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Colegiul National Silvania, Zalau Mezei Daniela


Date: 3 aprilie 2017

Teacher: Mezei Daniela
School: Colegiul Naional Silvania
Grade: IX A, Matematic Informatic. bilingv englez
Number of students: 27
Level: Intermediate
Unit 14: Tricky jobs
Textbook: Enterprise Plus

- To practise vocabulary referring to jobs
- To learn expressions for connecting ideas
- To present opinions for and against a topic

Stages of the lesson

Activity 1: homework check

Skills: reading, speaking
Interaction: whole class
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: the homework consists of use of English exercices. The students
read their responses and the teacher gives feedback on the accuracy.

Activity 2: Warm-up
Methods: brainstorming, discussion
Skills: speaking
Interaction: whole class
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: Teacher starts a spidergram (on the board) from the word tricky.
The connection is made between the word and a job, and students name jobs
they find difficult. In the books: the students connect the images to the jobs
and express their opinions about the challenges of each one.
Colegiul National Silvania, Zalau Mezei Daniela

Activity 3: Introduction
Method: presentation of new information
Skills: reading, listening, writing
Interaction: whole class
Time: 10 minutes
Procedure: Students read the texts in the book while listening to them being
read by a native speaker. While they listen they pay attention to the new
vocabulary. The new words are afterwards explained by the teacher and
there is a matching exercice that the students complete in the notebooks.

Activity 4: Presentation and practice

Method: reading, matching
Skills: reading, writing, discussion
Interaction: pair work, group work
Time: 10 minutes
Teacher presents the linkers that can be used in order to connect ideas which
are similar/ opposite. In pairs, the students practice connecting ideas of
various types in order to become more familiar with the expressions.
To practice the new structures and the vocabulary, in groups, the students are
asked to consider other jobs that might be dangerous. They express their
opinions and other students are encouraged to contribute. Teacher presents a
controversial situation of being a vet/ trapeze artist and points out the
advantages and the disadvantages. The students are encouraged to react and
contribute with ideas.

Activity 5: Production
Method: debate
Skills: speaking
Interaction: group work
Time: 20 minutes
Procedure: Starting from the example of the singer (or another job,
depending on the students ideas), the class will separate into two groups:
one pro being a singer and the other one against. They will have around 5
minutes to decide on the advantages or the disadvantages, according to the
group assignment. A debate is then organized and the students have to
present their arguments using the connectors studied. The debate will follow
the pattern: A: Argument for B: reaction B: argument against A: