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SQL ANYWHERE DEVELOPER EDITION • High-performance, self-tuning, cost-based • Index Consultant

The SQL Anywhere Developer Edition is query optimizer • Native data access through ADO.NET, OLE
offered at no charge for development and • Advanced query execution algorithms DB, ODBC3.5/level 2, JDBC 3.0, Embedded
testing. It includes all of the features of the • Dynamic cache sizing SQL and Sybase Open Client
deployment version of SQL Anywhere, and will • Materialized views • Broad programming tool support including
• Snapshot isolation Sybase PowerBuilder, Microsoft Visual
not expire at any time. Download your copy at:
• Full text search Studio, Borland Delphi, Eclipse and
• Column compression many more
• SQL and Java triggers and stored procedures • Support for .NET 2.0 and later
New features or significant enhancements • External ESQL, ODBC, Java, CLR(.NET), Perl • Broad programming language support
with version 12 are listed in orange. and PHP stored procedures including C#, VB.NET, C/C++, ASP, ASP.NET,
• Binary Large Object(BLOB) support JSP, Java, PHP and Perl DBD
• XML import/export and SQLX functionality • Advanced OLAP functionality including
• Database mirroring and cluster support rollup, recursive union and index union
• Online table and index defragmentation and intersection
System Requirements and Supported Platforms • Online backup • Accessibility support for people with
• Windows x86 and x64 • Event scheduling and handling disabilities in conformance with the
• Windows Mobile • In-memory mode US Federal Government Rehabilitation Act
• Linux x86 and x64 • Web service production and consumption Section 508
• Sun Solaris SPARC and x64 • Strong encryption for database files and
• Mac OS X on Intel Database Statistics
network communications
• IBM AIX • Databases per server: 255
• Table encryption, customizable auditing,
• HP-UX Itanium • Database size: limited only by memory,
password rules, SH256 hashing, Kerberos
• Database server requires a minimum disk space and platform restrictions
of 512 MB RAM • Characters per database object name: 128
• FIPS 140-2 conformance
• Database client requires a minimum of • Integrated HTTP server Table Statistics
8 MB RAM and 4 KB per client connection • Remote data access to other RDBMSs • Indexes per table: up to 2048
(8 KB for Unix) and file systems • Table size: limited only by file size
Client/Server Communications Protocols • On Line Analytical Processing • Tables per database: up to 4 billion
• TCP/IP (OLAP support) • Columns per table: 45000
• Shared memory • Internationalization features including • Field size: 2 GB
• IPv6 support for Windows and Linux NCHAR datatype, accent sensibility, • Rows per table: limited only by file size
Unicode Collation Algorithm, • Row size: limited by file size
Compliance and ICU Unicode support
• Entry-level ANSI 92 + extensions • Windows Performance Monitor integration Stored Procedure and Trigger Statistics
• With minor exceptions is compliant with • Max length of stored procedure: 2 GB
-2003 core specifications Development Features • Stored procedures per database: up to
• Transact-SQL (TSQL ) • Spatial data 4 billion
• Application profiling utilities • Triggers per database: up to 4 billion
Database Features • Graphical schema design and reverse- • Nesting: limited by disk space and
• Read-only scale-out database configurations engineering tools server memory
• Web-based monitoring of database servers • Graphical database management and
• Spatial data browsing tools
• Sequence generator • Graphical query plan viewer, query editor,
• Select from DML statements integrated stored procedure debugger,
• Row-level locking profiler and synchronization monitoring
tool, and spatial data graphical viewer

SYBASE DEVELOPER NETWORK ULTRALITEJ • Scalable to support thousands of remote
The Sybase Developer Network (SDN) provides Supported Platforms for Deployment databases from a single MobiLink server
a variety of Web-based resources for developers • BlackBerry OS 4.2 and later • Support for horizontal and vertical
who are interested in or already working with • J2SE subsetting of data
Sybase products. It also gives developers access • Priority-based synchronization of multiple
Database Features subsets of data
to a community of peers who can provide • External BLOB files • File transfer
assistance and advice on projects. • File transfers • Server-initiated synchronization
• Internal flash and SD card support and notifications
SDN resources include: • 400 KB COD file for BlackBerry smartphones • Broadcast downloads for bandwidth
• Software and code sample downloads • 600 KB JAR file for J2SE efficiency
• CodeXchange, a tool that allows developers • Built-in synchronization client • Embeddable synchronization logic using
to freely exchange code samples, utilities, • Background synchronization Java or Microsoft Visual Studio
scripts and more • Transaction processing • Flexible user authentication logic
• Newsgroups and blogs • Multi-column indexes • API for C++ and .NET applications to launch
• Product documentation
and monitor synchronization
• Support options and resources SQL Support
• Training and educatioal opportunities • TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE data type
• Multi-table joins • Reliable, bidirectional message-based
• Subqueries synchronization
• A wide range of SQL functions • Multiple synchronization and network
ULTRALITE® protocols including FTP, file-based, email
• Aggregate functions
Supported Platforms for Deployment • GROUP BY clause (VIM, MAPI, SMTP)
• Apple iPhone • UNION operation • Advanced conflict detection and
• Windows x86 and x64 programmable resolution
• Windows Mobile 5.0 and later • Support for wireless synchronization
• Mac OS X on Intel • Scalable to support thousands of
MobiLink® Features remote databases
• Linux x86
• Central administration of remote databases • Support for horizontal and vertical
Database Features • Monitoring of MobiLink server and Relay sub-setting of data
• Spatial data Server farms • Support for SQL Anywhere databases
• Ultra-small database with a fingerprint • Dynamic memory caching
as small as 300 KB for handheld devices • Reliable, bidirectional synchronization
and smartphones between remote and enterprise systems
• Built-in synchronization client with including SQL Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive QAnywhere Features
background sync Server Enterprise, Oracle, Microsoft Server, • Comprehensive messaging API provides a
• Strong data and communications IBM DB2, MySQL application servers, ERP powerful and flexible programming model
stream encryption systems and Web services for building mobile messaging applications
• Transaction processing, referential integrity, • Wizard-based synchronization • Transmission rules optimize the
multi-table joins, and UNION operations configurations performance, cost, and bandwidth of
• High-performance updates and retrievals • Remote support for both SQL Anywhere and message delivery
through use of indexes and query plans UltraLite databases • Reliable and efficient message delivery with
• Binary Large Object(BLOB) support • Multiple synchronization and network compression and transactional capabilities
• Event notifications server-based protocols including TCP/IP, • Secure message storage and transmission
HTTP, HTTPS, Microsoft ActiveSync • Push notification of messages waiting
Ultralite Database Statistics to be delivered
• End to end encryption
• Database size: limited by available storage • Connectors to back-end JMS-based
• Optional strong 128-bit encryption for
(max 2 GB) enterprise systems
synchronization communication, including
• Row size: 16 KB, with additional space for • Mobile Web services support
SSL/TLS using RSA encryption compatible
BLOB data with HTTP server
• Table size: limited by database size • Advanced conflict detection and
• Tables per database: limited only by programmable resolution
device memory • High-Availability option for MobiLink
• Rows per table: 16 million server farms
• Columns per table: 65535 • Relay Server for secure communications
• Tables referenced per transaction: no limit through web servers
• Optimized for wireless synchronization

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