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NAME: Michael A. Medeiros

Business: Neighbors First L.S.

Address: 113 Belleville R.D.

New Bedford Ma, 02745

Contact: 508-441-7859

Email: NeighborFirst@yahoo.com

Table Of Contents:

Section One: The Business Page

A. Statement Of Purpose 3
B. Description Of Business 4
C. Description Of Market 6
D. Description Of Location 8
E. Description Of Competition 8
F. Description Of Management 9
G. Description of Personnel 10
H. Application And Expected Effect Of Loan Or Investment 10
I. Summary

Section Two: Financial Data

A. Description Of Sorces And Application Of Funding

B. Capital Equipment List

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Section one: The Business


Neighbors First L.S. is seeking a $15,000.00 expected loan or investment to establish a

company designed to re-build a city once prided on community, historical landmarks and
natural beauty. A company that puts our neighbors first. I am a 33 year old born and raised in
this city,and have seen first hand the down falls in selected if not most areas. I believe with the
help I am aquiring I will be able to start one house, one yard, one project at a time in an effort
to restore a once prided city and community. By using our own resources such as recycled
materials from our landfills, salvage yards, and keeping cost of supplys to a minimum I will be
able to render services at half the cost of my leading competitors. By using such products we
can eliminate shipping and hauling costs, less disposal to our landfills and reduce gas
emmissions to our greeh houses. I look around my neighborhood and see propertys neglected,
driving north, west south, doesnt matter. You see a few yards here or there that stand out but
honestly our city is in dire need of transformation. I am a landscaper and mason by trade, half
my life in the field working with companies that are quick to make a buck, having no pride in
their work, and most leaving customers unsatisfied. In my opinion a bunch of hacks.

My sole purpose is giving back. I would like to offer services to people, and areas of the city that
cant afford to pay these bigger companies that will come in and charge a client $45.00 for a
yard of cheap mulch that I can get for $17.00, Point is I can do the same job for half the price.

I am seeking this initial investment by our leaders in a joint effort to establish a company set in
place where our neighbors and city comes first. I hope that you will join us with a helping hand,
in re-planting our citys roots. With your help we will be able to give back to our city in a
positive constructive way ensuring our clients that our neighbors and community comes first.

What To Expect:

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In the 1st year we believe that money encured would be paid back to the city of New Bedford
on selected projects done of course pro bono. Also believed that the citys investment would be
used in the continueing services of Neighbors First establishing a greater New Bedford.


Neighbors First is First a landscape and design company, based on the premis of putting each
other and our communitys first. In doing so our clients will be able to render these services at
an affordable price thus, increasing property values, community growth, and personal pride; all
while helping to restore a once captivating city filled with rich history. While working hand in
hand with the city and surrounding communities, Neighbors First will both clean up and give
back by using renewable resources local products, and distribution. By taking advantage of our
own resources we can keep our local businesses growing, creating jobs, and educational
programs to be introduced in our local schools. By providing these services we will begin laying
the foundation that will build far greater than any expectations.

Neighbors First L.S is a low risk, low investment venture, where there is substancial room for
growth, ably making ist easy to continue, and replicate putting fourth in other communities
that have the same issues.

Within the 3 year projected plan we hope to involve our vocational schools such as New
Bedford Regeional Vocational Technical High School, and Bristol Aggie which will help create
new programs and offer co-op experience and salary much needed to help fund their college

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tuitions. By using our own resources and recycled materials we can not only begin to use waste
in a positive way but also develop new ways of transforming waste into energy, products, and
materials needed all the while keeping it local.

By keeping our Neighbors and our city First buying and using local products we in turn continue
to contribute to our economy and our city. Below are a few examples of products that will be

Organic Gem . . . Is an all-natural fresh fish liquid fertilizer manufactured by Advanced

Marine Technologies.
Is a high quality organic product that gives excellent plant growth, rebuilds soil, and
offers higher productions.
Uses a unique enzymatic cold process that produces a hyper-active bio-stimulant
different from anything else on the market today.
Is made from an aquatic renewable raw material source that is both fresh and low in
heavy metals.

This product is locally manufactured and will be one of the biggest assets to my company. Using
this product will keep our plants and gardens healthy for longer lasting blooms. By buying this
product local it will ensure the money stays local.

Natural materials such as manure will consist of certain fertilizers used in selected projects.

Using resources such as:

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New England Salvage & Demolition:

TruGreen Lawn and Landscapes:

Home Depot:


Neighbors First is about giving back to our city and by using local products we can ensure
that the money is first used right here at home. We believe that our community deserves
the opportunity to be re-defined and with your help we can begin to give our city and home
a fresh cut.


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Neighbors First L.S. will be owned and operated here in the city of New Bedford Ma, where
there are neighbors and friends, families, small businesses and home owners alike looking
for an affordable landscaping company. Neighbors First will solely commit to our city and
clients needs putting fourth an effort to provide services in areas that have little to no
income. By doing so I will ensure that our city will get the help needed in these areas at half
the price by my leading competitors.

In a day where everyone is struggling to get by paycheck to paycheck services for home and
business property has been neglected due to my overpriced competitors. Neighbors First
plans to utilize our own resources keeping costs lower to our clients in turn establishing
more work and providing longer term services to our customers and city.

Customers will be attracted by:

*Low cost lawn care

*Low cost landscape design

*Low cost materials

*Locally purchased materials giving back to our citys small businesses

*Recycled and salvaged materials used in projects will keep our landfills from being over

As a footnote: In the past few years we have seen our city and property values decrease
immensely. This in Part is due to economic downfalls, but also inflation of materials
purchased outside our own citys resources. If we can keep the cost of materials low to
often times free, we can ensure our clients and the city of New Bedford that the jobs and
projects can be met.

Our Goal: Is to establish a local company that will assist home owners and small businesses
in acquiring landscaping and design services.

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D. Description Of The Location:

Neighbors First will be established at 113 Belleville R.D.

New Bedford MA,

My home office is located at this address however I will conduct my business in the field
outside of this location.

E. Description Of Competition:

Neighbors First is in direct competition with over 10 companies in the area. However we
believe we can eliminate such threats solely on the fact that by using recycled and salvaged
materials keeping costs to our clients low thus making it easily affordable to maintain their
propertys we can establish more work in the city with a great outcome.

Most of our competition will use materials outside of our own resources. In doing so the rise of
inflation on such materials makes it hard or in most cases impossible to afford these services
from bigger landscaping companies in the area.

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We believe that keeping these cost low we can establish a long lasting service to our clients and

F. Description Of Management:

I Michael A. Medeiros was born here in New Bedford Ma, at St. Lukes Hospital. Now at the age
of 33 I have lived here in this city my whole life. After dropping out of high school related to
personal issues I started out early on in life. Not sure as to what I wanted to do or having little
education I turned to the streets to make a quick buck. Surrounding myself with influential and
negative behavior I quickly had my share of run ons with the law. Bouncing in and out of the
court system labled as a troubled teen, through group homes and counseling I became aware
that my choices would effect my future. With an attitude of whats the point now I gave up on
myself and continued my down hill spiral into early adulthood. Having 3 children along the way
I quickly realized I needed to do something with my life. Upon earning my G.E.D I enrolled in a
trade school with Brick Layers and Allied Craftsman local 3 out of Dorchester Ma. As a certified
pre-apprentice mason I had worked on large scale commercial jobs, down to residental
neighborhhod projects. During my time on smaller residential jobs I quickly realized I wanted to
do something more with my time and creative artistic abilities. I wanted to design and
landscape propertys. Working under a mutititude of landscapers I started literally from the
ground up gaining experience in the field and an appreciation for beautiful landscapes. Some
years later I still enjoy the benefits of creating and restoring beauty to propertys and feel
comfortable in my knowledge to branch out on my own and establish this company.

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G. Description Of Personnel:

As a small start up company Neighbors First will employ myself as the sole principal on these
projects, however in my projected 3 year plan we hope to expect a positive growth where we
will have the jobs and projects needed to aquire additional employees.

H. Application And Expected Effect OF Loan Or Investment:

With the estimated proposal of the intial $15,000.00 it will be used as follows:

Equipment: Prices may vary due to online promotions, but expected costs are similar to my
findings as of May 26, 2013

Resources from Sears Online: (Craftsman)

1. Back Pack Blower---$250.00

2. Hedge Trimmers---$200.00
3. Chainsaw---$200.00
4. Handsaw---$50.00
5. Weed Wacker---$120.00
6. Wheel Barrel---$80.00
7. Hand Tools/with lock box---$220.00
8. Hand Pruners (X2)---$100.00
9. Edgers (X2)---$50.00
10. Push Brooms (X2)---$100.00
11. Spaded/Flat shovels---$80.00
12. Rakes/spring rakes/grading rakes etc---$100.00
13. Pitch Forks---$50.00
14. Rototiller---$300.00
15. Mower---$300.00-$500.00

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Equipment Total: $2,300.00

Expecting to purchase double of most items and expected sales taxes I forsee this total to
average at the costs of Approxiatemly, $4,500.00 In equipment costs and maintenance fees.

Transportation: Looking to purchase a used truck for an average of $5,000.00

Purchase of a dump trailer average of $2,000.00

Transportation Total: $7,000.00

Please note that taxes, titles, regestrations have not been included solely on the fact of
unpurchased said vehicles at this time.

Total as follows: $11,500.00

With the remainder balance of $4,500.00 I can insure the reserves for said taxes, titles,
regestrations on purchased vehicles also towards the costs of Tax I.D numbers and DOMAIN
NAME for website of said business Neighbors First.

Grand Total: $15,000.00

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