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Week of: 11/2712/01 Subject/Class: SAS-8 Teacher: Jane Dowell

Unit (Week Overview/Purpose): Students will complete Punnett squares and accurately determine the probability of the traits

Day Warm Up or Review Daily Objective Instruction & Activities Formal/Informal Due Dates:
from Previous lesson Assessments
Mon Science word of the Students will construct Pop Quiz None Notebooks Due
week in a sentence. pedigrees with information Pedigree Creation 12/01

Tues Describe the difference Students will construct Finish Pedigree wksht Draw Anaphase 2 Notebooks Due
between autosomal and x- pedigrees with information Meiosis wksht 12/01
linked traits. given. Students will identify
phases of meiosis by pictures
and info
Wed Two pure bred parents Students will prepare for test by Review for test Draw Metaphase 2 Notebooks Due
are corssed similar to working on study guide and 12/01
Mendels P generation. completing missing
A tall plant is crossed assignments
with a short plant. What
is the expected
Thurs What does it mean when Students will express their Human Genetics Test None Notebooks Due
a trait is controlled by understanding of human Animal adaptation Tomorrow
multiple alleles? Which genetics, the use of punnett Vocab
of the traits we have squares and pedigrees, the
studied fits that characteristics of codominate
category? and sex linked traits, the
purpose of meiosis, and
characteristics of human genetic
Fri What is an adaptation? Students will explore what the Animal Adaptation What is the Notebooks Due
terms structural and behavioral DBQ difference Today
mean in reference to between structural
adaptations and behavioral