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A: assalammualaikum wr.wb
Good evening everyone.
In this time, we will have a meet and greet section.
And before I start, I would like to in troduce the participant first.
My name is Syafrizal from Carillion plc.

B: My name is Afrizal Anwar from Interserve

C: My name is Ati from Amey plc

D: My name is Cindy from Galliford Try

A: I think enough. Now lets start from Mr. Cindy.

Cindy, please tell us about your job and your company.

D: okay everyone. Before I start, I would like to say thak you for this opportunity.
My name is Cindy from Galliford try. My position is Geo Technision.
Geo Technision is someone that must survey the location or the field, then measure
and also analyst the effect of my company to the environment.
Galliford try is a constuction company that has a goal to become one of the UK
leading house building and construction groups, with revenue of 1.5 billion. And by
the way, I have been work there during nine years.
I think thats enough, Mr. Syafrizal back to you

A: Okay, Thank you for the information Mr. Cindy.

The next one is Mr. Afrizal Anwar. Please tell us about your job and company.

B: allright. Thank you for this opportunity.

My name is Afrizal Anwar form Intsreve Company. My position is an Architect
Architect is someone that planning and design what the building willl be.
And then about my company, Interserve is a company that was one of the of world
foremost support services and construction companies. This company is based in the
UK and the revenue of ths company is 3.2 billion.

A: okay, thank you for the information Mr. afrizal anwar.

Ati, the next one is you Mrs. Ati, please tell us about your company.

C: Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
Good evening everyone. Im Ati from Amey plc company
My Position in that company is construction supervision
Construction Supervision is someone that guide a project to complete on time, on
budget and also in compliance with the relevant quality standard.
My company, Amey plc is one of the ten biggest company in the UK, and also the
most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors in the UK wilth
the ultimate aim of ccreating better places for people to live, work and travel.

A: Ok, thank you for the information Mrs. Ati. And now the last is me.
I come from Carillion plc. My position is principal planner
Principal planner is someone that monitors and ensures compliance with local, state
and federal laws, evaluates operations and activities of assigned responsibilities,
prepares reports on operations and activities, recommending improvements and
modifications, handles sensitive personnel matters, participates in budget preparation
and administration, monitors and controls expenditures.
About my company, Carillion is one of the UKs leading integrated support services
companies, with extensive construction capabilities, a substantial portfolio of public
private partnership projects and a sector leading ability to deliver sustainable
solutions. This company employ over 40,000 people worldwide. With estabilished
businesses in the UK, Canada, the Middle east and North Africa, and the annual
revenues of more than 4 billion.

I think thats enough about our meet and greet section for now. Thank you for the