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Week 17
Day Tuesday
Date 2/5/2017
Time 10.30 a.m. 11.30 a.m.
Class 5 Putra
Subject English Language
Theme World of Stories
Topic The Kings Decision
Skill(s) Writing
Content Standard 3.2
Learning Standard 3.2.2 able to write with guidance
(c) informal letters
Learning Objective(s) By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:-
- Write an informal letter to their friend
Success Criteria Pupils will be succeeded if they could:
- Brainstorm at least 3 main points for a body of an informal
- Write a paragraph consists of at least three sentences for a
body of an informal letter.
Activities 1. Each group receives a letter and read it aloud.
2. The pupils respond to the questions posed by the teacher.
3. Teacher shares lesson objective and successful criteria with
the pupils.
4. The pupils pay attention to the teacher explaining about
informal letter.
5. Pupils read aloud the letter again and state 5 parts of an
informal letter group by group
6. Pupils brainstorm the main points for a body of an informal
letter group activity
7. Pupils write an informal letter group activity.
8. Pupils present their answers.
9. Pupils answer the questions in a quiz.
10. Pupils cross check the lesson objective and successful criteria.

Curriculum Content
a) Knowledge/Value - Respect others
b) EMK/KB/BCB - High order thinking skills
Teaching Aids Sample of informal, template of informal letter, power point
a) Teaching and
b) School Assessment