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Volume 125, Issue 48 dailytarheel.com Monday, November 27, 2017

Football season ends in frustration

UNC finished
the season
with its worst
record since

By Brennan Doherty
Senior Writer

RALEIGH The North Carolina

football team, in a 33-21 loss to rival
N.C. State on Saturday, showed why
it finished with its worst record
since 2006, but was also a unit that
didnt just roll over.
With his preseason goals unachiev-
able a little over halfway through the
season, head coach Larry Fedora sold
his players on the idea of playing for
pride. He communicated the same
ahead of this weekends game, which
would be the final act of a season
marred by injury and misfortune.
We know every time we step on
the field its a one-on-one battle,
and we want to win our one-on-one
battle because another mans say- DTH/LEXI BAIRD
ing that he can beat you, safety J.K. North Carolina wide receiver Anthony Ratliff-Williams (17) is swarmed by N.C. State defenders during Saturdays game in the Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh.
Britt said. And you just have to have
enough pride to not let it happen. son, and relying on the playmaking linebackers. Then, as Fedora put it, past couple of weeks, UNCs big-play to Miami.
The season-ending tilt with the ability of a wide receiver who had UNC just ran out of gas. woes on defense returned as N.C. UNC cleaned its game up in its
Wolfpack offered UNC (3-9, 1-7 three career catches entering 2017, Thats one way to describe the States Nyheim Hines scored on two consecutive victories heading
ACC), winners of its previous two UNC held a slender 14-12 lead late one-minute, 39-second stretch from touchdown runs of 54 and 48 yards into Saturday, but the same errors
games, a chance to end the year on in the third quarter. near the end of the third quarter to on back-to-back offensive plays mid- that plagued the Tar Heels for much
the upswing. For a while, it looked Defensively, the Tar Heels were the start of the fourth that ultimate- way through the second half. of the season were what did Fedoras
like the Tar Heels could do just that. managing to make do with a scheme ly led to the Tar Heels ninth defeat In between the two scores was a team in against N.C. State.
Riding the arm of its third differ- that relied on six defensive backs of the season. Nathan Elliott interception, UNCs
ent starting quarterback of the sea- because of injuries to three of its top Unexpectedly absent over the first turnover since the Oct. 26 loss SEE FOOTBALL, PAGE 5

A string of disqualifications Cunningham looks ahead

raises questions about rules Bubba Cunningham looks involved a comprehensive assessment of
the landscape of an external and internal
to improve UNC athletics view, Friga said. Externally we looked
at factors that were affecting athletics at
reputation. that point and then internally we looked
at our strengths and weaknesses as an
By Brooke Bauman organization. We conducted extensive
Staff Writer surveys of student-athletes, of faculty, of
administration, of alumni. We created a
Bubba Cunningham has overseen nine task force and spent a six month period
national titles and 10 runner-up finishes doing analysis.
over the past six years as athletic direc- During the visioning portion of
tor. With his new contract announced by this process, the task force decided
Chancellor Carol Folt on Nov. 17, he has six to make responsibility, innovation,
more years at UNC to add to the trophy service and excellence the core values
case. But it hasnt been an easy six years. of Carolina Athletics, which would
After Dick Baddour stepped down as ath- shape Cunninghams career as ath-
letic director in 2011, Bubba Cunningham letic director. Friga is currently work-
inherited an academic scandal that would ing with Cunningham to release an
challenge Carolina Athletics for the next updated strategic plan. Moving forward,
six years. Despite a negative shadow cast Cunningham said he is aiming to grow
from the investigation, Carolina Athletics Carolina Athletics further following the
has come out into the clear following the NCAA investigation.
NCAA ruling on Oct. 13 thanks to the Now, I think the biggest challenge is to
guidance of Cunningham. earn back the trust of the University com-
When he first arrived in 2011, munity and nationally, Cunningham said.
Cunningham reached out to Paul Friga, a
clinical associate professor of strategy and Cunningham came to UNC as
entrepreneurship in the Kenan-Flagler an experienced leader.
Business School, to conduct a strategic He served as the athletic director
plan for Carolina Athletics. Before they at Ball State University from 2002 to
could create a plan to move forward, Friga 2005, and the University of Tulsa from
and Cunningham had to evaluate the cur-
rent condition of the program.
Our strategic planning process
The rules for student-run elections have once again come into question following recent disqualifications.

Moses Musilu was

County Commissioners vote
thing Id been working hard on. mostly the opposite.
Musilu said his disqualifica- One thing that I remember is
disqualified due to tion caught him off guard, but its they wouldnt really ever directly

to allow public breastfeeding

one of the latest in a string of dis- answer a question, Zalaquett
13 cents overspent. qualifications for small violations said. I suppose thats because
in student elections, first during they werent aware of the guide-
By Jared Weber student body president elections lines themselves.
Staff Writer last spring, then during the Mr.
and Miss UNC election this past
Before the meeting on Sept.
28, UNCs guidelines for elec-
The board voted breastfeed in any public or private loca-
tion, even if her nipple is exposed.
Moses Musilu never suspected October. tion regulations Title III of unanimously to repeal the The board reviewed several other
ordinances at the Nov. 9 meeting that
13 cents would break the bank. In the wake of the disqualifi- the Student Code had been
In fact, he remembers the cations, the continued discord amended twice by the UNC ordinance from 1971. might be considered out of date or in
Board of Elections explicitly tell- between what the rules say and Undergraduate Senate since need of amendment. County Attorney
ing him it would not. how they are interpreted has left the last student body president By Marin Wolf John Roberts recommended to the
Musilu, a UNC senior, was past candidates, including those election, first in April, and later Staff Writer board that they repeal the ordinance,
disqualified from the Mr. and disqualified, disgruntled with the passed by the senate on Sept. 12. which was described as likely illegal and
Miss UNC election in October process. It has since been amended once Orange County Board of discriminatory.
after self-reporting $25.13 of The confusion around dis- more, passed by the senate on Commissioners unanimously agreed to This is one measure that is discrimi-
campaign expenses 13 cents qualifications Oct. 30. repeal an ordinance that made it unlaw- natory to women, County Commissioner
over the $25 limit allotted to can- The confusion during the Mr. The main change in the new ful for women over the age of 14 years, Renee Price said. Its a very old policy.
didates. and Miss UNC election revolves legislation was the shift from or any other physically developed female The county considers any violation of
Senior Alexis Juarez was also around a mandatory meeting a 10-point system to a tier sys- person, to expose their breasts below the ordinance a misdemeanor. While law
ruled ineligible from the Miss held by the BOE on Sept. 28 in tem, in which candidates are the top part of the areola in public, ear- enforcement cannot enforce the ordinance
UNC race after she reported the Student Union. given warnings before being lier this month. because of state law, Price said she thinks
$36.28. Senior John Paul Zalaquett, fully disqualified. The initial The regulating exposure of the human it is important to repeal the ordinance to
I was quite devastated actu- who also ran for Mr. UNC, said spending limit that penalized female body to view ordinance was estab- provide gender equality in public spaces.
ally, Musilu said. It was disap- the purpose of the meeting was Musilu and Juarez was not lished in 1971 and is very rarely enforced. She said repealing the ordinance could
pointing to see that little differ- to clear up confusion regard- Current North Carolina law, which super-
ence be the downfall of some- ing the rules, but the effect was SEE DISQUALIFICATIONS, PAGE 5 sedes local ordinances, states women may SEE FEMALE ORDINANCE , PAGE 5

Its always a good idea to have a clean cup on you when you go out anywhere.
2 Monday, November 27, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

The Hip-Hop Nutcracker: Q&A with MC


Kurtis Blow, director Jennifer Weber

Established 1893 SPORTS EDITOR
124 years of editorial freedom SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM


AUDIO EDITOR The Hip Hop Nutcracker
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM was back by popular demand
for two shows on its third
national tour following the
success of the two previous
sold-out tours on Friday, Nov.
RACHEL JONES NATHAN KLIMA 24 at the Durham Performing
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE re-imagining of Tchaikovskys
timeless music with a cast
of a dozen all-star dancers,
DJ and violinist. It features
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND special guest, and one of hip
INVESTIGATIONS hops founding fathers, Kurtis
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Blow, who opens up the show
LEAH ASMELASH Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief, 962-4086 with his introduction in sev-
UNIVERSITY EDITOR Advertising & Business, 962-1163 eral cities around the country.
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245
One copy per person;
REBECCA AYERS additional copies may be purchased asked MC Kurtis Blow and
CITY EDITOR at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. director and choreographer
Please report suspicious activity at Jennifer Weber questions
our distribution racks by emailing
about the evening-length
ANA IRIZARRY dth@dailytarheel.com
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM All rights reserved
the Hip Hop Nutcracker. The Hip Hop Nutcracker takes Tchaikovskys classic ballet and reimagines it through hip-hop.

Kurtis Blow: The Hip Hop part of this production? out to the show? DTH: What inspired you to put
Nutcracker is a refreshing on this production?
renovation of the classic KB: I was inspired to be a part KB: People should come out
Tchaikovsky production. of this production because to the show to experience the JW: I was inspired by the
Blending breakdancing and of the fusion of two forms of fun for the whole family. A music itself and the chal-
ballet and hip-hop beats in music: hip-hop and classical. holiday season classic is need- lenge of choreographing hip-
classical music, the Hip Hop The young Bboys and Bgirls ed now more than ever. hop to such an iconic classi-
Nutcracker is a modern ver- take the art form to the next cal score.
sion of the holiday classic. level. The Hip Hop Nutcracker The Daily Tar Heel: Tell me about
is a good look for hip-hop. the Hip Hop Nutcracker. DTH: What are some highlights
DTH: What inspired you to be a of the show?
DTH: Why is it important to Jennifer Weber: The Hip Hop
bring hip-hop to new audi- Nutcracker translates JW: The dancing is incred-
CORRECTIONS ences? Tchaikovskys score into the ible and we also have some
language of hip-hop dance. amazing duets between our
The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac- KB: Like any business, expan- The plot is transported to violinist, Emily Simone and
curate information published as sion is crucial to the success present day-NYC where all DJ Boo.
soon as the error is discovered. of the company. We, who are the classic characters from
Editorial corrections will be in hip-hop, always felt that the original Nutcracker are DTH: Why should people come
printed on this page. Errors com- this culture is for everyone. re-imagined. You will see the out to the show?
mitted on the Opinion Page have So, its only natural that we mice battle soldiers, break-
corrections printed on that page. are always looking for new dancing snowflakes, toys JW: The Hip Hop Nutcracker
Corrections also are noted in the audiences. that come to life and a love is an opportunity to see some
online versions of our stories. story between Maria-Clara of the best hip-hop dancers
Contact Managing Editor Jessica DTH: What are some highlights and the Nutcracker. The plot in the world take the stage as
Swanson at managing.editor@ of the show? is similar to the original, stars. This is a show for every-
dailytarheel.com with issues but with a contemporary, one. It is great for families,
about this policy. KB: The intro, the violinist and urban twist. The Hip Hop people who love hip-hop, peo-
DJ collab, the magical shoes Nutcracker, at its core, is a ple who love the Tchaikovsky
Like: facebook.com/dailytarheel that defeat evil, the mom and story about love, commu- score and anyone looking for
dad are reunited and the finale. nity, using art to inspire and a new holiday tradition.
Follow: @dailytarheel on Twitter of course, the magic of the @laurashanny
Follow: dailytarheel on Instagram DTH: Why should people come holiday season. arts@dailytarheel.com

in your
schedule? k
th ern
s u m m
o o l
sch 8
The Daily Tar Heel Opinion Monday, November 27, 2017 3

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

True hip-hop culture is rarely seen on stage.
hop to bring people together.
Jennifer Weber, choreographer of The Hip Hop Nutcracker


All Confederate monuments honor

Alexander Peeples
Locavore Politics
should take action Confederate veterans. Very simple & not
rocket science!
Traci Wood Thompson, on the Nov. 15 BOT meeting
Senior history and political science
major from Daphne, A.L.
The BOT made an
Email: apeeples@live.unc.edu effort to listen, but LETTERS TO over the not-so-Civil War
whats next? which resulted in more U.S.

Appoint THE EDITOR casualties than all other U.S.

t the Nov. 15 Board wars combined, we should
of Trustees meet- Trust local powers remember not only the

my cat ing, students, fac-

ulty, staff and community
members crowded into
with local issues
Emancipation Proclamation,
Reconstruction, Plessy v.
Ferguson and Brown v.

to UNCs the Chancellors Ballroom Re: the continuing con- Board of Education but
troversy over Silent Sam, also the origin sin of against
at the Carolina Inn. A the Cherokees of the Trail
charged silence fell over I have struggled to come to

BOG some conclusions of my own. of Tears and the Scottish

the room as the Board of Declaration of Arboeth.
I have heard many
Trustees Chair Haywood Personally I would wel-
voices calling for the statues
Cochrane explained the come an additional statue of

removal and a few asking
wake up the same way speaking guidelines and that it remain. But who has a a native born New Yorker,
almost every morn- called up the first speaker. the authority to approve its Michael Jordan, thanking
ing. One or both of two Over the next few removal if that is sought? a native born Kansan Dean
cats bangs on my door until hours, almost 30 speak- It is clear that the NC Smith, that some of us not
I open it. I dont know why ers passionately expressed General Assembly has placed Tar Heel born are still proud
their views on Silent Sam. severe roadblocks to any to be Tar Heel bred.
they do this, and I deeply
action by local authorities Two statues, as bookends
resent it. Of two cats, one, Each speaker was given
or higher education institu- on campus, might serve as a
Ariel, is particularly adept at three minutes to talk. The visual daily reminder of just
so thunderously hitting my emotions of the crowd tions, placing the decision
ostensibly in the hands of the how far the great state of
door that he becomes impos- seemed to swell with each North Carolina has come in
NC Historical Commission
sible to ignore. This is only plea for the monument a hundred years.
and circumscribing any deci-
one of his many flaws. to be taken down, while sion by almost impossible
He cant be picked up for outwardly we all stayed as restrictions. William Kirsch
more than 10 seconds at a composed as the quaint Thus, the UNC Board of Class of 78
time without flipping out, he decor of the room seemed Trustees and the Chancellor
sheds all over all my cloth- to demand. Trustees then chooses to the removal of Silent do not have the authority College affordability is
ing and he refuses to eat on Each speaker addressed ignore the voices they have to act, whether they decide not out of reach
a consistent schedule which a different facet of the his- now undeniably heard. Sam will not be resolved to remove the statue or not.
only enables the gluttonous tory and current destruc- What is to be done then? TO THE EDITOR:
through simple means.
second cat, Meta. tiveness of the statue. The Are we doomed to con- Over the past three
Dear Board of Trustees, We are not interested in
director of CAPS declared tinuing protests and growing decades, the cost of higher
I say all of this because Up until this point, you your capacity to listen, animosity on both sides? Is education has skyrocketed.
I want you to know I have our campus was in the have blatantly ignored we are interested in your our democratic process so College tuition has increased
considered Ariels flaws. I love middle of a mental health thousands of community capacity to act. We wait broken that there is no hope? by 559 percent, while text-
him and think hes the best crisis, students spoke with members who have worked with anticipation to see In my opinion the legislature book prices have surged by
cat ever, but also I hate him outrage and hurt about the tirelessly for decades to what you will do now. If must be persuaded to return an astonishing 812 percent.
and desperately wish a hawk racist significance of the remove this racist sym- you listen to us only to the right to make decisions UNC students pay on
carried Ariel off for lunch. statue and distinguished bol from our campus. All turn around and act with about memorials on public average $1,604 a year on
However, after deep reflec- faculty reminded us all the while, you have been cowardice, you suggest land to local authorities. supplies, well higher than
tion I think my cat, Ariel, that this struggle is not complacent with the hypo- that the voices of this Once again the legislature the College Board National
should be appointed to the new. critical mobilization of a campus community are has clearly overstepped its average of $1,250. The aver-
UNC Board of Governors. The gravity of the situ- campaign For All Kind appropriate authority. age price of a new textbook
meaningless, even when With that accomplished
Ariel would be a great can- ation and the obviousness widely recognized for its increased by 38 percent
they are seated in a space local entities could respond between 2011-2012 and
didate because many of his of the solution seemed to posters plastered with the dripping with sophistica- as they see fit. In the case 2015-2016. These prices are
best qualities are currently sink into the plush chair faces of Black and brown tion. It is clear that you of UNC at Chapel Hill, hurting students wallets and
underrepresented on the cushions with each speak- students. While its hard have impetus to act. As The Chancellor, Board of GPAs. As discovered by the
board. Hes displayed a high er. The hurried applause to believe that two hours eloquently put by profes- Trustees and other stake U.S. Public Interest Research
level of curiosity that, while bounced off the ornate of speeches will inspire sor Buck Goldstein in his holders could work out a Group (PIRG), 65 percent of
perhaps fatal to him, is exact- chandeliers as the next you to act when decades three minute speech, this course of action suitable to students reported they have
ly the kind of outlook that speaker took their place at of protests and pleas have meeting made clear that the Carolina campus. skipped buying or renting
should be cultivated in the the podium. All but three failed to, we want you to your hands are tied only if I believe we have come an assigned textbook due to
UNC system. His deep inter- of the 30 speakers declared prove that, in fact, you lis- you tie them. to the point that demands cost. 94 percent of them real-
est in the light reflected off Silent Sam an injustice. tened deeply and are brave compromise on a plan that ized this would impact their
my phone screen seems likely The Editorial Board will honor both sides in the grade.
enough to be on the just Dear UNC Community,
applauds Chancellor Folt debate. My own view is to PIRG chapters at UNC-
to translate to an interest in side of history. We all heard If there is one encour- reimagine the statue and CH, UNC-G and NC State
creating strong communities for urging the Board of what you heard if you do aging takeaway from rededicate it to the memory are taking action to remedy
of learning across the state. Trustees to take the time to nothing now, how will you Wednesday, it is a of UNC alumni who died on this. UNC-CHs NCPIRG
Ariel is also a commit- listen without interruption. justify your inaction? renewed faith in the both sides of the conflict. chapter has partnered with
ted egalitarian. Who better But providing a dignified Sitting in a posh ball- Chapel Hill commu- Remove all symbols and their Student Government
to ensure broad and equal physical space to hear the room to listen is, quite nity. There is strength in plaques about the original to get professors to pledge to
access to higher education in campuss beliefs means frankly, easy. And a com- speaking up even if you donors and any reference explore affordable material
North Carolina than the same nothing if the Board of plicated problem such as only have three minutes. to the Confederacy. Replace options for their classes. By
cat who is more than willing them with honest and signing this pledge, profes-
to split my dinner and my fair interpretations of the sors become partners in
couch with me 50/50? EDITORIAL causes and outcome of the NCPIRGs efforts to research
Civil War. Surely, men and and consider more affordable

Try to understand what

Perhaps most importantly
women of good will within options for course materials,
Ariel has a deep and dem- the University can find a way such as open educational
onstrated love for the UNC to honor the dead combat- resources (OERs).

you find unfamiliar

system. Some might claim ants without removing this OERs are faculty-written
this is just a result of the fact beautiful sculpture and with- materials published under
that his owners paychecks all out ascribing racial over- an open copyright license
come from UNC connected tones to its existence. which are proven to be as
entities. That is libel, and effective as traditionally-
Ariel is very litigious. International hearing the same type of
American English all our
Some students avoid ask-
ing international TAs and
Samuel Magill published textbooks if not
Class of 50
I am aware there are some
critiques, but none of them
instructors at UNC lives, and may have found graduate students for help
more so. Best of all, they are
100 percent free.
sufficiently justify why my cat deserve respect. a new accent difficult to get
used to, or a teaching phi-
because of their accent, not
realizing that the insight
Remember the good, In just one week, the
UNC effort has secured 20+

isnt on the BOG. bad and the ugly
hen we think of losophy that is at odds with of someone from a differ- signatures from professors
Its true that Ariel doesnt
UNC, a couple what we were brought up ent background can be an TO THE EDITOR: committing to explore more
have experience in higher affordable course materials.
of things come learning. invaluable resource. E Pluribus Unum. The
education, but that isnt even Their pledge is available at
to mind the vibrant However, college is a We trust that the univer- Carolina Way is that out
kind of a prerequisite for http://executivebranch.unc.
campus life, the incred- place to be challenged, sity has picked competent of many, we become one.
being on the BOG. He might edu/task-forces/affordabil-
ible athletic and academic not to be handed the same and passionate professors Arriving at Carolina some
not be white or a Republican, forty years ago I was greeted ity/textbookpledge.
departments, the hospital exact thing that we have who want to help us learn
but a little diversity wouldnt with, I understand youre a
system filled with passion- experienced all our lives. their field of expertise, so Kent McKane
kill us. Yankee.
ate people working to help An accent is never a why cant this be applied to Business
Yes Ariel can be obstinate, I have learned over the
lives. There is an image of signifier of intelligence or international instructors as Sophomore
but if anything, thats a boon years, slowly and sometimes
the university that is under- competence, but many well?
on a board full of far right reluctantly, that for the yeo-
stood implicitly by not only students who find them- As course evaluations man Tar Heel farmer, the Correction: Nov. 17s
partisans. Sure, he has a ten-
members of our community selves frustrated with their are coming up, dont be so Confederate soldier that Quick Hit section incor-
dency to be destructive, but
but nationwide. professors way of speak- quick to condemn an inter- didnt own slaves was meet- rectly said Barnes & Noble
he has never been so as reck- isnt UNCs Student Stores
But what is that image ing English use a lecturers national instructor for their ing his duty as he saw it to
lessly devastating as destroy- if doesnt provide funds to
leaving out? When we accent against them, using teaching abilities. Take the fight for liberty from a dis-
ing a Civil Rights Center. UNC. Barnes & Noble has
think of UNC, who are the it as a reason to find fault time to think if you actually tant tyranny.
Finally, I cede that Ariel So as Tar Heels are donated money toward
people that we think belong with their teaching abilities. had difficulty understand-
is a cat, but its not like the reminded every day by UNC Scholarships. The
here? Who looks like they Accents are also an easy ing their speech, or if it was
humans of the BOG have Silent Sam of two views Daily Tar Heel apologizes.
belong here? way to make jokes, enabling just stemming from frus-
been doing a good, or even
Its easy to fall into a nar- students to be rude to their tration after having to face
acceptable, job.
Until Ariel gets the posi-
row mindset, and easier to instructors simply because something new. SPEAK OUT
forget all the international the students cannot or will WRITING GUIDELINES
tion he deserves, we all need
faculty and staff that this not adjust, falling Please type: Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
to continue to demand more
university depends on. back on the excuse Sign and date: No more than two people should sign letters.
from the board. Ariels middle
They belong here and this I just cant under- Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
name is Robespierre, which
is their space as much as it stand what they are Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
might be ominous if he
is ours, but it seems to be saying! Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
werent a cat. letters to 250 words.
difficult for them to receive Respectfully ask
the same amount of respect your instructors to

11/29: Moderately Annoyed as their American-born repeat themselves, EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
Kirk Kovach writes on politi- resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
counterparts. or ask for clarifica-
cal issues from the center. opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
Some of us grew up tion in an email. members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.
4 Monday, November 27, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Housing woes: long lines and short deadlines

By Madeleine Fraley We have had people who students want apartment-
Staff Writer call two years in advance to style housing with kitchens,
secure an apartment, Turner parking and private bed-
On an early September said. Its not something we rooms and bathrooms.
morning, a line of students like, but UNC students are If I could offer that on
wrapped around the build- competitive in everything campus, (housing) would be
ing at Shortbread Lofts. They they do, including housing. full, he said. Trouble is, I
were waiting outside to secure Sophomore Sydney Trexler cant. We cant build some of
an apartment for the upcom- said in order to get the apart- the amenities they have off-
ing school year, even though ment she currently lives in at campus, especially in a way
they had only lived in their Shortbread, she waited in line students can afford. Granted,
current apartments or dorms for almost eight hours last were not cheap in terms of
for a little over a month. October. living on campus; its a static
But since the demand for I woke up at five in the price that you know youre
off-campus apartments has morning and waited in line going to have a roof over your
increased in Chapel Hill, so until about 1:30, she said. I head and meals coming in.
has the pressure to secure a had to miss all of my classes Cassi Pinyan, a junior at
place to live. and I got the last two-bed- UNC and the community
2017 is the first year the room apartment available. intern for Chapel Ridge apart-
off-campus leasing process Turner said the increase ments, said she has also
has started in September. It in demand is also due to the noticed an influx in undergrads
has gotten earlier each year recent increase in sophomores choosing to live off-campus.
due to increased demand for choosing to live off-campus. She said Chapel Ridge has
off-campus housing from More students are seeking responded to the increased
students. apartments sooner because competition in changing their DTH FILE/GABRIELLE THOMPSON
Kristen Turner, resi- they would rather spend more rates, but have not changed Shortbread Lofts on W. Rosemary Street is one of the more popular off-campus housing options.
dent services manager for money on housing with ame- their deadlines to increase here for sure. We dont make off-campus apartments. of February, to compete with
Shortbread Lofts and a for- nities rather than on a meal pressure on applicants. people stand out in the cold. But Blattner said on- off-campus options.
mer student at UNC, said she plan, like on-campus offers, We have rolling applica- Blattner said the loss of campus occupancy is still 98 Were in the business
has noticed the Chapel Hill Turner said. tions throughout the year, Odum Village in 2015, which percent full and has increased of having housing thats
market gets more competitive Allan Blattner, director of Pinyan said. Certain floor served as housing for 500 due to the improvements the connected to the educa-
each year, giving apartments UNC housing and residential plans may be hard to acquire students, might have been University is making one tional mission of Chapel Hill,
no choice but to start their education, said he realizes as it gets later in the year, but another reason more junior being an earlier selection Blattner said.
process sooner. why this is the case more applicants can find housing and senior students looked to process, November instead university@dailytarheel.com

Scientists call on Roy Cooper to protect forests

By Charlie McGee burned for biofuel as an alter- higher for wood than coal, neutral, Schlesinger said. The
Staff Writer native to coal. The idea is that said Norman Christensen, problem we have is when they
burning wood can be a carbon- professor emeritus and for- cut forests, burn them, replant
A letter signed by over 100 neutral, renewable energy mer dean of the Nicholas young forests or dont replant
scientists across the world, source, as trees are one of the School of the Environment at at all, and burn the resulting
including professors at UNC, most effective absorbers of car- Duke University. vegetation again in 20 years.
urged Gov. Roy Cooper to bon from the atmosphere. The Christensen noted that The result is that you dont
implement forest restoration scientific community calls this coal takes millions of years to repay that carbon debt that you
in his climate action plan, and a false assumption. grow back while trees can do put into the atmosphere.
immediately address the envi- They call it a renew- so in a much shorter period of This industry poses more
ronmental problems caused able source because you can time. However, this requires a risks than just carbon emis-
by the expanding wood pellet give the trees a chance to commitment to ensuring the sions and increased defor-
industry. grow back and cancel out full growth of all trees that estation. Rachel Weber,
Dogwood Alliance, a the carbon were releasing are cut. William Schlesinger, grassroots political organizer
forest-protection advocacy through burning, said Tim another professor emeri- for Dogwood Alliance, said in
group based in Asheville, Searchinger, research scholar tus and former dean of the Sampson County where anoth-
penned the letter in response at Princeton University. That Nicholas School, said this is a er Enviva facility operates, resi- PHOTO COURTESY OF RACHEL WEBER
to a proposed wood pellet is true if you let the trees fully difficult commitment to fulfill. dents took air quality samples A wetland clearcut in Eastern NC from where Enviva sources
mill in Hamlet. Enviva, the grow back. If you gave me a forest and before and after the facilitys wood.
worlds largest producer of The burning of wood itself we cut it down and burned construction. The results found
wood pellets, looks to make is another issue that scientists it, and then you gave me 100 a 75 percent increase in par- Along with this, Weber cited This is a real hero oppor-
this their fourth facility in who signed onto the letter see years of assured regrowth on ticulate matter in the air com- increased traffic and road tunity for Gov. Cooper to be
North Carolina alone. in this industry. that site, where no one would pared to pre-operative levels. damage from material trans- a champion for forests and a
These wood pellets would At the immediate effect, come in at 70 years and cut it This particulate matter portation, and disruptive noise champion for communities,
be shipped to the United the amount of carbon emis- again or inadvertently burn it, contributes to respiratory levels as things that can harm Weber said.
Kingdom, where they would be sions per gram of material is that could arguably be carbon- problems within communities. surrounding communities. university@dailytarheel.com

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The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Monday, November 27, 2017 5
FOOTBALL two different ways.
Obviously its very frustrat-
use it as a meaningful lesson,
there is still much for Fedora FEMALE ORDINANCE No, Im feeding my child.
North Carolinas Indecent
The Go Topless rally hosts
annual gatherings in Asheville,
FROM PAGE 1 ing to not be winning as many and his staff to sort out. FROM PAGE 1 Exposure Law dictates that where women and men
We hadnt done that games as you want to win, he UNCs quarterback situa- mean the most to women who men and women cannot show forgo shirts to protest gender
lately, but we gave up a couple said. In another way, it gave tion is anything but solidified, breastfeed. The ordinance their private parts in public. inequality. The protests are
catastrophic (plays), Fedora a lot of other guys opportuni- four of its five starting offensive technically allows law enforce- The Indecent Exposure Law protected by state law.
said. I dont know if we had ties a lot of younger guys lineman are not returning and ment to punish breastfeeding does not define what is con- Price said she doubts
a chance to get the guy on the were given forced reps, which UNCs defense will once again mothers for showing their sidered private parts. women will choose to go top-
ground or not. Id have to go I think is going to pay off in have to learn to play effectively nipples in public. Members of the N.C. House less regularly, even with the
back and see it. the end. as a group, something thats Felicia Bond, a Wake of Representatives attempted ordinances repeal.
Elliott, who had three There was some evidence been easier said than done in County mother who recently to amend the Indecent I think things will just
touchdowns and two inter- of that Saturday. Redshirt recent history. breastfed, said laws that pun- Exposure Law in 2013 to be as they are, said Price. I
ceptions on 21 of 45 passes sophomore wide receiver Well go back and evalu- ish women for exposing their clarify the definition of pri- think the point is not neces-
for 277 yards, blamed himself Anthony Ratliff-Williams fin- ate everything everything nipples while breastfeeding vate parts to include womens sarily to allow women to go
after the loss. ished with a career-best 131 that we do in this program, are unacceptable. breasts. The clarification, topless, but to have some
UNCs improved play down receiving yards, capping off a Fedora said. We never stop Individuals, they see a known as House Bill 34, never fairness in the law. Its more
the stretch of the season breakout year made possible doing that. Well try to tweak breast and its like, Oh my god, became a part of current law. about leveling the playing
coincided with Elliott start- by injuries to seniors Austin things to make things better. youre demoralizing or disturb- Several movements have field in terms of equal rights
ing, once Chazz Surratt was Proehl and Thomas Jackson. Hopefully were going to get a ing the public, said Bond, a propelled the topic of womens when it comes to gender.
injured early against Miami. First-year running back bunch of guys healed up, and financial service representative. toplessness into the spotlight. city@dailytarheel.com
But even Elliott struggled Michael Carter and sopho- then well be ready to go.
against the Wolfpack, taking more linebacker Jonathan UNCs worst season in over
sacks at inopportune times Smith were featured promi- a decade is finally over. The
while misfiring on multiple nently as well. process of making sure one
occasions. Even if those returning for like it doesnt happen again is
Now that its over, he said UNC do make the most of just beginning.
the season can be looked at in this season, and are able to sports@dailytarheel.com

CUNNINGHAM had, I thought it would be a

really nice fit for us here.
elementary school principal
and a teacher, respectively.
FROM PAGE 1 Rick Steinbacher, the My parents always talked
2005 to 2011. From 1988 to senior associate athletic about education being a chance
2002, Cunningham worked director for external com- to unlock an infinite number
his way through the ranks of munications, has worked of opportunities, Cunningham
the athletic department at the closely with Cunningham and said. The role of college athlet-
University of Notre Dame. admires the spirit he brings to ics, by providing scholarships
Cunningham has leveraged his the workplace. for allowing students to partici-
experience at these schools to Steinbacher played football pate in sports, it gives us both
inspire initiatives for Carolina at UNC from 1990 to 1993, the opportunity to play and get
Athletics, as was the case for and has been able to draw a great education.
creating the Rammys -- an parallels between his time at Cunningham has made
award show for Carolina the University as a student- an effort to see that UNC
Athletics celebrating student- athlete and a professional in student-athletes are getting
athletes in a style mimicking the athletic department. a quality education while at
the Grammy Awards. As a student-athlete, Ive UNC. Each year since 2012,
We had something similar played under some great over 300 student-athletes
like that when I was at Tulsa, coaches, Steinbacher said. have made the ACC Academic
Cunningham said. We had Mack Brown was the coach Honor Roll.
an awards show it was a when I was here. And the I think thats what Carolina
dinner and then we had a thing that I really appreci- is, Cunningham said. Its
few of the student-athletes ated about Mack Brown was a high-achieving place that
that had some specific talents that he was grounded in some searches or seeks excellence in
and we created a show out really strong personal values everything, and I dont think
of it. Then when I got here that I believed in. Thats very athletics is different than any
and saw all of the incredible similar to how Bubba leads. other department on campus
achievements of these stu- Cunningham attributes trying to be the best that we
dent-athletes but also all of his values to those instilled in can.
these other talents that they him by his dad and mom, an university@dailytarheel.com

Maybe they werent lis-
break the rules every single
year without meaning to,
FROM PAGE 1 tening too well; maybe they but we happen to be the
added or edited in the past just misunderstood what ones that got penalized this
three codes. was being said, Debnath year.
In the initial meeting, (the said. But we were very clear Joe Nail, who opposed
BOE) told us, if you go over and other candidates knew McKnight in the election,
your spending limit, it would and recognized the fact that said he offered advice on
be an automatic 10 points, overspending would result in how to amend Title III last
Musilu said. disqualification. year, but the senate opted to
So, I thought I had seven He added that the BOE craft the legislation inter-
points to spare, he said, since also sent the amended code nally. Nutcracka-lackin
the student code dictates the to each candidate after the He hopes they reconsider.
threshold for disqualification meeting and informed them My suggestion wasnt to Kurtis Blow talked to us
about MCing a hip-hop ver-
to be 17 points.
Within the guidelines,
students can be penalized for
they were responsible for
knowing it in full.
They should have been
insert myself and opinions,
but rather to set up some
sort of advisory board of
games sion of the Nutcracker. See
pg. 2 for story.
a financial problem, which informed, regardless of what democracy and constitution- 2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.
is when they spend more was or wasnt said at the al experts on campus, who Level: 1 2 3 4 Moving out
money than legally permit- meeting, Debnath said. could give some basic guard- Its getting harder and
ted, but they can also receive Fixing an antiquated sys- rails and scaffolding for any harder for students to live
an automatic disqualifica- tem desirable election system, Complete the grid in Chapel Hill. See pg. 4 for
tion, which according to In light of the confusion Nail said. so each row, column
the guidelines, is when a surrounding student dis- The last thing I want and 3-by-3 box (in
candidate is disqualified for qualifications, both of the to see is more instances of bold borders) contains
exceeding his or her maxi- student body president can- people who try hard to estab- every digit 1 to 9. Kava Chameleon
mum spending limit. didates who were disquali- lish a compelling vision ... and
Musilu said the difference fied from last years election ultimately have it derailed Solution to Whats the deal with new
between a financial problem agree that something needs because they went 13 cents last puzzle kava bar, Krave? Want to
and an automatic disqualifi- to change. over and had no idea that find out? Visit our website
cation was not made clear. The rules are very strict, would disqualify what was for the story.
Arunabha Debnath, chair said Matthew McKnight, otherwise a really admirable
of the BOE, said that hes one of the former candi- campaign, he said. Sports! Sports!
not quite sure why candi- dates. Its something where @jared_webby Mens soccer made it to
dates would mix up the two candidates unintentionally special.projects@dailytarheel.com the Elite Eight and womens
basketball won! See pg. 6
for Sports Friday.
MODERATED BY PROFESSOR T. LEINBAUGH Closest Chiropractor to Campus! 919-929-3552
Sponsored by Voted BEST in the Triangle!
the Transatlantic Forum for Education and Diplomacy (TFED), Dr. Chas Gaertner, DC
the Association of Marshall Scholars, The Peace, War and Defense Curriculum
and Joan Heckler Gillings NC Chiropractic
304 W. Weaver St.
Ambassador Quainton has served Ambassador Quaintons lecture Questions aboutKeeping
auto accidents?
UNC GiveAthletes,
me a call! Students,
Keeping&UNC Athletes,
Staff wellStudents & Staff well adjusted
as the Ambassador to the Central forms part of UNCS PWAD/CMPL Now in Carrboro! www.ncchiropractic.net
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
(C)2012 Tribune Media
African Republic, Nicaragua, Kuwait 489 course, Epic, Empire and Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.
and Peru, as well as Director for Diplomacy, a course that will be
Across second 11 Court order? 40 Fastidious sort
the State Departments Office for offered at UNC in the Spring of 1 Like many knock- 56 Founded: Abbr. 12 This is awesome! 43 Drummers joke
knock jokes 57 City near Tahoe 13 Loathes punctuation
Combating Terrorism and Director 2018 and also, as a new course 6 Fit together, as some 58 Menu listing literally 18 Memo starter 44 Hobbyist
Russian dolls represented by this 22 Show sorrow or joy 45 Sees after
General of the Foreign Service. Since offering, through the UNC Study 10 Commando ploy puzzles circles 24 Bass, e.g. 47 Muddy digs
14 Square measures 61 Dancing With the 25 See 9-Down 48 Ripped to shreds
2003, Quainton has taught at the Abroad Program, at Kings College, 15 Pledge Stars co-host 26 Jump on ice 49 Author Blyton
16 Magazine with Andrews 28 Hardy title teenager 51 Me.-to-Fla. route
School of International Service at London, in the summer of 2018. annual Style Awards
17 Impressionist who
62 Tan shade
63 Teapot part
32 Yalie
33 Hit
52 Core group
56 Channel with
American University as distinguished The lecture is one in a series of was frequently a 64 Viewpoint 35 Road trip guessing numerous sister
guest of Johnny 65 Show sorrow or joy game channels
Diplomat in Residence. lectures sponsored by TFED. Carson 66 101 class, briefly 36 Morales of NYPD 58 Patch, perhaps
19 Ink stain Blue 59 Diamonds, slangily
20 Quite a while Down 37 Air Force heroes 60 Woe __: 1996

21 Org. with Wizards 1 Snickers ingredient 38 Musical with grammar book
and Magic 2 Paper work? nightclub scenes
22 Hard-to-hit pitch 3 Exchange need 39 1968 to now, in pro
23 __ tai 4 Slangy turndowns tennis
24 Greek gatherings? 5 Paris fashion

MILITARIZATION & 27 Cleared (out)

29 Clearasil shelfmate
30 Be in session
31 Less-filling brews
6 Pretty good!
7 Frequent, as a diner
8 Mo. town

Albuquerque dir.
33 Movie backdrops
34 Statute that protects
9 With 25-Down, what
America is across, to
10 Contradict in court

of DIPLOMACY source
in journalism
38 Column on a
makers list
Thursday, November 30th 6:45pm-7:45pm 41 Govt. stipend
42 Gem weight
brief reception following 46 Copy
47 Health club
48 Golfers
UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health booking
50 Marilyn
Joan Heckler Gillings Auditorium Monroe and
Grace Kelly
(133 Rosenau Hall, 135 Dauer Drive, Chapel Hill, NC) 53 Holy cow!
54 On edge
55 Jackies
6 Monday, November 27, 2017 dailytarheel.com The Daily Tar Heel

Wrestling: UNC 30, Appalachian State 6
Mens soccer: UNC 2, Southern Methodist 0
Volleyball: Duke 3, UNC 0
Football: N.C. State 33, UNC 21
Womens basketball: UNC 86, UNC-W 60

Mens soccer headed to second straight Elite 8

MENS SOCCER (SWEET 16) Heels to just five shots while After the goal, the momen- Jelani is great off the ball,
packing the defensive side of tum shifted, with SMU employ- Lindley said. We know we
NORTH CAROLINA 2 the field. The teams went into
halftime scoreless.
ing a more aggressive approach
to get back into the game.
were trying to get behind. I
took the chance, and its one of
SMU0 With five minutes gone in The approach was still in those risk-reward passes. If it
the second half, the Tar Heels effect in the 83rd minute. pays off, its going to show up
By Chris Hilburn-Trenkle finally got onto the score- Redshirt sophomore Jelani and give us results. I got lucky
Senior Writer board. Sophomore midfielder Pieters was in the game for and Jelani made a great run.
Jack Skahan possessed the less than a minute when It was Pieters ninth goal of
CARY On Saturday, the ball 25 yards out from the left a nifty back-heel pass was the season and Lindleys 12th
North Carolina mens soc- side of the field. He made a flicked to him by sophomore assist of the year the most
cer team took one more step quick move, then fired a laser midfielder Cam Lindley. by a player during head coach
toward a return to the College into the box. The ball skidded With Lindley standing near Carlos Somoanos tenure.
Cup. just past forward Alan Winns midfield, Pieters streaked His ability to pass the
The Tar Heels (16-3-1, 6-1-1 run, and snuck into the bot- behind him on an overlap run ball is unique and special,
ACC) advanced to their eighth tom right corner of the goal, and Lindley found his team- Somoano said of Lindley. DTH FILE/REBECCA LAWSON
Elite Eight appearance in the giving the Tar Heels a 1-0 mate. Pieters took the ball in He brought it with him to Jack Skahan and Zach Wright embrace Lucas del Rosario after
past 10 years after defeating a advantage. stride, sprinting down the left Carolina. I would love to tell UNCs double-overtime win over Old Dominion on Oct. 17.
pesky Southern Methodist (17- I didnt see the goal, side of the field. He cut into you we taught him that, but
3-1, 5-1-1 American) squad by Skahan said with a smile. I the middle at the top of the we didnt. Its just a natural Saturday night, as Duke was game that will determine
a score of 2-0. was going for a guy in the box and fired a low screamer gift when you have someone defeated by Fordham in the whether or not the Tar Heels
The Mustangs employed middle, and it got on frame into the back of the net, that can see the field that way. Sweet 16. North Carolina will will make their second consec-
a defensive approach in the and went in. Thats normally breaking the collective hearts The chances for a battle of now face the Rams in the utive College Cup appearance.
first half, holding the Tar a cross for me. of the SMU faithful. the blue bloods was dashed NCAA quarterfinals the sports@dailytarheel.com

UNC womens basketball shows team growth in blowout win

WOMENS BASKETBALL Five Tar Heels contributed double- Murray added a team-high eight Wednesdays win. things, Hatchell said. We are doing
figure scoring outputs in the blow- rebounds. I call her Larry Bird, head coach a lot of good things and we will
NORTH CAROLINA 86 out win over the Seahawks (2-2).
Senior guard Jamie Cherry led all
Every game Ive just been find-
ing something to improve on, Jones
Sylvia Hatchell said. I told her shes
our Larry Bird because shes a utility
continue to get better, especially as
we improve with our defense and
UNC-WILMINGTON60 scorers with 21 points after shooting a said. Definitely learning to play player and does a lot of things out rebounding.
combined 1-18 in her last two contests. with my teammates more and I there. Not flashy, but solid. And shes The Tar Heels will need to keep
By Chris Hilburn-Trenkle Ive been in the gym trying to think that helps with overall chem- in that gym and does whatever we up their strong form from today, as
Senior Writer get up extra shots, Cherry said. istry. So just finding where I fit with need her to do. Shes like a sponge they look toward a tough stretch of
Just to see the ball go through the the offense and the team and feed- and just soaks up information. I four games in seven days, albeit all
On Wednesday afternoon, the hoop gave me a lot of confidence. ing off each other. would love to have a teammate like at home in Carmichael Arena. But
North Carolina womens basketball The coaches told me if I was open to Another Tar Heel who filled Taylor. Hatchell is confident in her teams
team produced its best performance keep shooting. up the stat sheets was sophomore Perhaps the most encouraging progress.
of the season in an 86-60 win over Cherry was aided by first-year guard Taylor Koenen. After averag- sign for the Tar Heels was winning They are a great group and
UNC-Wilmington. bigs Janelle Bailey, Jaelynn Murray ing 6.6 points and 5.1 rebounds as a without a huge game from redshirt working hard, Hatchell said. I
The Tar Heels (3-2) set a season- and Jocelyn Jones, who all put in first-year, Koenen has put up three junior guard Paris Kea, who finished think the future looks really good for
high in assists (26) and steals (13) solid efforts. Bailey finished the double-digit scoring performances with a season-low 10 points, but this group.
and tied season-highs in made field game with 16 points, Jones tied to start the season including her 12 added a game-high eight assists. @christrenkle2
goals (36) and 3-pointers made (6). a career high with 14 points and points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in Lots of people did some good sports@dailytarheel.com

Mens basketball wins three of four on West Coast road trip

Nov. 20, 2017 Nov. 23, 2017 Nov. 24, 2017 Nov. 26, 2017
Junior guard Kenny Williams carried North North Carolina dispatched Portland to Luke Maye headlined the Tar Heels effort In its first loss of the season to No. 4
Carolina early, scoring 20 of its 26 points just begin the PK80 tournament by sticking to against the Razorbacks, racking up career Michigan State, UNC shot 24.6 percent from
over nine minutes into the game. what worked against Stanford. highs in points (28) and rebounds (16). the field the worst in school history. The
Senior guard Joel Berry II got hot after that, UNC shared the ball, allowing several play- UNC again struggled to pull away early, previous worst was 25.3 percent against Wake
helping the offense turn a tight game into a ers to tally significant shot numbers. Among but its performance from beyond the arc ulti- Forest in 1956.
blowout toward the end of the first half and the five Tar Heels who scored in double digits mately doomed Arkansas. Maye and Kenny North Carolina also shot 1-18 from 3-point
throughout the second. Berry had 29 points, was first-year guard Andrew Platek, who set a Williams combined to shoot 7-10 from three, range and committed 16 turnovers. The
including five made 3-pointers. career high with 12 points in 10 minutes. showing that UNC still has an array of deep Spartans out-rebounded the Tar Heels, 51-36.
The 24-point victory at Stanford set the And, just like against Stanford, it took threats, including Joel Berry II.
tone for the Tar Heels to begin their West UNC until the second half to blow the game The Tar Heels scored the final 13 points For full stories on all of these games,
Coast road trip, centered around the PK80 open. But a 12-0 run to start the second frame of the game to complete the blowout and find @DTHSports on Twitter or visit
tournament. helped seal another 24-point road victory. advance to the PK80 final on Sunday. dailytarheel.com/section/sports

Dates: June 30 August 11, 2018

Faculty Director: Dr. Ted Leinbaugh

GPA requirement: 3.0

Class Standing: Rising Sophomore (at least)

Cost: See website

Application deadline: February 14, 2018


November 27th Study at Kings College London (KCL) for six weeks, take one UNC course and one KCL-taught course, and earn six
credits toward your UNC degree. All while experiencing the British culture and academic system!

25% off 30% off

KCLs international undergraduate summer school, a high quality and intensive academic program open to students
from around the world, serves as the host for the program. Located in the very heart of London, accommodation and
classes are next to many of the great cultural, social, and entertainment attractions that London has to offer.

All UNC Emblematic Apparel Nike Outerwear CMPL/PWAD 489 Epic, Empire, and Diplomacy 3 UNC graded credits, taught by Dr. Ted Leinbaugh
Best of both worlds: Old books & modern-day diplomats! This course surveys foundational texts of Western
and Gifts Sweats Cold Weather literature in translation and explores how those texts shape our world today. Professor Leinbaugh teaches the
course with Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's Ambassador to the United States (1997-2003). The course hosts
All Bulls Head Titles, Gifts, Accesories guest lecturers with world-renowned experts from the British Museum with planned visits to the British
Museums Mesopotamian galleries, Ancient Greek galleries, Roman galleries, and the Anglo-Saxon
Games and Toys
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Treasure Room. Excursions planned for the course include visits to the Foreign Commonwealth Office,
Houses of Parliament, and Shakespeares Globe Theatre
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One KCL course of your choosing 3 transfer credits, taught by local KCL faculty
All Calendars and Planners All CLEARANCE Items Previous courses have included: War & Diplomacy; Secrets & Spies: Modern Espionage and Intelligence;
European Union Law; Criminology & Criminal Justice; International Commercial Law; History of Medicine,
Public Health, and Healthcare & Technology; Jane Austen's England; London & Film; Literature in the City;

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