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West Yorkshire Scouts Memorandum And Information Letter

West Yorkshire Scouts 10th October 2011


COUNTY ITEMS Its Grim Up tNorth (aka Grim)

Its Grim Up tNorth (aka Grim)
WYS on show 2012
Friday 14th Sunday 16th October 2011
o Cast Recruitment
o Crew Recruitment It isn't too late to book to get the chance to
Scout Active Support Events have a fun weekend offering both social and
GO Caving Report training opportunities with other like minded
BIG Camp Updates folk.
o First payment due
o Latest Newsletter The 2010 event was well received and it caters
o BIG Camp Adults Required for both individuals and also groups - why not
o Beaver Scout Event
use it as an opportunity to come as a leadership
County Winter Wonderland Fun Day
County Vacancy
team and, without the young people, have some
Safeguarding courses update quality time?

DISTRICT / GROUP / CAMPSITE ITEMS The programme includes:

Family Quiz Night Recruitment Support
Green Withens Watersport Centre Gift Aid Support
Bradley Wood Campsite Newsletter Support in delivering the new Sexual Health
Bonfire Roundup Resource
Young Leader Trainer Training
REGIONAL / NATIONAL ITEMS Special Needs and the Equalities Act
Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons Breakfast with Derek Twine
Social networking sites and Scouting Real ale bar
Media workshops Live evening entertainment
County Commissioner Greater Manchester North 5 a side Football
Vacancy Salsa Dancing
Green up The CCs Wine and Cheese Tasting
Queens Diamond Jubilee Badge
When did you last check?
Take Centre Stage at Windsor Have a go at Activities
Apex Challenge Find out about facilities in your county and
New resources wider in the market place
Scouts Speak Up Courses Craft and programme ideas for all sections
Happy Birthday
New recruitment video for local Scouting Tickets for the weekend start from 12.50
What do you think about the programme?
Flyers, programme detail and booking forms
available to download by visiting:

Email: wysmail@wyscouts.org.uk

County Office: Jubilee Centre, Bradley Wood, Shepherds Thorn Lane, Brighouse,
1 of 11
Tel: 01484 715858 / Email: office@wyscouts.org.uk West Yorkshire, HD6 3TU
October 15th, 16th and 19th 2012
If you are a member of the Scout Association
who is, or will be a Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout or
Network Member (Under 25 years of age) on
March 29th 2012, you are invited to join us.

To register and book a place at the auditions by

visiting http://bit.ly/wysonshowcastsignup

Auditions will take place on 15th & 16th October

10am 4pm or Wednesday 19th October 7pm
9pm. You will be asked to state your preferred
time and date. Auditioning is a straight forward
Victoria Theatre, Halifax process and lasts around 1 hour.

You do not need to prepare anything specially

but you can bring something along to do if you
Thursday 29th March want.
(evening) Previous cast members are welcome but we are
also on the lookout for new people who have
never worked with us before.
Friday 30th March
This year we are on the lookout for the
(evening) following additional skills:
-People who play musical instruments
-Street dancers
Saturday 31st March
(matinee & evening) We can guarantee you a fantastic experience so
come along and have a go.

The show cast will also have opportunities to

take part in performances at the Big Camp in
Our interactive show has gained a reputation for
May and other county events in the year.
its entertainment of young and old alike and
this years show is set to be even better !
The above auditions will take place at:
15TH Huddersfield Scout HQ
2012 is a great year to have a show with it being
Netheroyd Hill Rd, Cowcliffe,
Olympic Year and the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
Huddersfield HD2 2LX
West Yorkshire County also celebrates its 75th
anniversary year in 2012 so it will be party time
at the Victoria Theatre! Note to Leaders
1) If you have a number of young people
interested in auditioning but the above
dates dont work for you, consider
contacting Phil Pearson to discuss other
2) Please could all adults promote the
opportunity to participate to the young
people in their sections, groups, and districts.

10th October 2011

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Crew Recruitment Scout Active Support Events
Its not too late to sign up as part of the Gang
The following dates are currently booked for
Show crew which offers adults the chance to
County Scout Active Support events, anyone
help make the performances a success.
over the age of 18 and involved in Scouting is
welcome to join us!
We are looking for new people, past cast
members or old hands to come forward and
Friday 11th November 2011 Bowling (teams
offer to help. The areas of support are as
or individuals can take part)
Saturday 3rd December Trip to the
Christmas markets in Lincoln, more details to
Production offering roles for people who want
to get involved in developing the show itself.
We particularly need to develop a new musical
If you are interested in the above events,
team so we need instrumental players and
booking forms will be available shortly, however
people with musical ability to act as rehearsal
please contact Rachael Kelly on
pianists etc. Dance, acting and singing skills are
activesupport@wyscouts.org.uk if you would like
also in demand in this area.
more details or to secure an early booking!
Technical offering roles for people who want
to help with lighting and sound, set building GO Caving Report
and painting, transport and stage craft On Sunday the 25th of September a group of
Explorer Scouts from across West Yorkshire
Cast Welfare offering roles for people who travelled to Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales
want to get involved with the pastoral care for for an introductory session of Caving.
the cast over the 12 week rehearsal period and
during the show itself. The Explorer Section was well represented from
a number of districts and it was great to see
Business offering roles for people who are them taking part in this fantastic activity!
able to develop posters and strategies to sell the
show and related merchandise to a range of Go Days have been a huge success this year...
audiences. look out for us upping things next year i.e. more
advanced versions of things run this year and
Finance offering roles for people who can help secondly some new additions including Gliding,
to deal with all financial matters such as ticket Biking and Snowsports!
sales, insurance and monitor budgets.
Thanks go to the Caving team for the excellent
Communications offering roles for people who day out Caving... Greg and his team did a great
can run website communications, ensure the job in organising and sorting things on the day.
county members are kept up to date and edit
our newsletter If you are interested in joining the County
caving team, speak to Greg Hoyle who will give
We are recruiting adult help during August and you more details and get you involved! He can
September and you can register your interest by be contacted on caving@wyscouts.org.uk
visiting http://bit.ly/wysonshow2012staff

If you have any specific questions about WYS on

Show please email Phil Pearson on

10th October 2011

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BIG Camp Adults Required
With over 3500 people attending the camp we
need adults to volunteer to take part in the
service teams and running of the event. Dont
miss out on your opportunity to be part of this
BIG event. Visit the website to register your
interest: www.thebigcamp.net

BIG Camp Beaver Scout Event

There are 3 ways that Beavers can attend the BIG
4th - 7th May 2012 1. Arrive at 10am on Sunday 6th and stay until
after the campfire in the evening. 10 per
Great Yorkshire Showground Beaver, packed lunch required, tea can be eaten
with your group / district or will be available at
With bookings now over 3500, we really are an extra charge.
looking at the biggest event that the county has 2. Arrive at 10am on Sunday 6th and stay over
seen for a lot of years! Booking is still open and with your district until 10am on Monday 5th. 10
forms can be downloaded from the event per Beaver and 5 per leader. Packed lunch
website www.thebigcamp.net needed, tea can be eaten with your group /
district or will be available at an extra charge.
Details of the activities which are being planned 3. Arrive at 10am on Sunday 6th and stay over as
for the event are being promoted on the event part of the Beaver Sleepover until 10am on
website, Twitter and Facebook. Monday 5th. 15 per Beaver (includes supper
http://bit.ly/bigcampupdatejul2012 and breakfast), 5 per leader. Tea can be eaten
with your group / district or will be available at
First payment due an extra charge.
The first payment for Big Camp was due by 30th
September. We have a great 24 hours planned for the
Beavers at the BIG camp, with a mixture of their
A receipt was sent out to all the booking leads very own zone where they will be kept busy
when deposits were received. with a whole host of activities from climbing
and crafts to inflatable's and fairground rides.
Please ensure you enclose this form showing They will also have the opportunity to
your booking reference, amount due and experience the whole event by taking part in
contact details with your payment. some of the activities around the site and
experiencing a BIG camp for themselves!
Any queries please contact Julie on 01484 311662
or bookings@thebigcamp.net They will also take part in the Camp Fire on the
Sunday evening and join the rest of the sections
Latest newsletter from across the County in the Sunday night
Please visit http://db.tt/8UGvvS1 to download the extravaganza!
latest issue of the BIG Camp newsletter.

Keep up-to-date with the news as it's released If you have any questions then please contact
on http://twitter.com/TheBIGCamp the event organisers directly by visiting
and http://www.facebook.com/pages/County- http://www.thebigcamp.net/contact.php

10th October 2011

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County Winter Wonderland Fun Day DISTRICT / GROUP / CAMPSITE
Saturday 10 December 2011
This fun day will take place at Bradley Wood
Campsite make a note in your diary.
Family Quiz Night
The prices are: Saturday 19th November
Child (3 to 14 years) - 10 The Mytholmroyd Scout Group Family Quiz
Adults and over 14 - Free Night is always an enjoyable event designed to
suit everyone aged 1 to 100!
Further information and booking details will be
available before the end of the month. It's a great night where much fun and laughter
is had, no matter what your age/gender/social
County Vacancy class!
We have a vacancy for an administrator to
The details are as follows:
support Explorer Scouting in our County.
The role will be working directly with the ACC
Adult: 3 (4 on the door)
Explorer Scouts and will cover off a number of
Concession: 2.50 (3 on the door)
key duties including;
Under 11s: Free
Supporting County Explorer initiatives i.e.
Young Leader Training
Supper, a bar, and a raffle will be available.
Communication and administration of
County Explorer Events
The quiz will start at 7pm, so please get there
Attending sectional and event meetings,
early to get a good table.
taking notes and circulating minutes
Everyone is welcome, please do invite your
Anyone interested in taking on this integral role
family and friends along too.
should contact Gareth Pierce (ACC Explorer
Scouts) on explorers@wyscouts.org.uk
Please drop me an email if you are planning on
coming along.
Safeguarding courses update
The update on course dates until the end of 2011 Billy Painter
is: billy_40@hotmail.co.uk
Tuesday 22nd November (7pm 9:30pm)
Wednesday 7th December (7pm 9:30pm) Green Withens Watersport Centre
RYA Level Two Powerboat certificate
All the above courses are non-uniformed and
This two-day course provides the skills and
held at the Jubilee Centre (Bradley Wood Scout
background knowledge needed to drive a
Campsite, HD6 3TU).
powerboat and is the basis of the International
Certificate of Competence. It includes close
Please note that the evening courses start at
quarters handling, high speed manoeuvres, man
7pm prompt its a very busy two and half hour
overboard recovery and collision regulations.
course and if you turn up late you might be
refused admission.
We are running two courses at Green Withens
this autumn:-
To book a place please contact Colin Knightley
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October
on safeguarding@wyscouts.org.uk
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October

No previous powerboat experience is required,

but candidates must reach a national standard

10th October 2011

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before we can award certificates. In the event of We will also be looking for volunteers to take
anyone not reaching this standard, we will allow out sailing dinghies, kayaks, open boats, rafts,
the opportunity for extra practice with Bellboats and windsurfers to be rescued. Please
assessment later. let me know if you can help on any of these
The cost, including RYA logbook, Powerboat
handbook and photo id certificate is only 20 RYA Small Craft First Aid Certificate
for anyone who will commit to help at Green This eight hour course covers all the usual first
Withens at least six times next year. To anyone aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is
else involved in Scouting it is still only 70 (This aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on
course at most other centres is usually about inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross
200). channel passages. It fulfils the requirements for
professional skippers of small craft working
Numbers will be limited by the number of boats within 60 miles of a safe haven and is the course
available, so book early to avoid is recommended by the MCA and HSE.
The subjects specific to boating include: the
Rescue / Safety Boat Training recovery position in a confined space; CPR,
The RYA Level Two Powerboat Certificate is all including the drowning protocol; cold shock and
about driving a boat, not how to help other hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure;
water users. seasickness and dehydration; medical assistance
or advice by VHF; and helicopter rescue.
In November we are running training sessions Although the course is aimed at those who go
for those who already have a P2 certificate, afloat, it is equally suitable for any outdoor
covering the skills required to assist other craft. activity.
We will include rescue techniques, towing and
mark laying. We will also cover the skills We have planned a first aid course on Sunday 4th
required when acting as an escort craft, safety December. The course will be free for Green
boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, Withens staff and only 40 (including handbook
windsurfers, kayaks or canoes, or for racing or and certificate) to anyone else in Scouting.
training activities. Particularly relevant to Green Venue will be announced nearer the time when
Withens, rescuing and towing Bellboats and we have an idea of numbers.
rafts will be included.
The dates will be:- RYA Dinghy Assistant Instructor
Sunday 13th November We plan to run this training course in April 2012.
Sunday 20th November It will probably be run over two days and two
Sunday 27th November evenings.

There will be no charge for anyone who helps at Applicants must be a competent dinghy sailor,
Green Withens, and we hope at all staff that able to sail to Level Three standards. The
holds a P2 certificate will attend on one of the minimum age is 14.
Again there will be no charge for anyone who
If anyone would like to attain the RYA Safety commits to help at Green Withens.
Boat Certificate, we can cover that be attending
on two days.
To register your interest for any of these courses
Please let me know if you are interested in the please get in touch.
Safety Boat certificate. Again numbers will be
limited by the number of boats available, so Peter Haigh
book early to avoid disappointment. 01484 425524

10th October 2011

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Bradley Wood Campsite Newsletter Parkwood Scout Group
Saturday 5th November 2011
The latest issue of Woodpecker is available to
Parkwood bonfire and firework display (this
download from http://bit.ly/qDxRWH.
years theme is Pirates of the Caribbean).
Fire lit at 6:30pm
Bonfire Roundup Entertainment, tuck shop, bar, bbq etc
Heavy Woollen District Adults 3 / Children 2
Saturday 5th November 2011
Woolley Campsite Tckets available from Steve Bull (01484 460564 /
Fire lit at 6.30pm - Fireworks from 7.00pm stevbull46@btinternet.com)
Adults 3 / Children 1.50 (includes Supper)
Lightcliffe Scout Group
Tickets available by ringing 01924 493551. Saturday 5th November 2011
Lightcliffe Scout Group (Brighouse District) will
Proceeds towards District Jubilee Camp 2012 be holding their annual Bonfire and Firework
Extravaganza to raise money for the group.
Blackhills Scout Campsite
Saturday November 5th 2011 Everybody is welcome and tickets can be bought
This year we are pre-selling tickets, which are on the gate or from Brian Reeves (Group Scout
available from Districts and the Campsite at just Leader) on 01484 520122.
2.00 per person, entry on the night at the gate
will be 2.50 per person. The event is at Lightcliffe Scout Headquarters in
Wakefield Road Lightcliffe, and the gates open
Free parking in the top fields. at 6pm.

This event is NOT open to the general public, There will be food available.
where possible we ask members to wear their
neckerchief for identification purposes REGIONAL / NATIONAL ITEMS
Gates open at 6pm, fire lit at 6:30pm.
Food available from 6:30pm Pie & Peas, Jumbo Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons
Hot Dogs in roll, Quarterpounder Burger, and The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations will
some vegetarian options available - All at 1.50 take place across the United Kingdom and the
each. Commonwealth on the weekend of 2nd to 5th
June 2012.
Also available through the evening - Licensed
Bar, sweets, pop etc. and souvenirs. There are many ways Scouts can get involved,
one of which is to take part in the Jubilee
We ask that any fireworks brought to site are Beacons project. There is a long history of
handed in to the event staff for safe lighting lighting beacons to celebrate Royal events. The
during the display aim for the Diamond Jubilee is to light 2,012
throughout the UK.
Sparklers are acceptable for personal use,
however please use them responsibly and Scouts are invited to organise events at a local
dispose of the hot remains in the facilities level, using the attraction of lighting a beacon
provided. to involve your community in the celebrations
and raise the profile of Scouting.
Please keep yourself and others safe at this
event, by observing all signs and instructions For more information visit http://bit.ly/ozjo46
from the organising staff.

10th October 2011

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Social networking sites and Scouting County Commissioner Greater
Social networking offers a world of possibilities Manchester North Vacancy
to Scouting. Many young people in Scouting are Could you support and inspire 4,500 young
already users of sites such as Facebook and people?
Greater Manchester North Scouts are looking for
However, it is essential to ensure that you keep a volunteer with management experience who
both yourself and young people safe online and, wants to do more in their community, with good
as an adult in Scouting, you have a key role to interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate
play in actively promoting these safety others.
As County Commissioner for Greater Manchester
The factsheet http://bit.ly/pfy3M6 contains North Scouts you would be responsible for
advice on safe and careful use of social leading the Scout County, ensuring that we
networking sites. provide good quality Scouting for young people
aged 6-25.
Media workshops
Saturday 21st January 2012 - Leeds For more information or an informal
A series of national one-day media workshops conversation about the role please email Lynn
have been arranged to provide media skills to Oldham (lynn.oldham@scouts.org.uk) - The
any adult interested in doing positive Scouting Scout Association's Regional Development
media work at Group, District or County level. Manager in the North West or call her on 01253
There will be no charge for participants to
attend any of these courses. The closing date is 6pm on the 22nd October 2011

Objectives Green up
The aims of these workshops have been We are investigating whether local Scouting can
designed to meet the following needs: take advantage of the Government's Feed-In
To be able to describe the Scout brand Tariff (FITs).
To use the brand to positively package
Scouting We want to find out whether Groups could take
To understand benefits of creating a positive advantage of FITs and generate their own
Scout image electricity and income.
To show participants that good PR is possible
and how to do it There is a quick online questionnaire
To demonstrate the importance of planning (http://bit.ly/mTQymj) for you to self-survey your
To know what support is available for Media buildings for suitability.
Development Managers and how to access it
To commit to action to raise Scoutings
profile through positive media work. Queens Diamond Jubilee Badge
The new collectors Diamond Jubilee badge is the
To book yourself on one of these courses, please perfect accompaniment to your scouting
email Wendy Cook (wendy.cook@scouts.org.uk) uniform.
including your name, contact phone number,
email, Scouting appointment and which event Start celebrating this wonderful occasion in style
you want to attend. from today.

Available now from Scout Shops.

10th October 2011

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When did you last check? New resources
The UK Scout Association operates a database of Five great activity packs including leaders notes
members (mainly adults but the youth element have been developed - http://bit.ly/qk0VKW
is being rolled out).
Whether youre planning a fundraising activity,
It is the responsibility of all adults to ensure that an excursion or camping trip, or just looking for
the information recorded is accurate and some fresh ideas to equip your young people for
relevant. living, check out the new money management
resources in association with NatWest
To check the details held for yourself visit MoneySense.
www.scouts.org.uk and sign in.
Scouts Speak Up Courses
If you havent signed in before you will need
The Scout Association is co-ordinating six Scouts
your membership number from your
Speak Up courses around the UK. These are
appointments card.
designed to give young people the skills to talk
about their experiences to a wide variety of
Dont despair if you need assistance contact
audiences and teach them how to undertake
the Info Centre at HQ (see back page for details)
or get in touch with your District Secretary.
Attendees will gain the confidence to encourage
Recent mailshots have shown that there are a
other young people to join, adults to volunteer,
large number of members who have a recorded
and raise the profile of Scouting in their
email address which is no longer valid maybe
youve changed employer or ISP provider.
There are six courses running, they are:
To ensure that you arent left out of the
5/6 November 2011 Gilwell Park Scout Activity
communications loop it is worth just taking 5
Centre Chingford, E4 7QW
minutes to login and verify the information
held. 26/27 November 2011 Linnet Clough activity
centre Stockport, SK6 5NB
Please could you pass on this information to 4/5 February 2012 Broneirion Powys, SY17
other adults in your section, group, or district 5DE
there are large numbers of adults in West 18/19 February 2012 Fordell Firs activity centre
Yorkshire without an email address listed. Dunfermline, KY11 7HQ
3/4 March 2012 Greenmount College
Antrim, BT41 4PU
Take Centre Stage at Windsor
We are recruiting Queens Scouts for the teams 18/19 March 2012 Ferny Crofts Scout Activity
that make Windsor 2012 happen. If you would Centre Brockenhurst, SO42 7YQ
like to be considered you need to be a member
of the Scout Association and hold the Queens The course is free but you will need to pay your
Scout Award or be working to complete it by own travelling expenses. Some participants will
29th April 2012. camp; others will stay in indoor accommodation.
Full pre-course information will be distributed
For more information visit http://bit.ly/mRj37t prior to the events

Closing date for applications 31st October 2011 To book your place fill in the form at
http://bit.ly/qcGw34 and then forward it to Liz
Wrathall - County Media Development Manager
Apex Challenge (media@wyscouts.org.uk)
The report from the recent event is available to
view at http://bit.ly/r9ZklM

10th October 2011

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Happy Birthday
Beaver Scouting is 25 years old this year and the
North East Region challenges you to take part in
our 25 Year Birthday Challenge.

The challenges can be downloaded from


New recruitment video for local

A new video to help local Scouting with adult
recruitment is now available.

Aimed at an audience external to Scouting, the

video can be found at http://bit.ly/qU1owh and is
an excellent recruitment tool.

The longer, internal video shown to members at

this years national AGM is also available on the
same page.

What do you think about the

The Programme team are currently taking a
critical look at the programme to make sure that
it remains relevant.

They need your views on what you like about it

and how it can be improved.

Tell them what you think using the enquiry form

on the updated Your Programme, Your Voice
webpage (http://bit.ly/oU7wUo).

10th October 2011

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Jubilee Centre, Bradley Wood Campsite The Scout Information Centre is available from 8am
Open every Thursday - 7pm to 9:30pm until 7pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings
First Saturday of month - 10am and noon. 9am 12 noon.
For further information contact the shop on either
01484 715858 or shop@wyscouts.org.uk Contact them on either 0845 300 1818 or 020 8433
7100 or email info.centre@scout.org.uk.
Please feel free to send items for inclusion in future If you have received this newsletter by email then
issues of the County newsletter. you are already on the list but what about your
Scouting colleagues?
To avoid creating large emails, the editorial policy Signing up is simple and just requires a visit to
has been changed to provide links to documents that http://bit.ly/wysmailsignup and then entering a few
are stored online and can be downloaded if required. details.

If possible please provide a working URL to any Visit http://ymlp.com?a=5C1KTK for more information
attachment you wish to offer to support your about creating your own mailing list.
Items submitted are included subject to being County equipment is now available for loan from the
appropriate for the audience and may be amended County Stores which are based in the Jubilee Centre
by the editor before being published. at Bradley Woods.

Please submit your item by email to Opening times are every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm
wysmail@wyscouts.org.uk. (and at other times by arrangement).

BACK ISSUES To reserve equipment please contact Julie Earnshaw

The online versions of the recent newsletters are on quartermaster@wyscouts.org.uk or 01484 311662.
available to view online or download by visiting
http://issuu.com/wyscouts A list of equipment for loan is available on request.


Visit http://www.scouts.org.uk and login using your If you have any issues it is suggested that you try
membership number if youre not sure of this copying the link to an alternative internet browser.
number then it can be found on your appointment
card which is supplied with the Scouting magazine. If issues continue then please email details of the link
to wysmail@wyscouts.org.uk and the document will
COUNTY TRAINING COURSES be sent as an attachment by return.
The details of all the modules can be found on the
online diary (www.wyscalendar.info) and bookings COUNTY FACEBOOK PAGE
can be made directly by visiting http://www.facebook.com/wyscouts

10th October 2011

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