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Cadillac Area

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication

Business Magazine
March/APril 2010 Volume 16-NO. 2

Protecting the states

tourism investment
is one of Chamber Alliances priorities
See pages 6 to 7
Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible business
leader that advocates and drives business opportunities. Through
business alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership and
provide a persuasive regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board

ithin the context of our cover story is an outline of the Northwest Michigan
Jon Catlin, Executive Director
Chemical Bank 775-8588 Regional Chamber Alliance 2010 Legislative Priorities. The fundamental
strength of NMRCA Alliance is the 5,000 chamber member businesses who
Mickey Putman, Vice Chair
Cadillac Credit Bureau 775-3458 collectively invest in the Cadillac Area, Benzie County, Charlevoix, Petoskey
and Traverse City Chambers. As we go forward your, voice will be required to advance,
Sue Peterson, Treasurer
Avon Rubber and Plastics, Inc 779-6200 educate and ultimately sound the importance of our region to elected officials in
Lansing. We believe our 2010 priorities affirm the uniqueness of northwest Michigan
Eric Baker
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 and the diverse economic engines comprised within the various membership of our
five chambers. With that said, real muscle will require you to join the advocacy fight to
Dennis H. Benson, PLC
Attorney 876-9405 retain, grow and create jobs in northwest Michigan. Advocacy also means supporting
good policy, independent of a specific business or interest. As an example, affirming the
Jim Blackburn
Blick Dillon Insurance 775-3416 importance of sustainable funding for Pure Michigan is good policy for Michigan, not
just for those associated with the tourism industry.
Bill Cinco
The Trend Designers 775-5711 Our 2010 top Legislative Priorities are based on common pro business principles and
were developed by the Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance Executives,
Dean DeKryger
The DK Design Group 779-4002 Government Relations Committees and board of directors. By no means are the priorities
and supportive points inclusive of all sectors or suggestive of the only areas of legislative
Mike Hamner
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6200 direction in 2010. However, they do represent the emphasized outline for the balance of
the 2010 legislative year.
Katy Huckle
Northwestern Bank 775-2688 Michigans 2010 election will be a milestone, based on the number of open House of
Representatives and Senate seats along with other elected offices, including the Office
Lorri King
Cadillac Title, LLC 779-8000 of Governor. This much is known; significant change will materialize, including new
House and Senate representation within the geography of the Cadillac Area Chamber
Bill Kring
9&10 News 775-9813 of Commerce and throughout the Alliance. It is critical that our membership is part of
the process. We need to ask candidates, as a baseline evaluation, where they stand on
Paul Liabenow
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5000 business issues or if they are in alignment with our legislative priorities. Apathy is not
acceptable. I would respectfully request you get engaged in the short-term profiling of
Joy VanDrie
Toy Town of Cadillac, LLC 920-5189 pro business candidates for both our regional and state government.
As always, please free to communicate with the Chamber or Doug DeYoung, Director of
CHAMBER STAFF 775-9776 Government Relations relating to our legislative direction. For a complete review of our
2010 Legislative Priorities, please go to www.cadillac.org.
Bill Tencza, President

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services

Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
leadership@cadillac.org Bill TeNcza, Chamber President
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Web site:www.cadillac.org
Printer:Pleasant Graphics
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Belle Oakes Living Center
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc,
Rich Langton, Sarah Roberts, Bill Tencza, Bob Nelson
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and Joy VanDrie. Relax and enjoy an independent
lifestyle, our senior apartments offer
The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the spacious living with amenities and
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves extras youll really enjoy.
the right to edit or refuse articles and advertisements submit-
ted to the Cadillac Area Business Magazine, and reserves the
right in its sole discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other Monthly Rent starting at $3,000
materials to be distributed through the publication.
2353 S. LaChance Rd. Lake City 231-779-4671 Esther Nederhood, RN, Owner

2 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Jerry Adams, Cadillac Community Development Coordinator, presented at the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerces Lecture Luncheon
at Baker College. His topic of discussion was tourism, retail and industry trends, and opportunities in the Cadillac area.

Revving the economic engines of Cadillac

By Rick Charmoli He also said the communities that are most likely to succeed have diversity.
Jerry Adams is not a mechanic, but he did spend an afternoon in January This diversity includes strong government, medicine, tourism, industry, universi-
talking about engines. ties, recreation and commerce, which in the Cadillac area are quite strong.
These engines were not in a car but were the economic engines in the area Although tourism, retail and industry differ greatly, Adams said, they share
that included tourism, retail and industry. some common traits when it comes to how they can thrive in the area.
As the Cadillac Community Development Coordinator, Adams is more in The Cadillac area needs to think regionally when it looks at making each of
tune with these types of engines, and he spoke for more than 50 minutes at the three engines thrive in the 21st Century, Adams said. He also said that hav-
the January lecture luncheon. ing a strategic plan is important for the area to grow, whether it is tourism, retail
At the outset, Adams gave a brief overview of the current economy as or industry. In his opinion, we live in a fast-paced world and people are always
well as the idea of changing to a new economy that doesnt have as many looking for an edge.
drastic ups and downs.

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 3

Dr. Barb Fails presented Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Northern Michigan
as part of the Leadership Learning Series on January 21.

A reason for economic hope

By Mardi Suhs Entrepreneurs will be attracted to a place where they feel comfort-
able, she stressed. What will make your kids want to come back to
In a down economy even in a community with high unemploy- Cadillac? If you cant offer them a job, what else can we do for them?
ment Dr. Barb Fails of Michigan State University said theres eco- My challenge is that we can support them in new endeavors.
nomic hope for rural, northern Michigan communities. And that Fails suggested that communities support people who want to start
hope, her research proves, lies with communities who recognize and a business by providing free business coaching and access to market
encourage entrepreneurs. research.
Fails presented a workshop titled Creating Entrepreneurial Community support of entrepreneurs have you thought of
Opportunities in Northern Michigan as part of The Leadership that? she challenged. This is a fairly new concept. Its not easy to
Learning Series at Baker College. start a business. If it was, more of us would do it.
We are at a point of transformation in our economy, she said. Using a Power Point presentation, Fails pointed out that commu-
Its a good time to start an enterprise because we are in a time of nities that attract entrepreneurs encourage arts, culture, tolerance
change. Im here to show how communities can be more supportive and diversity, have vibrant downtowns and engage in philanthropy
of entrepreneurs. and civic projects. Social networks or meet-up places are also impor-
This is a call to action. tant for entrepreneurs.
Fails is a national expert on entrepreneurship as a strategy for eco- She presented research that showed that the largest percentage of
nomic development. Through a pilot program developed at MSU, jobs in Wexford County have been created by small businesses that
she worked with nine communities, encouraging them to improve employ fewer than 100 people. Although current manufacturing and
their economies by attracting and supporting entrepreneurs. business bases are critical to economic health, so is an environment
Entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth, she said, not economic that promotes new business.
developers. Its called economic gardening. That means that we want We know how to do this, she said of her research. I have a dream
to grow our entrepreneurs from within. Who better to build a future that we can do this for the state of Michigan. We need to promote
in Cadillac than those who already live here? If we dont have com- innovation and promote our entrepreneurs, people who are mak-
panies starting up, we wont have wealth creation. ing it happen. Start wherever you are today. Find the people in your
Entrepreneurs thrive when communities provide resources and community with passion and form a team. Look for the change
assets for them, she said. agents in your community. Then light a fire.

4 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Time to nominate
for 2010 awards
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations
for the Spirit of Community and Outstanding Citizen Awards.
Nomination forms are available at the Chamber, as well as our Web
site, www.cadillac.org. The nominations are due May 14.
The application for the Spirit of Community Award must show how
the nominee has displayed valuable service by devoting time and
energy to improving the quality of life for others in the community.
The nominee also must have shown leadership and initiative in the
development and/or expansion of volunteer projects.
A selection committee made up of Comprehensive Leadership Series
(CLS) alumni will review all nomination forms and select the Spirit of
Community Award recipient.
The application for the Outstanding Citizen Award must show the
nominees excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or
profession; the nominees provision of valuable service by devoting
time and energy to improve the business climate and quality of life
for others in the community; as well as the nominees assistance in
developing and utilizing others full leadership potential.
A selection committee made up of community leaders will review
nominations and select the Outstanding Citizen Award recipient.
The awards will be announced during the Cadillac Area Chamber
of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner on June 16 at Fox Hill Event From left, the 2009 Outstanding Citizen recipient Paul Liabenow and 2009 Spirit of Community
Center. recipient Matthew Gibson. For the 2010 awards, nominations will be accepted until May 14.

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Introducing Our New Providers
Urine drug screenings
Assistance with OSHA/
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Darryl Lesoski, MD Jeannette Forbes, FNP

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 5

Alliance priorities and the State of the State

how do they match up?

Governor Jennifer Granholm, in her State of the State address, outlined What Granholm did not call for, however, was an end to the states com-
her priorities for Michigan as her last year in office comes to an end. plex and burdensome business tax system.
How closely did her proposal match with priorities identified by the We have members in the Cadillac area telling us this tax is confusing,
Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance? Doug DeYoung, direc- cumbersome and costly. Some have to hire experts to help them pay the
tor of government relations for the alliance, said one topic about which tax, and the cost to hire them can be more than the tax itself, DeYoung
both were in agreement was the governors support for the funding of the said.
Pure Michigan tourism advertising campaign. Granholms proposal to provide support for business incubators and
It was good to see the governor talk about tourism and the return on angel investors, however, was seen as a step in the right direction.
investment tourism brings, DeYoung said. Although the governor didnt address reforming lengthy turnaround
It has a huge impact on our region and its just good policy to support times for facility construction permits, DeYoung and Cadillac Area
promotion of the state. Chamber of Commerce President Bill Tencza were able to meet with
Rebecca Humphries, the director of the new Department of Natural
Resources and Environment, and address the issue with her.
We spoke with her and at least received some acknowledgement it is a
problem, DeYoung said.
Granholm pledged support for restoring the Michigan Promise schol-
arship program but didnt mention the alliances goal of encouraging
baccalaureate programs at Northern Michigan community colleges.
DeYoung noted that the alliance would like to see the focus put on find-
ing solutions to specific needs, such as allowing community colleges to
offer a B.S. in nursing to help ease the shortage in that area, or in certain
trades and skilled needs.
A lot of that goes to funding at the state level, and she said she didnt
want to see additional cuts to education, and thats going to be a chal-
lenge, DeYoung said.
Another alliance priority is funding for early childhood education and
schools for a quality education.
Early education is very important. We know 70 to 80 percent of brain
development occurs from birth to age 5, DeYoung said.
He said he felt Granholms intent to accelerate efforts in garnering a
share of the $4 billion Race to the Top initiative was a good start, but he
would liked to have heard more about possibilities for school consolida-
tion and incentives for working together to save money.
DeYoung said the governors proposal to offer early retirement for state
workers and educators is a good first step toward cutting costs, but the
bureaucracy as a whole needs to explore ways to pare down.
Campers from Clio enjoy Mitchell State Park. If theyre asking others to consolidate, they also need to do that them-
selves, on the state level, DeYoung said.

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6 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance

talking points:
The Business Tax system in Michigan is confusing, cumbersome, and retain and attract new industries and entrepreneurs to the region.
costly. This burden on businesses promotes out-of-state growth and Access for continued education in trade, technical and new technology
slows investment in our communities. The continuation of this tax struc- fields must be available and funded for our communities. Baccalaureate
ture does not create incentives for businesses to grow and create jobs in programs should be encouraged at northern Michigan community col-
our region. leges to create educational advancement for the workforce to fill the
Reasonable turnaround times for permitting will reduce costs and uncer- needs of regional businesses.
tainty for businesses and create growth in our region. Business and Funding for early childhood education and schools must be provided for
environmental regulations need to fall in line with states that are achiev- a quality education for the children of our region.
ing economic growth while continuing to protect natural resources. School districts need the ability to solve problems and create educational
Employers will continue to locate outside our region if the permitting advancements without mandates tied to funding. Incentives should be
process is not simplified. put in place to create and encourage schools to consolidate services to
Consistent and sustainable funding for tourism promotion is vital. provide for better classroom learning
Tourism means jobs for Michigan. Tourism continues to be an opportu- The state must address the issue of benefit and pension costs for school
nity for revenue and job growth. employees to give our local school districts the ability to spend funds in
The regions manufacturing sector can be supported through a reduced the classroom.
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27696 CadillacArea Chamber
Bus Mag, Nov-Dec.indd 1 of Commerce - March/April 7 AM
Rise Up! Cadillac
January 13, 2010 at Resurrection Life
Ribbon Cuttings
Celebrating the Grand Opening

Hosted by:
Resurrection Life Cadillac Area YMCA
Dillon Community Center
9845 Campus Drive

March Leadership
Learning Series
Sponsored by:
Chemical Bank Leading in a Time of Chaos:
How to Get Where We Need To Go
- coming in May When We Dont Know Where We Are Going!

in business
2010 Thursday, March 18, 2010

omen Presented by:

Dr. Robert Van Dellen, President
Baker College of Cadillac
This publication focuses on Dr. Van Dellen has conducted many workshops on leadership
the professional achievements of and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on
women in the greater Cadillac area; leadership and management. This workshop will focus on
their dedication to community and new challenges and demands for effective leadership in
overall personal contributions to the this time of unprecedented change. Failed leadership is all
around us, because the old methods dont work. Find out what
organizations they own or work on
is required of new leaders today.
behalf of.
Call Sarah Roberts for more
information at 231-779-4143.

8 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Calendar of Events
www.cadillac.org March
for Cadillac Variety Show
March 6, 2010 at 7 ool
Legislative Update s Auditorium
s Cadillac Community
Rise Up! Cadillac
Member Alerts March 10, 2010 at 7
hnical Center
reer Tec
Wexford Missaukee Ca

ning Series
The Leadership Lear
to 3 p.m.
March 18, 2010, noon
Baker College of Cadil

-just released

Welcome to Cadillac

Relocation & Resource

The Cadillac
Cadillac Area Chamber Area Chamber of
Commerce is a
of Commerce visible business

17th Annual leader that advocates

and drives business

Briefcase Open opportunities.

Along with business
Golf Outing opportunities comes
relocation. Our
new Relocation &
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Resource Guide is
filled with essential inf
ormation about the
McGuires Resort & greater Cadillac area.
As a member benefit,
Eldorado Golf Course the Relocation & Resou
rce Guide is available
for a nominal cost of
We are now registering teams,
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For additional details and

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Chamber Programs
Briefcase Open Golf Outing

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 9

Debra Gillies Graduates
from Institute for Organization Management
Debra Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
for the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
has graduated from Institute for Organization
Management, a Leadership Training Program of
the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Gillies received
her IOM recognition following a four-year training
program at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
Institute participants enhance their manage-
ment skills through a combination of required
courses and electives while building valuable rela-
tionships with others in the Chamber industry.
This program is the premier nonprofit profession-
al development program for nonprofit profession-
als, fostering individual growth through interac-
tive learning and networking opportunities.
Gillies joins Bill Tencza, President, and Doreen
Lanc, Director of Membership Services on staff
with the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce,
with the prestigious IOM credentials. Both
Tencza and Lanc are Institute for Organization
Management graduates of Institute Midwest.

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10 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Leadership Class
announces project & hosts fundraising event

By: Shane Strickler, Becky Vlassis,

Becca Reinink and Robyn Kohler

The 2009-2010 Cadillac Leadership Class is proud to announce this

years community service project. We have chosen to partner with
Cadillac Area Public Schools and focus our efforts to raise money to
help fund the CAPS QUEST Initiative.
CAPS QUEST is a district-wide program aimed at all grade levels.
It will address such issues as anti-bullying, conflict resolution and
social acceptance skills. We felt this project would help provide CAPS
with additional funding to continue to help the Cadillac Area youth
in dealing with todays difficult issues.
The class held a kick-off fundraising event on January 30, 2010 at
Fox Hill Event Center with an Alumni Award Dinner. The event host- Top photo: Members of the Leadership class tour the Wexford-Missaukee Career
ed more than 100 people for a raffle, dinner, dance and award cer- Technical Center with CTC Director, David Cox.
emony. The Leadership Alumni Award was established to recognize a Bottom photo: Class members Kristin Ellis, Becky Vlassis and Becca Reinink host the
past leadership program participant who had continued to benefit the Leadership Alumni Dinner and Dance to support their project, CAPS QUEST Iniative.
leadership program and the Cadillac community. The recipient of the
award was Deb Gillies, class of 1999-2000, for her on-going support
and direction of the Leadership program as well as her involvement 6, 2010, and we will be selling raffle tickets for a leather livingroom
in the Cadillac Community. The 2009-2010 class members would like group, as well. Other events will be announced at a later date.
to thank those businesses that provided prizes and sponsorships, If you are interested in donating to this years leadership project or
along with all the individuals who came out to support our efforts. would like more information, please contact Dan Alto at Chemical
We have several more fundraising events planned. A silent auction Bank (231) 775-0336 or any member of the 2009-2010 Leadership
will take place during the Cadillac Variety Show on Saturday, March class. Please make checks payable to Cadillac Leadership.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 11

Pine Grove TKD
instructors elected to
state, national positions Were all about
helping you
Two Pine Grove
Athletic Club improve your
Ta e k w a n Do
instructors have business.
been elected to
state and national
offices in the United
States Taekwan Do
Jim Alger, cur-
rently a 4th Dan,
has been officially
appointed as one of Jim Alger Dr. Steve Osborn
the State Directors
for Michigan USTF.
Steve Osborn, currently a 5th Dan, has been officially appointed as
the Region 5 Director covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana
and Michigan for the USTF.

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12 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Area Community
Foundation Announces
New Scholarship Fund
The Cadillac Area Community Foundation has created a
new scholarship opportunity, the Jim Frisbie Scholarship
This fund, established by the US 131 Area Development
Association in honor of Jim Frisbie, will award an annual
scholarship to a student or students studying in the field of
Civil Engineering.
The scholarship shall be paid directly to the college or uni-
versity of the recipients choice.

James Frisbie (left) is congratulated by Dr. Robert Van Dellen, President of the
Board of Trustees of the Foundation. A scholarship in honor of Frisbie will be initi-
ated this year.

Chamber Business Directory

Banking Eye Care
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strengths in SBA lending and mortgage solutions, and
Citizens Bankers that care about
you and your business.

David L. Rockwell, M.D.

Richard M. Brenz, M.D.
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 13

Ron Klimp will be missed
from Workplace Chaplains
Over the next few months, Ron Klimp will be transitioning out of
his role as Executive Director for Workplace Chaplains US and into a
similar role for the denominational offices of the church in which he
is ordained, the Christian Reformed Church of North America. GROWTH.
The new role will require him to commute to Grand Rapids sever-
al times a week and to travel occasionally to oversee more than120 MADE IN MICHIGAN.
chaplains who are endorsed by the CRCNA throughout the U.S. and
Canada. Klimps job change will mean the rearrangement of staff and
structure for Workplace Chaplains US.

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The Very Best In Retirement Living

Installation of officers and
directors for Paul Bunyan
The following are the elected leadership people for Paul Bunyan
Board of REALTORS and its Multiple Listing Service:
2010 President, Sheila Richardson, Exit Realty of Greater Cadillac
2010 President Elect, Bonnie Sue ODell, Coldwell Banker Classic
Realty, Roscommon
We focus on personalized living spaces within a
2010 Treasurer, Vicky Ball, ERA Greater North Properties, Cadillac community atmosphere.
2010 Association Secretary, Barry Fall, ERA Greater North Assisted/respite care ~ Life-enriching activities
Properties Long-term care insurance accepted
2010/Past President Director, James Meier, Premier Realty, Cadillac

Reside Reflect Relax

Sally Baker, Paul Bunyan Board of REALTORS Association
Executive, also remains as the corporate secretary for the Paul Bunyan
MLS. 235 Pearl Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 www.rlmgmt.com
For a tour, call Lisa Hopkins (231) 775-5300

14 March/April 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

New Members
Hart Construction LLC Huron-Manistee National Welcome Back!
Evan Hart Forest Print Masters
3716 Pebble Creek Carol Nilsson Dave Lewellyn
Cadillac, MI 49601 1755 S. Mitchell Street 1215 N. Mitchell Street
231-429-2228 Cadillac, MI 49601 Cadillac, MI 49601
231-775-2421 231-775-2732
www.fs.fed.us www.myprintmasters.com

Data track 2009

Wexford County Jan. 09 Feb. 09 Mar. 09 April 09 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 14,660 14,251 14,535 14,109 14,301 14,843 14.931 14,465 14,078 13,969 14,160 14,008
Employment 11,959 11,836 11,787 11,716 11,843 11,955 13,056 11,836 11,496 11,434 11,538 11,302
Unemployment 2,701 2,415 2,748 2,393 2,458 2,888 3,074 2,626 2,582 2,535 2,622 2,706
Rate 18.4% 16.9% 18.9% 17.0% 17.2% 19.5% 20.6% 18.2% 18.3% 18.1% 18.5% 19.3%

Missaukee County Jan. 09 Feb. 09 Mar. 09 April 09 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 6,402 6,296 6,428 6,258 6,270 6,470 6,350 6,224 6,050 6,002 6,120 6,199
Employment 5,357 5,302 5,280 5,248 5,304 5,354 5,305 5,298 5,144 5,122 5,168 5,062
Unemployment 1,045 994 1,148 1,010 966 1,116 1,045 926 906 880 952 1,137
Rate 16.3% 15.8% 17.9% 16.1% 15.4% 17.2% 16.5% 14.9% 15.0% 14.7% 15.6% 18.3%
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2010 15

CadillacArea PRSRTSTD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

Driving Change
Life and business is full of twist and turns. The Blues can help you navigate through this
tough economy with affordable health care plans.
New plans, low premiums for you around $250 per person, per month. Its how were
driving change in small business insurance.
Give your employees the protection they want without putting a huge dent in your bottom line
with these new offerings:
BlueCore PlusSM New basic PPO plan with up to a 40% savings
Blue Care Network Health Reimbursement Arrangement New HMO funding option
Blue Care Network $7,500/$15,000 high-deductible plan New high-deductible plan

To learn more about these new products, contact

the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce at
231-775-9776 or visit www.cadillac.org