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Mauricio Santana 10/07/2017 FHS 2450 Human Sex U6 Essay 1

What are your thoughts about this inconsistency in assigning the label of victim precipitation to
these two events? Is it ever appropriate to label a victim responsible for her or his own

Answer: Word Count: 657

Blaming the victim because she asked for it! shows the absurd ways the United States

handles rape cases. This shows a very inequitable form of punishment based on someone's

gender. It makes me sick to know that many men in the United States get away with such crime

and no consequences. Take Brock Turner's case for instance, a student from Stanford University

who got away with a rape charge because he is a white man. According to the website

INDEPENDENT,, the judge has imposed a lenient sentence because of Turners status as a

student at an elite university. This is just one of the many cases of injustice that has impacted

the way society defines and gets away with rape. We have associated class levels and skin color

to define the outcome of such charges. Not surprisingly, rich white males are seen free and the

victim is forced to live with his action.

According to the report from the U.S. Department of Justice, From the years 1995-2013,

females ages 18-24 has the highest rate of rape and sexual assault victimizations compared to

females in other age groups. Why is this so? Females in this age group are victims who are

identified as students enrolled in a college, universities, trade schools or as non students. Often

times college students are involved in parties that lead to drugs and alcohol. These substances

play a huge factor in sexual violence which causes the victim to be unable to provide consent.

This can also lead to unwanted actions such as forcible kissing, grabbing and unwanted sexual

contact. Sexual Coercion is when someone is doing something sexual to the person while the

person is intoxicated or asleep. (Knox & Milstein, 2017, pg 451)

Women constantly face the blame of their choice of clothing and sexual activity for rape.

Slut-shaming is a women being criticized for their real or presumed sexual activity. According to

the website Latina, Chicas who wear low-cut tops and skirts are discerned as hypersexual and
are shamed for having a sexual life. Unfortunately, yet true, women are called to task for their

sexuality, whereas boys and men are congratulated for the exact same behavior. This can be

linked to the consistency between a male in a nice suit and a female showing some cleavage. Our

society is not triggered by a woman being raped but the instance a man is robbed due to having

fancy clothing, it becomes a bigger problem. We expect women to comply to men at all times

and follow each of our demands but cannot give enough respect in return. Men should not be

robbed because by society men are supposed to be respected.

As a father this has become a huge problem for me because my daughter is getting to an

age where these sensitive topics are coming around her. I have always done what I could to

educate the right ways to defend herself if she was encountered with these types of sexual

encounters. The first thing I taught her is that she is not to be blamed for any catcalling, clothing

that attracts her or choices. I know down the line the time will come to where she is old enough

to make wise choices, but I have definitely made a strong case to let her know that she has the

right to defend herself to anyone who is attempting to sexually assault her. Many stories have

erupted where young women are targeted and seen as sexual objects but us as parents are the role

models that set examples to avoid those beliefs.

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