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Engine Driven System

TECHNICOLD Engine Driven Systems are designed for vessels without onboard generators or when
minimum freezing time is desired for the hold over plate. One or more boxes at different temperatures can
be operated from the engine driven system by adding dual controls. Engine driven is an efficient, low
maintenance and dependable refrigeration system which produces silent, battery-free cooling. Approxi-
mately sixty minutes operating time per day is required for a freezer and refrigerator in tropical waters.

TECHNICOLD Engine Driven Systems are powered by a conventional refrigeration compressor with a
magnetic clutch belt driven directly from the vessels main engine. The compressor incorporates a large
crankcase oil capacity, a necessity with hold over plate systems. The heavy duty cast iron construction is
designed to take temperature variations, stress and vibrations encountered with diesel engine and off
engine mountings unlike the light duty aluminum compressors.

TECHNICOLD fluted coaxial tube-in-tube self-cleaning cupronickel counter-flow condenser is de-

signed for optimum heat transfer with minimum water flow from the engine cooling water or use of a 12 volt
pump. Unlike flow-through style condensers, TECHNICOLD counter-flow condensers can be regulated
to ensure maximum efficiency in warm as well as cold waters while maintaining optimum pressure differences
across the expansion valve. The standard four pound receiver holds ample refrigerant for all installations and
conditions experienced on yachts. Pump-down valves are incorporated for saving the refrigerant while
servicing the system.

TECHNICOLD engine driven condensing units are constructed of the highest quality refrigeration
materials, along with stainless steel base plates and mounting hardware and will provide years of trouble free

The combination system utilizes two independent coils in the hold over plate. This allows the using of an
engine driven system in conjunction with a 12VDC or 110VAC for dockside or generator use. Plates with
dual coils offer two isolated systems in the same hold over plate.

Manufactured by RICH BEERS MARINE, INC.

P.O. Box 14034, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33302 (954)764-6192 Fax: (954)764-7259
Building Marine Equipment to Withstand the Marine Environment.
Engine Driven System


Heavy duty 10 cubic inch. cast iron compressor with 20 oz. oil capacity.
Field replaceable compressor shaft seal and rotolock service valves.
Compressor can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
Magnetic clutch assembly available in different diameters.
Fluted cupronickel counter flow condenser for high efficiency, self-cleaning and resistance to electrolysis.
Four pound receiver required for multiple plate operation.
Pump down service valve for saving refrigerant during service.
Large universal 16 cubic inch filter drier for minimum maintenance.
Sightglass with moisture indicator allows you to monitor system charge.
Suction line accumulator safeguards and extends compressor life.
Low pressure control protects system from low refrigerant charge or excessive compressor speed.
High pressure safety control protects system from loss of cooling water.
Timer control for ease of operation.
Designed compatible for many refrigerants.
Highest quality component used throughout.
System is designed for ease of installation and simplicity of operation.


Engine driven system capacity: BTU per hour, R12, 1750 RPM and 90 condensing temperature. Consult
factory for capacities of other refrigerants.

Evaporating Temperature 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30 -40

BTU/hr 21,200 16,700 13,300 9,950 7,200 5,300 3,800

TECHNICOLD Engine Driven System was designed in 1981 incorporating commercial industry
refrigeration practice with marine construction and materials. This combination provides outstanding
reliability and field serviceability. This system is still manufactured today virtually unchanged.

The Cruising Boats First Choice for Refrigeration.