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Evidence 11: Mini brochure custom broker

Analyze which are the services that a custom broker can give you in an import-
export process from China of electronic products, as laptops.

Afterwards, make a brochure in English where you explain to your boss the
functions of a Custom broker according to the analysis done previously. Take
into account the use of appropriate technical vocabulary.

To make the evidences, check out the following Web sites where you will find
information about the Custom process.




This evidence must be sent in JPG, PDF or PPT format through the e-learning
platform, as follows:

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

2. Click the Browse button and look for the previously saved file.
3. Leave a message to your tutor (optional).
4. Click on Send.

I will assume that the importer wants to bring from Shanghai 50 laptops
weighing 2 kilos, for his business in Medelln.
I will start with a market study, although the demand for this type of
technological articles is high, the market offers a great variety of references and
prices. By conducting this process, I will guide the trader to make the best
Before starting the procedures, I will verify all the information about the product,
as well as its tariff position and other requirements for its importation, and if it is
subject to approval.
I will lead the merchant in obtaining the single tax registration RUT (if he does
not have one), so that he can request the Tax Identification Number NIT.
I will arrange to register the import contract based on current standards.I will
advise the foreign exchange of the foreign currency corresponding to the
payment of the import.
I will hire the most suitable means of transport for the transfer of the
merchandise and as I investigated, in this case, the weight of a laptop would be
around 2 kilograms, multiplying by 50, would be 100 kilos. The transportation
from the factory to the place of departure must be careful, for this, the most
appropriate is a small truck or a van. The merchandise will be brought by air, as
the delicacy of the product, the weight and the space they occupy make it the
most convenient. There is no direct flight from Shanghai to Medellin that is
economical, so the plane from Shanghai Airlines would stop in Madrid where it
will tranship to a plane of avianca and will arrive at Medelln. The merchandise
must travel with the air guide.
Once in Medelln the merchandise for its due Nationalization must be presented
invoice, packing list and the import declaration, and I will be mediating in all this
until the final delivery in the place of destination.

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