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Match each sentence with the sentence that comes next.

Example: Tracy is taking the bus to New York City. e a. Shell call to make a reservation.

1. Marcy doesnt like action films. b. Shed rather see a comedy.

2. Beth hasnt visited Thailand yet. c. Shell go again next week.

3. Carla has been to Frankfurt twice. d. Shell go in the fall for the first time.

4. Rebecca needs a rental car this weekend. e. Shed rather not pay for a rental car.

Choose the word or phrase to correctly complete each sentence.

Example: I need ( [some] / many ) body lotion.
5. I dont have ( many / much) toothpaste.

6. I think theres ( much / lots of ) nail polish on the shelf.

Complete each sentence with someone, anyone, or no one.

Example: Someone told me this was a good salon.

7. There is who can give you a massage at 11:00. See you then!

8. You wont have to wait long because theres ahead of you.

9. Marla doesnt want except Timothy to cut her hair.

10. can bring you coffee while you wait for your hair appointment.

11. I never get a manicure at that place because does a good job.

12. I think that who uses this salon will enjoy it. Its great!

Rewrite the statements by replacing the object with an object pronoun.

Example: Did you pick up the keys? ___Did you pick them up? ___

13. I dropped off the car.

14. She turned on the taillights.

13. Turn the radio off.

Complete the paragraph using the past continuous or the simple past tense of the verb provided.

Laurel ______saw_________ an accident while she to work this

(see) 14. (go)
morning. She down the street, and she up just in time to see
15. (walk) 16. (look)
that a sports car down the road. Suddenly, an SUV onto the
17. (speed) 18. (turn)
street in front of it. The driver of the sports car to stop, but it was too late. The
19. (try)
sports car the SUV.

Complete the real conditional statements with the correct form of the verbs.

Example: If the hotel room has_________ a king-size bed, Ill be very comfortable tonight.
( the hotel room / have )

21. If we have time tomorrow, to the hotel fitness center. ( we / go )

22. If wireless Internet, you can check e-mail in your room.

( the hotel room / have )

23. We will bring extra hangers and towels to the room if them.
( a guest / request )

24. Mr. and Mrs. Kim will take the airport shuttle if a taxi too expensive.
( be )

25. I wont request a double room if with me to New York.

( my friend / not come )

Choose the word that correctly completes each sentence.

Example: Have you had gelato ( [yet] / ever )?

26. Ive ( already / before ) been to India, but Id like to go again.

27. Have they ( yet / ever ) been to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago?

28. Sarah has eaten Mexican food, but she hasnt tried sopapilla ( already / yet ).

29. You dont need to introduce us. Ive met John ( ever / before ).
Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.
Example: It was snowing when we __a__ the house. a. left b. have left c. will leave

30. will be here to help you in just a minute. Please sit down.
a. Anyone b. No one c. Someone
31. Steve Anita twice before.
a. has met b. will meet c. was meeting
32. Have you eaten such strange food?
a. yet b. ever c. before
33. There are nice things about this hotel.
a. lots of b. much c. any
34. I you not to speed many times. Slow down!
a. was telling b. have told c. am telling
35. Lana has been working 8:00 in the morning.
a. for b. until c. since
36. Jim would like to walk, but Brent would rather .
a. drive b. to drive c. have driven.
37. If the hotel has a room for me, I there.
a. would stay b. stayed c. will stay
38. Do you have sunscreen? I dont want to burn.
a. many b. a c. any
39. Please dont tell that I was here.
a. anyone b. no one c. someone
40. About returning the rental car, can you this afternoon?
a. drop off it b. drop it off c. drop off