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Dan Szablewski

EEND 678Z2


PBL Professional Development Agenda

Initial Refection:

My agenda will utilize a late start meeting since my district implements them on a semi-monthly
basis. Many frustrations exist within in-house professional development opportunities. First, there is not
enough time to get into the depth necessary for faculty members to fully grasp a new concept. Once the
instructor of the professional development session has given the audience enough background on the
topic, there is rarely any time for content areas to implement and brain storm how a new concept can
be utilized in the classroom. Another challenge is fighting the status quo. Many educators are set in
there ways, especially the more experienced teachers that might be a little set in there ways. Newer,
younger teachers might be more open to new ideas but it is not always the case. Lastly, one of the
biggest hurdle is to get content areas to figure out how to implement new concepts in their classroom.

I. Introduction Video and Review (30 minutes)

a. fried Technology
b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE6WHn0-cSQ
i. Assign the following questions to each group/content area to think about during
the video and reflect after viewing:
1. Administration- What exactly is Project-Based Learning?
2. Physical Education- In what ways is learning out dated?
3. Science- How is PBL similar to the Scientific Method?
4. Guidance Counselors- What type of emotions can arise within a student
during the PBL process?
5. Math- How many project based teaching practices are there?
6. Special Services- What benefits does PBL create for students
development of independence?
7. Social Science- In what ways does the PBL method grow students as
citizens and learners?
8. English- Come up with one word to describe the teacher, reflecting
his/her role during the PBL process.
9. Electives- How does PBL help students learn real life skills?
ii. Review each groups answers to their posed questions
II. Content Area-Specific PBL Ideas (45 minutes)
a. Introduce Ideas From Each Content Area
i. Global Digital Citizen Foundation
ii. http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/452492/content/PBL_1012.pdf?t=14602174134
b. Brain Storming
i. Have each Content Area break up into smaller sub-groups (Math breaks into
Algebra, Geometry, etc; Social Science breaks into World History, Economics,
1. Using butcher paper, have each sub-group brainstorm ways PBL can be
implemented within their classroom?
III. Best Brainstorming Idea
a. Have each Content Area introduce their ideas
b. Best Idea Vote
i. Each faculty member votes for the best PBL idea posed during the
Brainstorming session
ii. Winning Content Area gets a Breakfast provided Friday morning
IV. Implementation
a. Challenge each teacher to try at least one PBL unit by the end of the school year
V. Follow Up
a. Touch base with teachers in future Delayed Start Sessions on their successes and
hurdles through the PBL development
b. Allow teachers a chance to ask questions