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Seamus Parker

October 28, 2017

Group Name: Save the Pups

Group Members: Seamus Parker, Zayna Esparza, and Kiandra Uhl


Full Statute Name: West's New Mexico Statutes Annotated. Chapter 30. Criminal
Offenses. Article 18. Animals. Animal Law Legal Center, 1 Nov. 1970,
Accessed November 28, 2017

The main point of this source shows how currently dogfighting under New Mexico law is a
fourth-degree felony. I find this information is very reliable because it gives us a jumping point
to campaign for harsher penalties. This information is very reliable as it is New Mexico law so
its pretty official. I believe the source is completely objective, since it is a government law,
which gives great power to this article. The goal of this source is to show how penalties are not
harsh enough right now.
This fits into our argument that maybe the New Mexico state government could be doing
more. This will help convince our client that penalties are too lax in New Mexico and we need
funding to campaign for a harsher penalty. I believe this is very helpful to our organization as it
goes to show how we do not do enough to penalize people who break these laws. So we can use
this as an example of how New Mexico's laws against dog fighting should move higher up from
a 4th-degree felony.

Burger, Kailey A. "Solving the Problem of Puppy Mills: Why the Animal Welfare
Movement's Bark Is Stronger than Its Bite," Washington University Journal of Law
& Policy 43 (2013): p. 259-284. Accessed November 28, 2017
This article is good at summarizing what is currently happening in the world of animal abuse
activism. The article focuses on different aspects of puppy mills, but the main portion of this
article I would use in my presentation is how animal abuse activist groups are currently working.
I am not worried about bias in this article as it is from a scholarly source.

I believe we can adapt from this article. The author mentions different ideas that may work to
help our goal of fighting puppy mills. The author also points out several flaws currently with
organizations such as the ASPCA and what they could be doing to improve

Kenny, Krysten. "A Local Approach to a National Problem: Local Ordinances as a

Means of Curbing Puppy Mill Production and Pet Overpopulation." Albany Law
Review 75.1 (2011): 379-412. Accessed November 28, 2017
This article gives a great description of puppy mills and will be great to source in for
describing what a puppy mill and the current state of which it is in right now. The author goes on
to talk about later in the article how the governments laws against puppy mills are very
ineffective. Also she talks about how there are organizations that work with the police to combat
puppy mills and work with law enforcement to have puppy mills shut down.
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

The article was great for a reference and really bolsters our claims for harsher penalties
for crimes such as running a puppy mill. I really think the idea of working with law enforcement
officers to shut these types of places down as mentioned in the article is a great idea. Our main
idea has not been changed by this source but I do believe it has given us great information that
we could add to our campaign. A big thing I pulled from this is campaigning for retail stores to
make sure that the animals they hold live in good conditions

Haider, Mo. Animal Legal Defense Fund wants New Mexico kennel shut down.
KRQE News 13, 23 Mar. 2016, krqe.com/2016/02/29/animal-legal-defense-fund-
wants-new-mexico-kennel-shut-down/. Accessed November 28, 2017

Animal legal Defense Fund. Undercover Video: Deplorable Conditions at New
Mexico Puppy Mill." Youtube,29 February 2016, 1 November 2017
The main point of this article is talking about a kennel in southern New Mexico that was under
deplorable conditions and was under investigation. The main point I draw from this is that this
kennel is still open. This information is very useful. I want to be very careful when using this
source because it comes from an Animal Legal Defense Fund so it may be biased. The source
provides evidence of puppy mills occurring in New Mexico. The main question I drew after
reading this article was how many breeding ranches and kennels might be lying about the
condition their animals are in.

This research does help our case as it shows since this place is still open there needs to be
more done. I think this is exactly what our organization was made for, we believe this place
should not still be open right now and is a perfect example of something we can campaign for.
This has not changed how we think about our plan. One of our main points in our campaign will
be to have these institutions shut down

Crista L. Coppola, Temple Grandin, R. Mark Enns, Human interaction and

cortisol: Can human contact reduce stress for shelter dogs?, In Physiology &
Behavior, Volume 87, Issue 3, 2006, Pages 537-541, ISSN 0031-9384,
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physbeh.2005.12.001. Accessed November 28, 2017

This study was focused on the effects of human interaction on shelter dogs. Dogs were interacted
with on a daily basis and it was shown to have a great effect on the dogs stress levels. I believe
this scientific evidence can add merit to our idea of our dog rehabilitation center where we will
have volunteers working to comfort our dogs. This source is reliable as it was in an academic

The source does change my idea for the dog rehabilitation a little as it shows we should have the
dogs should have as much human interaction as possible. I feel that a dog that has reduced stress
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

and is more comfortable when around people so we will want to hire volunteers to be around the
animals so they are more used to human interaction. I think this will be a good source when
promoting the idea of our rehabilitation are for the puppies and dogs for our client.

Attempted Solutions

1. End Dogfighting. The Humane Society of the United States,

The Humane Society of the United States is dedicated to the fight against dog fighting.
The organization is working to reduce the number of potential dog fighters. By promoting dog
training classes for all dog owners, they hope that the bond between the dogs and their owners is
strengthened. They are hoping that this would make the dogs more valuable to the owner and
that the owner would therefore not want to place their dog in harm. This is a very valid
assumption since it is logical to think that if a person is very closely bonded to their dog they
would not intentionally place them in harm. This is obviously might not be true for any person
that may be mentally disturbed.
The Humane Society of the United States offers dog owners dog training classes that
would strengthen the relationship between the dog and its owner. The organization also offers
help to find affordable or even free veterinary care for dogs. We would also be able to offer help
in finding dog training classes and veterinary care. This would help our organization be more
effective in deterring dog fighting in New Mexico since it would be a smaller more manageable
area to launch this help in.

2. National Mill Dog Rescue. National Mill Dog Rescue, milldogrescue.org/.

National Mill Dog Rescue is an organization that was established in 2007. The
organization is working to shut down commercial breeding facilities across the nation. They
want to educate the public and end the cruelty of commercial breeding industries.This
organization was founded in honor of a dog rescued from a commercial breeding facility in
Missouri. The organization has successfully rescued around 12,288 dogs. This organization has
many programs that it runs such as education, veterinary care, and rescue.
This organization was able to rescue around 12,288 dogs. The use education and search
and rescue as tools to stop commercial breeding facilities. With similar methods our campaign
will be able to aid in the fight against commercial breeding industry. Here in New Mexico there
are very few, if any, advertisements publicizing the cruelty and abuse that animals are put
through in commercial breeding facilities. Our campaign can help educate our community about
commercial breeding facilities and how they can help stop them.

3. Search Results dog Fight. Animal Humane New Mexico,

The animal humane of New Mexico has a program called 505 Pit Crew. The program is
dedicated to educating the youth of New Mexico about pit bulls and animal abuse in order to
help reduce dog fights in New Mexico. It states that dog fighters normally start forcing dogs to
fight while they are in their teens. The program hopes to influence young adults to stand against
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

animal cruelty. This source is objective since they are an organization dedicated to the
eradication of animal cruelty here in New Mexico.
This source is helpful to our own solution in regards to commercial breeding and dog
fights. We can bring attention to such events so that more individuals are aware of such events.
We can also implement our own events to increase public awareness and help reduce the amount
of future animal abusers. This source can help convince our clients and grant holders by
providing information on current events that are being held that are having an affect on the

4. Support Stronger Penalties for Dogfighting. Animal Legal Defense Fund,

The Animal Legal Defense Fund wants to implement stronger penalties for dogfighting.
It states that while in all 50 states dog fighting is illegal, it would like to make prosecution easier
and stronger punishments. It also states that individuals can take actional writing letters to their
state representatives about the implementation of stronger penalties.This source also includes a
link where individuals can send letters to their state representatives. We can use this source as an
example for our own campaign and even refer back to it. This source also helps individuals to get
involved to help strengthen punishment for dog fighting. The source is reliable since is a well
established funding organization.
This shows our client that other organizations have extended hands to help punish people
to be criminally prosecuted but have not gotten far. These type of proposals need to be advertised
to the public to make them aware that they can help to increase punishable penalties for dog
fighters. Since many people are blissfully unaware of the horrible abuse that is still occurring to
animals today. The community needs to be more active in political government events such as
bills that could discourage the growth of commercial breeding and dog fighting rings. This
source also shows that as of now, more can be done to make prosecution of such crimes easier.

5. Text. Bill Text - AB-485 Pet store operators: dogs, cats, and rabbits., 13 Oct. 2017,
21:00, leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB485.
California enacted a law to ban sale of possible commercial breeding animals including
many types of animals other than just dogs. California is therefore the first state to implement a
sales restriction on animals. The bill states that pet stores are not allowed to sell animals unless
they were purchased at an animal control agency or shelter. The bill also states that any violators
will be charged a civil penalty of $500. This bill is aimed at decreasing the sale and profit of
illegal commercial breeding facilities in California.
The bill will reduce the amount of profit made by commercial breeding facilities. This
could possibly be implemented in New Mexico to help reduce the amount of commercial
breeding facilities. For New Mexico it would be more beneficial to increase the civil penalty of
this offense since it is animal cruelty. Also, considering that the fine for littering here in
Albuquerque can be anywhere between 100-1,000 dollars, a sale of a possible puppy mill animal
should be more than that.

Specific details of solution

Unless the original language in an ordinance is restored, puppies will
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

continue to be trucked into Hillsborough County from cruel out-of-state

puppy mills. Consumers will continue to be deceived by false assurances
about 'responsible breeders.'." Tampa Bay Times [St. Petersburg, FL], 16
May 2017, p. 5. General OneFile,
id=ebe33bb5. Accessed 29 Nov. 2017.

This article has to do with how puppys feel when they are treated the way
they are. They feel defeated and it proves to why we should open awareness about
what we are doing. It talks about what is going wrong in a certain county.
The only way the county could verify stores are buying from breeders
without violations is to request the inspection reports from the USDA
through a complicated public records request that would likely take months
or even years to be fulfilled. Even if the USDA inspection reports were
accessible, sourcing laws do not work, as they are based on a broken
USDA system with weak standards that allow dogs to spend their entire
lives in small cages. The overall statue shows why what we are doing can
serve a purpose.

4. West's New Mexico Statutes Annotated. Chapter 3. Municipalities. Article 18. Powers of
Municipalities; Chapter 77. Livestock Code. Article 1. Dogs and Domesticated Animals.
Animal Law Legal Center, 1 Nov. 1970, www.animallaw.info/statute/nm-dog-consolidated-dog-
In order to know what we are against we have to research the Albuquerque laws on
puppy mills. These laws explain what we are against in all of New Mexico. They show our rights
as a group and what we can turn people into the DA for. This page has every law and violation a
person can be committed for in the animals right activist section. This will help us because our
main part of raising our non-profit is to shut down puppy mill and stop animal cruelty. After
everything we hope to impress more laws with more punishment in order for this to work we
have to be able to point out what we have now.
This page is very good help because we can know what to do and how we can report
people to the DA. We will implement these laws when getting people to come help us. Although
we cant necessarily go into people's houses or business to find out whether or not they are
dealing with illegal animal cruelty. These laws dont only go towards the puppy mills,but for dog
fighting, chicken fighting etc.

3..Albuquerque Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Lease - Albuquerque, New Mexico.
LoopNet - Connecting Commercial Real Estate, www.loopnet.com/new-mexico/albuquerque-
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

This source has listing for sale and space for sale here in albuquerque. It has many
options that would be available for our business. The overall resource is pretty useful because we
can plus in how big we want our building price range for what we are looking for and as well as
making it easier to search for all that we need.
We need a building for our main headquarters. Such as where people can get a hold of us
if they suspect any animal abuse going on or just wanting to help. The building will also be used
for places where we can hold fundraisers and plan for our next move. Such as opening up a thrift
store. A thrift store can bring in extra money and it wont bring us people who would want to
help. All we would need is a small business license. Along with a non-profit licessense. The
overall use of the building will bring our main points of staring up what we would initially want
this. OVer time we hope to have more than one location. PLaces where we can also offer animal
care, or more of a no kill shelter. Animals deserve better than what we give them.

2.American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). 2017,

aspca/. .
In order to put any type of business together what we naturally need is money. Nothing
can be started up in anywhere without a profit. In this page it shows the multiple ways that
money is spent in a single year. Although aspca covers the entire country we had to make our
own numbers in order to get a rough estimate. We came to the conclusion that in order to start
our business is 3 million dollars. Overall that is not a big deal for a business investment yet it is a
non-profit. So we will apply for grants and ask for donations. This source is very helpful
because we needed a jump on where we needed to start with the amount of money needed.
This is very helpful because our budget is what can make or break us in any situation.
Our over all need for money is not negotiable. We are trying to stop the amount of animal abuse
that happens in new mexico. Animals are kind caring creatures of earth, some may even say that
we dont deserve animals. We believe that in order to start up our business we will apply for
multiple grants. These grants go to animal activists and people who want to start and help animal
cruelty. The ASPCA give out grants for all types of business as well. We needed to find the
amount needed for starting up our business overall it was a great source.

Intern, Stop Puppy Mills Campaign." US Official News, 23 Sept. 2017. Infotrac Newsstand,
link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A506159460/STND?u=9211haea&sid=STND&xid=29746d9d. Accessed 29
Nov. 2017.

This is a campaign that brings awareness to the community. THis is a very good website do to
the fact that this is the same thing we want to do as part as starting up our company. It offers an
internship that educates people on puppy mill and the awareness of how it works and what it is.
Interns will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the puppy mill industry and how it intersects
with the issues of animal health, animal shelters, responsible breeding practices, pet overpopulation, the
broader pet industry, and animal protection legislation. Interns will gain valuable experience and
knowledge through research and outreach relating to puppy mill issues. They will learn how research is
gathered and analyzed to track trends and changes in the pet industry and to help us target our public
policy efforts. Interns will strengthen networking, organizational and time management skills while gaining
real-world experience utilizing their skillset to make a difference in the lives of dogs in puppy mills. This is
Seamus Parker
October 28, 2017

kind of something we want to do with our type of programs eventually make our volunteers a type of