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Learning Log Rubric

Colegio Atalaya. Science Projects 6 Primary

Nahum Canoura


You have presented your work well. You have used some interesting You have used some very creative
You may have used some ICT in your ways to present your work ways to present your work including
work. You need to take a little more care including sticking extra sheets sticking extra sheets in and using ICT
with your illustrations and /or in and using ICT. Your (not copying and pasting). Your
handwriting. illustrations and /or illustrations and handwriting are
handwriting are a high outstanding.

Any two tasks completed. At least two writing tasks Four or more tasks completed.
Learning completed
objectives Extra-mile!! You extended your
learning by describing an experiment,
conducting a research about a topic of
your interest, for example.

You have made a good effort with the You have made a great effort You have made a super effort with all
tasks you have completed. with many of the tasks you of the tasks you have completed.
Effort have completed.

Name: _________________________ Date: ___________________

Year Group: ________

Teacher comments: _____________________________________