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Deja Jones

Selena Wolf Berkley

English 101

12, October 2017

Volleyball vs. Basketball

What other two sports do you know that share the same amount of similarities as they do

differences? Volleyball and basketball are considered to be the most popular sports, therefore,

fans look up to professional teams. In the states, the popularity and coverage of basketball is

much more extensive than volleyball (Young). Furthermore, others understand the object of

basketball more than volleyball. Whereas the two sports share various similarities, the

race/gender, rules and uniforms of the sports have more variation given that the inventors of both

sports helps understand the overall purpose.

The two sports shares similar characteristics containing diversity. Basketball and

volleyball are split into female and male leagues. These sports are considered to have equality

and be diverse, therefore, all races are eligible to participate in either of the sports.

Furthermore, volleyball and basketball have divergent racial attributes which defines the

type of environment its in. Basketball is predominantly known to be a minority sport, than

volleyball; mens basketball attracts more attention than female basketball. In addition,

volleyball is primarily a female sport; the caucasian race upholds this sport the most. The ethnic

demographics from basketball and volleyball leads up to the rules and uniforms.

Moreover, the rules and uniforms in both sports have corresponding qualities. For

example, basketball and volleyball jerseys have a number on the back of them, to identify each

player. Additionally, these two sports can be considered as an indoor and outdoor sport. In

volleyball quickness is a skill required, likewise, in basketball; quickness is critical for both
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sports. These similarities help distinguish the differences about the rules and uniforms for

basketball and volleyball.

Therefore, understanding the guidelines for both sports allows you to comprehend

differences between the two. For example, in basketball a mouth piece is an optional accessory

players can have as apart of their uniform. Also, the objective of the game is to score as many

points as possible within time frame given. There are a total of four quarters, the winner of the

game is declared as whichever team scored the most points. As mentioned, basketball has several

divergent characteristics than volleyball.

Volleyball has its own unique characteristics when it comes to comparing it to

basketball. With that being said, spandex and kneepads are the different uniform requirements. In

addition, the object of the game is to send the ball regularly over the net to ground it onto the

opponent's court (Game Characteristics). There are 3 matches of games that are each played

to a score of 25; the team who wins 2 out of 3 matches is declared as the winner of the game.

The inventors of basketball and volleyball provided unbelieved relevance to one another.

Furthermore, both inventors were straight out of college when established these sports. Both

volleyball and basketball first played game was in Massachusetts, ten miles apart from one


The inventor of basketball has incompatible features than the volleyball inventor. The

inventor of this sport is James Naismith, he established the sport in 1891 in Springfield,

Massachusetts. James Naismith was a physical educator at Springfield College, where he used

one of his classes to participate in his first game of basketball.

Withal, volleyball and basketball share various qualities with them having two different

objectives. The race/gender demographics allows you to see how diverse the two sports are. In
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addition, the rules and uniforms for each sports varies dependending on the gender. Moreover,

the inventors share many characteristics such as establishing the sports in the same state, but also

have their differences. Volleyball and basketball are two different sports with two different

guidelines, but they share similar qualities such as being split into gender leagues and being able

to play indoor and outdoor.

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