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Colegiul National Silvania, Zalau Mezei Daniela


Date: 3 aprilie 2017

Teacher: Mezei Daniela
School: Colegiul Naional Silvania
Grade: X G, tiine secia romn
Number of students: 28
Level: Upper-intermediate
Unit 4: Make yourself at home
Lesson: Writing: making suggestions
Textbook: Upstream, Upper-Intermediate, B2+

- To practise language for making suggestions
- To learn how to organize a letter
- To be able to contribute to a problem by offering a solution and result

Stages of the lesson

Activity 1: homework check
Skills: reading, speaking
Interaction: whole class
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: the homework consists of use of English exercices: word
formation. The students read their solutions and the teacher gives feedback
on the accuracy of their responses.

Activity 2: Warm-up
Methods: brainstorming, discussion
Skills: speaking
Interaction: whole class
Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: Teacher connects the topic of the lesson to the homework
exercice, eliciting students to fill in a spidergram (on the board) started from
the word problem. The connection is made between problems and solutions
and some examples are given: break repair, tired sleep, happy - ?
Colegiul National Silvania, Zalau Mezei Daniela

Activity 3: Introduction
Method: presentation of new information
Skills: reading, speaking, writing
Interaction: whole class
Time: 13 minutes
Procedure: Teacher explains the requirements of a letter giving suggestions,
connecting it to the previously studied letters. The sketch of the letter is
written on the board, pointing out its specific structure: problem, suggestion,
result. Students write down the information and make note of the different
language used to connect ideas and construct the letter.

Activity 4: Practice
Method: reading, matching
Skills: reading, writing, discussion
Interaction: pair work, group work
Time: 15 minutes
a..Students make note of phrases that can be used in order to make
suggestions and then engage in group work in order to practice giving
solutions: project not enough attention from students, students lack of
study, entertainment not many options. They are given two minutes to
think up solutions and then report them to the class. The ideas are discussed.
b..Students read the letter task presented in order to understand and practice
(ex 1 page 72) and then study the example given in the book, solving it by
providing the correct expressions in order to make it more formal. Teacher
initiates a discussion about the suggestions made related to the problem and
encourages the students to give their own ideas.

Activity 4: Production
Method: writing based on prompts
Skills: reading, writing, discussion
Interaction: pair work
Time: 15 minutes
a..Students enhance their learned skills by practicing the expressions learned
and using them in given contexts in order to ensure accuracy (ex. 3 and 4
page 73). As a follow-up, they are asked to think of situations they have
encountered and which they would like to change and offer suggestion as to
how this can be done.