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Unit 2 Vocabulary practice

Celebrations and festivals 4 Correct the underlined mistakes in the sentences.

Some people say that speaking a particular language is part of

1 Complete the adjectives relating to celebrations and your culture identity. cultural identity
1 Spanish was the first language that I spoke therefore, its
international involving different countries
my mother language. ___________________
1 m_______________ relating to a society that contains
2 In the UK, English sounds different around the country
different groups of people
because there are a lot of local languages.
2 r_______________ relating to the belief in the existence of a
god or gods
3 The literature works of Shakespeare introduced many new
3 t_______________ something that hasnt changed for a
words to the English language. ___________________
long time
4 Until I learn the write system of Greek, I wont be able to read
4 s_______________ unrelated to any belief in the existence
it. ___________________
of a god or gods
5 A native learner has learnt the language from earliest
5 l_______________ within a particular area
childhood. ___________________

2 Complete the text with the correct form of the phrasal verbs
in the list. Compound nouns
come together dress up hand out
join in pack out set off 5 Complete the sentences with compound nouns formed with
the words in A and the words in B.
Autumn in the UK can be an exciting time, with celebrations such
as Halloween and Bonfire Night. On Halloween, children dress A advertising charity family love party
snack tooth wheel
up in different costumes and knock on peoples doors, hoping
that the people inside will (1) _____________________ sweets. B bar brush campaigns chair concert
On Bonfire Night, people (2) _____________________ by decorations letter tradition
gathering round large fires and (3) _____________________ I forgot to pack my toothbrush when we went on holiday.
fireworks. This might take place in someones garden, or people 1 We go to my grandmothers house every Christmas.
might (4) _____________________ a large field, park or sports Its a ___________________ ___________________.
ground to see a firework display. Its a great way of forgetting 2 Have you bought the balloons and other
about winter and (5) _____________________ the celebrations. ___________________ ___________________ yet?
3 I often go to a ___________________
Language ___________________ when Im in town because I get very
3 Complete the dialogue with the words in the list. 4 In its ___________________ ___________________, the
common language dominant language local dialect company never uses fashion models who look too thin.
local language non-native speakers strange accent
5 Several people complained that there was no
Marco Its great to practise speaking Spanish, isnt it? ___________________ ___________________ access to
Ella Yes, we all understand Spanish here, so its our the building.
common language. 6 Lydia wrote Paul a ___________________
Marco Id expected to speak English most of the time its ___________________, but she felt too shy to give it to him.
usually the (1) ____________________ wherever you 7 The ___________________ ___________________
go. Its a shame because, when I go abroad, I like to succeeded in raising over 1,000 for disadvantaged children.
make an effort to speak the (2) ___________________
if I can.
Ella Some people dont understand me when I speak
Spanish. They say that Ive got a
(3) _____________________.
Marco I find it quite hard to understand the
(4) _____________________ because local people
use different words and talk quickly. At least we
(5) _____________________ speak Spanish more
slowly, even if we make mistakes!