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EPC 3403 Practicum 3a

Second Lesson Feedback.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3403 Practicum 3a

Feedback Reflection.
On Thursday, March 2, 2017, I taught my second Math lesson for grade three boys and girls students. It was

my second lesson at RAKAAG School and with my mentor Ms. Trudy. The lesson took 40 minutes, and it

went smoothly with some weaknesses that I need to focus and change them. My lesson was about 2 and 5 as

a factor, and in this lesson I have learnt new strategy for teaching multiplication to my students.

Firstly, I started the lesson with greeting the students and pretending that there is an email coming from the

Higher College of Technology (HCT) and the students were engaged to know what is in the email, then I

started reading the email and pretending that I am excited to visit the two villages, then my students were

curious and I saw Aamna was excited and she asked her group member to be quiet and listen to me.

Secondly, I was able to manage the students in the class, but I faced one problem which was with

Abdulrahman Turki, and he was talking with his friend Ghaith while I was asking the students to count by

2s, and 5s and I saw both of them were busy. When I asked them to count they feel shame and they stop

talking in the rest of the class.

However, when I was explaining the worksheet the students were busy with the book and they were not

listening to me, and I made a mistake which was explaining to the students who were focusing with me and I

ignore the students who were not listening because I thought its one of the strategies that I can use to

manage the students in the class, nevertheless my MST advised me to make sure that they are listening to me

and they fully attend with me. Also, while I was explaining what the student need to do in the worksheet I

said the first one who will finish early he or she will get 2 green points, but I saw that all the students were

finished early and I give all of them two green points, and my MST asked me to choose only one because it

will effect on the other students and they will feel motivated to finish early next time.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3403 Practicum 3a

Overall, the lesson was good and Ms. Trudy liked the lesson and the activities that I have done with the

students, but I would like to work more on her suggestions to be improved in the next lesson.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani