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TMC Strategy Call: Ashley McPhail

What is the TMC Strategy Group--what do they do, what are their goals? How does
this interact with the rest of the TMC institutions.

What do interns at the TMC strategy group add value with? Where are roles where
interns can add value?

A little bit at the innovation. They attend bootcamps + curriculum. Any needs w/the
companies. Hands on w/ digital health lead, device lead, curriculum leads.
W/i Strategy they do a lot:
- PULSE magazine.
- Economic impact of the Medical Center,

Vary based on the projects/need.

Like them to be fully plugged in what they do--attending meetings to learn --

specific time for clinical research. Having someone that can really be involved in
that project.

Ashley is the director of strategy - works under McKeon.

Ashely's role focuses on the larger strategic vision across the member institutes.
Also do a lot of "operations" side - financials, budget, strategic plan for each
5 institutes - another team works at the Innovation Institute. Works with startup
companies, work to create business plan, etc. Their role is slightly different.
What you're ultimate interests are.

Innovation institute is up and running. Work with them some, but day-day
Health policy is set up.
She works on the institutes before they are completely staffed. In the weeds for
Clinical Research. Could be meeting with VP/Provosts of the Academic Institutions
--where are their pains/problems, could be getting together an IRB panel. How is
clinical research as a business model going to be built: fee schedules,
How do we
Genomics + Regenerative --> even further back.
TMC3, how do those institutes evolve into the new research
Strategic partnerships -
Because of the size of the TMC, everybody has an individual relationship w/ UT,
Methodist, etc. TMC comes in - unique + different to all the member institutes +
benefit for the strategic partnership.
Sometimes they come to us, sometimes we go to them.
Industry partners is gearing up towards TMC3.
What is TMC3?
Translational research campus. Shared core lab facilities across institutes. Point
is to be a "Janelia" for translational research.