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Understanding WWII

Standard: 10.4g, Some governments responded to the global depression

by adopting ideologies such as nationalism and fascism to mobilize
resources for the purpose of waging war. As a result, World War II broke
Theme: Global Connection and exchange.
Directions: Use the terms below to answer each question. Each item will
only be used once.
Terms: Fascism, Hitler invades Poland, Militaristic/Imperialistic, Pearl
Harbor by the Japanese, Atomic bomb, Nazis, Japan/Italy/Germany,
U.S./France/Britain/Canada/Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler/Benito
Mussolini, Holocaust.
1. What party came to power in Germany under Hitler's leadership?

2. What was the political ideology/system that ruled Germany and Italy
during this time?It believes in extreme racism and nationalism.

3. What was going on in Nazi Germany where Jews were being


4. What sparked this war?

5. What countries were the Axis Powers?

6. What main countries were the Allied Powers?

7. Who were the Facist dictators during this time?

8. What attack on December 7, 1941 prompted the U.S. to enter the war?
Who attacked?

9.What type of nation was Japan?

10.What U.S. action ultimately defeated the Japanese and ended the