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Language Social Network Profile

Designed by freepik.com

Students ages: 12-15

Students level: lower intermediate

Assumptions: Students are supposed to have already studied: Simple Present (affirmative, negative and interrogative
forms), weather and days of the week vocabulary.

Stage Time Objective Material Description

- Teacher (T) asks students questions about
the genre social network profile: wether
- Identify social they have any on-line profile or not; what
Pre-reading 10min network profile Whiteboard, markers kind of information they have on it. T lists
genre characteristcs. that information in order to set social
network profile characteristics.
Work sheet with a - Students (Ss) read the profile (APPENDIX
While-reading 15min - Check what social network profile A) and answer a true or false quiz over the
Students understand example. matter.
from the text.
- Ss compares social network profiles in
order to identify stable characteristics, such
as common information and illustrations.
- Write a social
network profile for Other profiles - Then, they create their own Language
Post-reading 20min language learning examples and paper social network profile. T helps and corrects
purpose. and pens. writing mistakes.

- If available, they can post it on a real on-

line language social network or pin on a
mural on schools hall.


Futher information: http://tigerprints.clemson.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1550&context=all_theses


Hi! My name is Jao Ferreira. Im 15 years old. Im from Brazil, but I live in Canada with my
Family now. I have three sisters and one brother. I love Brazil. I like Soccer and Volley Ball. I like
to go to the beach too. My father Works here in Canada, so we go to Brazil once a year, on
vacation. Canada is very cold. I dont like it. Do you like cold weather? I am on-line Satuday and
Sunday mornings. Lets chat a little. See you!
Responda V (verdadeiro) e F (falso) de acordo com o perfil de joo:
( ) Jofe tem 17 anos.
( ) Jofe vive no Brasil.
( ) Jofe tem uma irm e 2 irmos.
( ) Jofe gosta de volley ball.
( ) Jofe no gosta de ir praia.
( ) O pai do Jofe trabalha no Canad.
( ) Jofe vai ao Brasil uma vez ao ano com a famlia.
( ) Jofe no gosta do frio no Canad.
( ) Jofe fica on-line Sexta e Segunda tarde.
( ) Jofe quer conversar com outras pessoas on-line.