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Math concepts Reasons

In this stage, the children begin to learn about the world and they use all
One to one correspondence. their sensory abilities. So they will apply what they see and understand
from real life. For example in the home when they see their mother
Parts & whole.
Sensorimotor prepare the lunch they help her by putting a spoon on the plate.
stage 0-2 years

At this stage, children begin to develop concepts that are more like those of
Number sense \ counting. adults, but these are still incomplete. So, they try to use their fingers to count and
subitizing sometimes they try to count in their mind. And they are able to look at a few
Shapes. things and count.
unt. Moreover, they try to sort things to make it easier for them.
Classifying. They use the sides number of each shape to know the difference between the
Preoperational shapes, the try to measure it by pencils or thin rope. It help them also to classify
Non standard measurement.
stage 2-7 years things.

At this stage, children are becoming conservers. They are becoming more and
Spatial sense.
more skilled at retaining the original picture in mind. And making a mental
Ordering, seriation and patterning.
reversal when the look is changed. So they compare things easily to know the
Concrete Reversibility. changed that happens. So they will be able to order numbers and know the
Operations Centration numbers that come before or after.

Numbers types. During this period, children can learn to use the scientific method independently.
They begin to understand abstract concepts and to attack abstract problems. So
Standrard measurement.
they try to use tools to measure the things around them. such as ruler and balance
Formal Conservation to have the correct and logical answer. moreover, they are able to compare to
Operations11- know the changed that happens to the value of a set visually.

Math & Science

Concepts in Piaget Stages

Science concepts Reasons

stage 0-2 years Observation is the best concept for this stage. Because in this stage
the child begin to learn about the world and they use their five senses
Observing. to collect data about object or event.

I identify that this concept is suitable for this stage because at this stage the child
Preoperational tries to copy the role of adults. Moreover, when materials are changed in form or
stage 2-7 years Comparing.
order in space, children may y see them as changed and they don't remember the
Classifying. original picture. So they will start classifying to know the changes. And they
Non-standard measuring.
easuring. should compare to know the differences to classify easily. Also, sometimes they the
have to measure with string..
Operations At this stage, the child has the abilities to become more conservers so
Standrad measuring. they can save the original picture and they order their ideas to be
Ordering. organized. Moreover, they start talking about it to his friends and
Communicating. family. Also, they can understand that we should measure by tools
that give us a precise measurement.
Operations In this stage, the child can solve more complex problems so they think
11-Adulthood Hypothesizing. about one idea and try to do experiments and research, to be sure
Predicting. about this idea and correct the mistake. And finally, they concluded
Inferring. their idea by an experiment.

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