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Dr. A. Venu Gopal Reddy Vice-Chancellor, JNTUH

Dr. N. Yadaiah Registrar, JNTUH Registration Fee: Nil
Participants need to upload the scaneed copy of
ABOUT DATA SCIENCE & R PROGRAMMING sponsorship certificate duly signed by Director /
Principal at www.jntuhaac.in or www.jntuh.ac.in
One Week Faculty Development Program Data Science is playing a vital role in many fields
on like business, Health care, Governance, social Last date for Registration : 4th Dec 2017
Data Science & R Programming interactions etc. This program is designed to Confirmation of participation : 5th Dec 2017
11th to 16th December 2017 introduce some important concepts of data
science and their applications in real world. The
SPONSORSHIP CERTIFICATE participants are expected to learn some core data
science algorithms and implement them in R One Week Faculty
Name of the Faculty: ______________________ apart from having a broad understanding of data Development Program on
science and its scope. Data Science & R Programming
Designation : ______________________ 11th to 16th December 2017
Department : ______________________ 1. Statistics for Data Science
2. Introduction to Data Analytics and Business
College Name : ______________________ Analytics
3. Databases
4. Big Data and MapReduce Dr. M. Sreenivasa Rao
E-Mail ID : ______________________
Professor, Dept. of CSE,
5. Data Preparation and Data Exploration
and Director, UAAC, JNTUH
Phone No : _______________________ 6. Machine Learning
7. Recommendation systems
Certified that Mr. / Ms. / Dr. _________________ 8. Data Visualization
is a regular employee of our institution and is 9. Data Scraping and Cloud
hereby sponsored for the One Week Faculty 10. Big Picture, Industry Tools and Frameworks
Development Program on Data Science & R for Data Science
Programming, during the period 11th to 16th Dec
2017. Hands on Experience:
Excel for Data Analytics, Basic Programming
practice in R, Statistics, Data Analytics and
Signature of the Principal / Director with Seal Organized by
Place: Business Analytics, Databases, Big Data and
Date: MapReduce, Data Preparation and Exploration, Directorate of University
Machine Learning, Data Visualization.
Note : Academic Audit Cell
1. It is desirable to nominate faculty who have taught Prerequisites: JNTUH
DSP atleast once Participants are expected to know basic Statistics Kukatpally, Hyderabad- 85
2. Number of participants for each FDP is limited to and Programming in R. E-mail: srmeda@jntuh.ac.in
35 and selection of candidates for attending the FDP is Participants should bring a Laptop with Hadoop For Further details please visit website
on first come first serve basis. Hence the faculty and R installed on it. www.jntuh.ac.in
are advised to register as early as possible