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Risk assignment

Potential hazards Who is at risk? Risk probability Scale of action

Electrical faults Staff/clients/users Minimal- if no food or -Regular safety tests
water is in the room -Signs warning people
whilst electrical to not drink and eat in
products are being the room
Tripping over Staff/clients/users Minimal- equipment -Ensuring that there is
wires/equipment should be stored away storage space to put
when it is not in use. the equipment in
Wires should also be -keep wires tucked
wrapped up and kept away and hidden
out the way.
Fires Staff/clients/users Minimal- if people -Regular safety checks
keep food and drinks - keeping food and
away from electricals drinks away
Breaking of camera Staff/client/users Medium- users can -The camera must be
drop the camera so out away when it is
the safety strap not in use.
should be worn -The safety strap
provided on the
camera should be
Computer breaking Staff/client/users Minimal- if the user is -The laptop should be
careful around the held with care
equipment and take -Food and drink
care when handling it. should be kept away
from the computer
Software crashing Staff/client/users Minimal if the - Update
software is up to date software to
the latest