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FR 1Z06
TEST 2 covers Chapters 3 and 4.
T03 will take the test on Tuesday, November 7th, 9:30-10:20.
T05, T06, T07, and T08 will take the test on Wednesday, November 8th, 20:00-20:50.
T01, T02, and T04 will take the test on Friday, November 10th, 9:30-10:20.
Students must take the test with their own sections.

I. Conjuguez les verbes suivants au prsent. / Conjugate the following verbs in the
present tense. (12 x 1 point) / 12
1. Je ____________________ (faire) fais

12 verbs to conjugate in the present ; verbs in IR and RE, aller and faire.

II. Compltez avec le bon mot interrogatif. / Complete with the correct interrogative
word. (7 x 2 points) / 14
1. ___________________ de chats avez-vous ? Combien
Nous avons deux chats.
7 interrogative words (combien comment pourquoi o quand qui quest-
ce que) to add.

III. Transformez les phrases suivantes en questions avec linversion. / Transform the
following sentences into questions using the change in word order.
(4 x 2 points) /8
1. Les voisins fument. ! _________________________ ? Les voisins fument-ils ?

4 sentences to transform with the inversion. Students must know what to do with
noun and pronoun subjects. Students may NOT use est-ce que.

IV. Mettez les phrases suivantes la forme ngative. Attention aux articles ! / Put the
following sentences in the negative form. Watch out for the articles!
(3 x 2 points) /6
1. Francis a un chien. ! ___________________________________
Francis na pas de chien.
3 sentences to put in the negative ; students must know what happens to different
kinds of articles in the negative.


V. Placez ladjectif entre parenthses au bon endroit et faites laccord. / Put the
adjectives in brackets at the appropriate place and make the agreement.
(4 x 2 points) /8
1. une maison / premier ! _____________________ une premire maison

4 adjectives to place and agree. Students must know the rules of adjectives
placement. They must know how to put adjectives in the feminine and in the plural,
including irregular adjectives seen in previous chapters. Students must know the
gender of all nouns in the vocab. lists for chapters 3 and 4.

VI. Compltez avec le dterminant possessif qui convient. / Complete with the
appropriate possessive. (5 x 2 points) / 10

1. Cest lami de [tu]. ! Cest ___________ ami. ton

5 possessives to add. Students must know the gender of all nouns in the vocab. lists
for chapters 3 and 4.

VII. Compltez avec le bon nom de parent et son article. / Complete with the correct
kinship noun and its article. (4 x 2 points) /8

douard Marie

Isabelle Simone Pierre

Camille Philippe

1. milie est ___________________ de Gilles. la demi-sur

Relying on this family tree (= p. 106), students must add the adequate kinship noun
and its article (x 4). Students must understand how the lines/arrows of the tree work.


VIII. O sont Christine et Michel ? Compltez les phrases suivantes avec la bonne
prposition. / Where are Christine and Michel? Complete the following sentences with
the correct preposition. (4 x 2 points) /8

1. Christine est _______________ la voiture.

4 prepositions to add ; prepositions are NOT provided. All pictures and sentences
are taken from p. 70.

IX. Quelle heure est-il ? crivez lheure indique en toutes lettres. / What time is it?
Write the time in full. (3 x 2 points) /6

1. ! Il est __________________________________ .

Il est une heure trente. / Il est une heure et demie. / Il est treize heures trente.

3 clocks with the time to be spelled out. Answers like Il est 1h30. will NOT be
accepted. The arrow points to the hour hand to help you distinguish it from the
minute hand.

X. Associez les expressions suivantes leur traduction. / Match the following

expressions with their translation.
(5 x 2 points) / 10
to make love; to watch out for; to pack; to meet for the first time; to do errands; to cook; to do ones homework;
to sleep in; to do the laundry; to go shopping; to go to the market; to do the housework;
to take a nap; to take a walk; to stand in line; to play sports; to go for a car ride; to do the dishes; to take a trip

1. Faire le mnage ! _________________________ to do the housework

5 expressions with faire to be matched to their translation; the list of possible

translations will be provided.


XI. Associez les mots ou expressions suivants leur traduction franaise dans la
liste ; les noms doivent tre accompagns de leur article. / Associate the following
words or expressions to their French translation in the list; nouns must be accompanied
by their article.
(10 x 1 point) / 10
emmnager jeune la cuisine le miroir bavarder veuf etc.

1. Kitchen ! __________________________ la cuisine

10 words or expressions taken from the vocab. lists (chapters 3 and 4) to be translated
into French; a list of possible translations will be provided.

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