, Performance management and Talent management. Specialised approach with the 'ACTM quick scan' and commercial due diligence.

Kruisweg 809A HOOFDDORP 2132 NG NL - NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 23 557 7720 Email: info@actm.sg Web: www.actm.sg

Secondary Contact: Mr Martijn STEUR Business Title: Manager Business Development


Primary Contact: Mr Dustin GILLIOZ Business Title: EVP - Western & Southern US

Aeroterm - The Air Cargo Facility Experts. Aeroterm is a fully integrated real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development, leasing and operation of aviation-related industrial facilities. With over ten million square feet of building and ramp space under ownership and management and a tenant base of over 150 international companies, Aeroterm is among the largest private owners of ramp- served air cargo facilities in North America. Aeroterm deploys capital for cargo and aviation- related development, and acquisition and provides structured finance expertise to assist airports.

North America

201 West Street Annapolis MD 21401-2703 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 281 443 1500 Web: www.aeroterm.com

Secondary Contact: Mr Jon LEIFER Business Title: Associate

Agora Trading S.A. Europe

37 Marathonos Avenue Pallini P.C. 15351 GR - GREECE Tel: +30 210 7525552 Email: info@agoratradingco.com Web: http://www.agoratradingco.com

Primary Contact: Mr Panagiotis MADAMOPOULOS Business Title: Group Srategy Director

Secondary Contact: Mr George HOUSEAS Business Title: General Manager

Airport Retail Group AS Europe

Primary Contact: Mr Roel HUININK Business Title: Director and Board member

Postbox 1626 Vika Oslo 119 NO - NORWAY Tel: +47 909 26 964 Web: http://www.airportretail.no

Secondary Contact: Mr K OLSEN Business Title: Chairman

Airport Revenue News North America

3200 North Military Trail

Boca Raton FL 33431 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 561 477 3417 Web: www.airportrevenuenews.com

Primary Contact: Mr Ramon LO Business Title: Publisher

Airport Revenue News (previously Airport Retail News) is a monthly magazine reporting on timely news and information about the airport retailing industry as well as the wireless technology, parking garage, car rental, business service and in-terminal advertising industries. Airport Revenue News also publishes the ARN Fact Book, a 500-page industry resource detailing the concessions programs in over 75 airports in North America, including sales data, rents, square footages, tenant listings, lease expiration dates, enplanements and more.

APCOA Parking Holdings AG Europe

Postfach 23 04 63 Stuttgart (Flughafen) 70624 DE - GERMANY Tel: +49 711 94791 0 Email: info@apcoa-ag.de Web: www.apcoa-europe.com

Primary Contact: Mr Dietmar GEPPERT Business Title: Director for Branding and Marketing

Secondary Contact: Mr Bernd Michael NIEROBISCH Business Title: Representative

APCOA is Europe's longest-established full- service parking organisation, and the largest operator in mainland Europe, managing car parks in towns and cities, and at 21 European airports in Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Poland. Our experience includes everything from short-stay to long- stay, surface car park or multi-storey.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory





Autogrill SpA

Primary Contact: Mr Daniele VALORI

Autogrill operates food and beverage concepts


Business Title: Business Development Manager

and retail services in oltre 90 airports. The list includes 19 of the 20 largest hubs in the USA,

Centro Direzionale Milanfiori Palazzo Z, Strada 5 Rozzano MI 20089 IT - ITALY Tel: +39 02 4826 3726 Email: daniele.valori@autogrill.net Web: www.autogrill.it

Secondary Contact: Mr Gianmario TONDATO DA RUOS Business Title: CEO

among which are Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The main location in Europe is Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Autogrill's other airport operations are in Zurich, Athens, Basle, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna and Turin, and now also Marseilles. This new contract marks the Group's entry on to the French airport food and beverages market.

Aviation Facilities Company, Inc. (AFCO) North America

45025 Aviation Drive, Suite 100 Dulles VA 20166 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1703 902 2900 Web: www.afcoinc.com

Primary Contact: Mr Chuck STIPANCIC Business Title: President & CEO

Secondary Contact: Mr Daniel UNGERLEIDER Business Title: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

AFCO is a full-service real estate development and management organization specializing in airports and airport-related facilities, including terminals, cargo, FBO, GA and maintenance facilities, cross-dock facilities, aprons, and parking facilities ,with over 8 million square feet of on-airport warehouse and apron space, FBO and off-airport parking facilities. AFCO has financed over $498,000,000 of projects at over 25 airports throughout the United States and Europe.

Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. Asia-Pacific

Capital Airport Beijing 100621 CN - CHINA Tel: +86 10 64556175 Email: zhangl@cahs.com.cn Web: www.airportshopping.com.cn

Primary Contact: Ms Kunlan ZHANG Business Title: General Manager

Secondary Contact: Mr Yongliu LUO Business Title: Secretary of the Party Committee & vice President

Beijing Capital Airport Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital Airports Holding Company. It was founded in 1988 as Airport Terminal Stores but in 2005, it was officially incorporated under the specialized restructuring strategy of the Capital Airports Holding Company as the Beijing Capital Airport Trading Co., Ltd. Headquartered at the Beijing Capital International Airport, it operates airport retail business in nine cities. As at May 31, 2011, its current asset is of the value of Reminbi 798 million yuan.

Belgian Sky Shops SA Europe

Brussels National Airport Ringweg 51 Zaventem 1930 BE - BELGIUM Tel: +32 2 715 10 20 Email: info@skyshops.be Web: www.skyshops.be

Primary Contact: Mr Nicolas VAN BRANDT Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Sky Shops is a Belgian company created in 1958. We manage deluxe shops at the airport of Zaventem (27 shops) and Charleroi (1 shop). We offer a wide range of deluxe products as tobacco, wines, alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, souvenirs, press and books, chocolates, jewellery and watches to an international public.

British American Tobacco Europe

Zaehlerweg 4 Zug 6301 CH - SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 41 769 7452 Email: graeme_mckinnon@bat.com Web: www.bati.com

Primary Contact: Mr Graeme MCKINNON Business Title: Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs

Secondary Contact: Mr Jorge ROMERO Business Title: Insights & Information Manager

British American Tobacco p.l.c produces tobacco products throughout the world and have leadership in over 50 markets. The company's portfolio includes approximately 300 brands, including Pall Mall, Kent, Dunhill and Lucky Strike. Additionally, the portfolio includes Rothmans, Kool, Benson & Hedges, State Express 555, Peter Stuyvesant, Viceroy, and John Player Gold Leaf. Based in Switzerland, British American Tobacco International focuses on the Global Travel Retail business.


Primary Contact: Mr Tim YOUNG

For more than 140 years, Brown-Forman


Business Title: Marketing Director Global Travel Retail IMEA

Corporation has enriched the experience of life by responsibly building fine quality beverage

45 Mortimer Street London W1W8HJ GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 207 478 1300 Email: tim_young@b-f.com Web: http://www.brown-forman.com

alcohol brands, including Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Southern Comfort, Finlandia, Jack Daniel's & Cola, Canadian Mist, Korbel, Gentleman Jack, el Jimador, Herradura, Sonoma-Cutrer, Chambord, New Mix, Tuaca, and Woodford Reserve. Brown-Forman's brands are supported by nearly 4,000 employees and sold in approximately 135 countries worldwide.

Chauntry Corporation Ltd. Europe

New Century House, Cordwallis Street Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 7BE GB - UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 1628 778900 Email: john@chauntry.com Web: www.chauntry.com

Primary Contact: Mr John LONDON Business Title: Business Manager

Secondary Contact: Ms Theresa HUGHES Business Title: Chief Executive Officer

Chauntry's world leading solution ParkspaceTM integrates with your existing web site and other systems to sell your car park spaces online and over the phone direct to your customers in advance of travel. Last year our global client base generated almost 5.6 million pre-booking transactions – that's a booking every 6 seconds!

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory





Clear Channel Airports North America

7450 Tilghman Street Allentown PA 18106 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 610 395 8002 Web: http://www.clearchannelairports.com

Primary Contact: Mr Jon ABELN Business Title: VP - Airport Development & Relations

Secondary Contact: Mrs Rebecca CHAPMAN Business Title: Director of Marketing Research & Solutions

Clear Channel Airports (formerly Transportation Media, Inc. and Interspace Airport Advertising) is the nation's leader in airport advertising, operating in the biggest and busiest airports in the U.S. and the world. Our premier network of display advertising programs include Atlanta Hartsfield, Chicago O'Hare and Midway, Dallas- Fort Worth, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, St. Louis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, San Antonio, Toronto, Vancouver and Aspen. Working within each individual airport's parameters and guidelines, our display programs enhance the visual quality of every terminal and concourse.

CNN Airport Network North America

One CNN Center Atlanta GA 30303 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 404 827 4820 Web: www.cnn.com/airport

Primary Contact: Ms Deborah COOPER Business Title: President

CNN Airport Network, a subsidiary of Turner Private Networks, Inc. is the only live, satellite- delivered television service whose sole focus is creating and distributing programming specifically designed for air travelers. Programming includes live news from CNN and HLN with the latest stories, weather updates, and business headlines; custom travel features showcasing destinations around the globe and hundreds of live games and playoff events from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA basketball.

Concession Planning International (Australia) Pty Ltd Asia-Pacific

P.O .Box 581 Balmain NSW 2066 AU - AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 4 3595 6777 Email: susangray@concession-planning.com Web: www.concession-planning.com

Primary Contact: Ms Susan GRAY Business Title: Managing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Jeremy CORFIELD Business Title: Partner

Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services, Inc. North America

40 Fountain Plaza Buffalo NY 14202-2229 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 716 858 5000 Web: www.delawarenorth.com

Primary Contact: Mr Matthew KING Business Title: President

Secondary Contact: Mr Robert STANTON Business Title: Vice President of Business Development

Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services is one of the worlds's leading airport food service and retail providers. With contracts at 20 major U.S. airports, Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services manages 300 restaurants and retail stores, and serves more than 350 million customers each year. The company marked its 65th anniersary in 2006 with a return to toll plazas, bringing a fresh new approach to the roadside rest areas.

DFS Group Limited Asia-Pacific

Room 901 9/F, Chinachem Golden Plaza Kowloon HK - HONG KONG Tel: +852 2230 1218 Email: jim.beighley@dfs.com Web: www.dfsgalleria.com

Primary Contact: Mr Jim BEIGHLEY Business Title: Executive Vice President, Strategy & Market Development

Secondary Contact: Ms Jay FRAME Business Title: Vice President, Corporate Communications / Consumer Marketing and Branding

As the world’s leading luxury retailer serving the international traveler. DFS is the only luxury retailer with a balanced airport and downtown retail portfolio across many markets. DFS has an unparalleled understanding of emerging markets and customers. Our strengths lie in our brand partnerships, our groundbreaking store and product development, our superior product assortments, and our targeted marketing programs. Our global reach ensures we truly understand the international traveller. Our marketing offices across China (6), Seoul, and Tokyo provide us with unique opportunities to work with travel agencies to track travel patterns, and to monitor the travel and fashion interests of emerging luxury customers, wherever they may be. Our unique customer insights and operational expertise, coupled with well established strategic relationships with brand, airport, and travel industry partners, will ensure that we continue to lead industry innovation in luxury retailing.

Dufry Management Ltd Europe Affliate Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Brunngässlein 12 Basel P.O. Box CH - 4010 CH - SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 61 266 4215 Email: fabiola.delacruz@dufry.com Web: www.dufry.ch

Primary Contact: Mr Julian DIAZ Business Title: CEO

Secondary Contact: Mrs Sarah BRANQUINHO Business Title: External Affairs Director

One of the world’s leading operators of shops that sell luxury consumer products to travellers at airports, seaports, railway stations, on-board ferries, downtown and at border crossings.

World Business Partner (WBP) Directory





EMCATERING (Asia) Pte Ltd Asia-Pacific

38 Beach Road #29-11, South Beach Tower Singapore 189767 SG - SINGAPORE Tel: +855 16 200935 Email: info@emcatasia.com Web: http://www.emcatasia.com

Primary Contact: Mr Lars CRONE Business Title: Managing Director

Secondary Contact: Mr Eloi COURCOUX Business Title: Director

NEW MARKET ENTRANT – EMCAT Airport Food & Beverage Alliance EMCAT, incorporated in Singapore, today operates some 50 stores in 9 airports in Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Laos. Motivated by a passion for food, a commitment to excellence and a memorable guest experience, we have a powerful mix of well known international brands and locally created concepts.Some of the brands operated are Burger King, Costa Coffee, Subway, Yoshinoya, The Pizza Company, BBQ Chicken,

PHO24, Dairy Queen, Chatime. Expanding in South East Asia is a first priority for us. We know how important direct contact with owners is for the clients and this we can guarantee. Our strategy is to build on a family scale with an international scope. The company is managed by industry veteran Lars Croné who has more than 30 years experience in the airline and airport F&B business. Lars is also a shareholder in the venture. Lars is supported by EMCAT’s other owners, MEAS Development Holding Cambodia and Express Food Group Thailand, who today operate more than 190 stores in Asia and the US employing some 5.000 employees serving more than 60.000 meals per day through more than 30 different brands. Enquiries: lars.crone@emcatasia.com+855 16


Emirates Leisure Retails Asia-Pacific

PO Box 122199 Dubai 122199 AE - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tel: +971 4 3040400 Email: andrewd@mmi.ae Web: http://www.emiratesleisureretail.com

Primary Contact: Mr Andrew DAY Business Title: Group CEO

Secondary Contact: Mr Kevin ZAJAX Business Title: Chief Operating Officer

Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR), is a subsidiary of the high profile Emirates Group, creating exceptional airport dining experiences for travelers and driving successful enduring partnerships with key international airports. A world-class operator delivering award winning concepts that are a mix of owned and franchise brands, multi-site chains and unique one-of-a kind concepts from Dubai in the Middle East to Launceston in Tasmania, Australia. Operating a wide-ranging portfolio of over 230 restaurants, cafes and bars, including more than 60 outlets across 10 domestic and international airports, each one is designed to offer a premium experience at great value with concepts that cover all 24 hours of the day. Placing the customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we have been recognised globally with over 15 awards in the last 5 years, including

2014 FAB winner for Best Airport Bar (Coopers

Alehouse, Sydney Airport) and 2013 Frontier Award winner for Best Speciality Concept (Jack's Bar and Grill, Dubai Airport). Leading brands operated by ELR include Costa Coffee, Hudsons Coffee, giraffe, Pret, Left Bank, Bidi Bondi, The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck as well as world and region first concepts Jack's Bar & Grill, Coopers Alehouse and Heineken Lounges.


767 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10153 US - UNITED STATES Tel: +1 212 572 4200 Email: ahairabe@estee.com Web: www.elcompanies.com

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