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SAP Fiori 2.

0 - Grupo Sothis
Didier Bueno

If the introduction of SAP Fiori as a leading design in new SAP user interfaces was a
pleasant surprise to many users, then the development of Fiori 2.0 available since
October 2016 with the release of SAP S/4HANA 1610 left no one indifferent.

The new version of SAP Fiori, winner of the Red Dot: Design Concept award, shows an
impressive face-lift with their new Belize theme that is noticeable from the very rst
moment you access the launch platform (Fiori Launchpad). The new graphic design is
not the only visible difference on the Launchpad, but also other aspects such as the larger
work area, enlarged on both sides with the Me and Notications areas.

The notications area allows the user to view their complete notications list which is
also visible as a summary in the work area. The notications can include actions for
example, to process workflows, when clicking on them you can open other applications
that require user interaction.

The Me area as well as the usual setting options for themes, language, etc. enables
access to applications including a list of recently used Apps and a search option which
you can lter by category.

The changes in SAP Fiori 2.0 is not strictly limited to the visual and work aspect, new and
improved floor plans have been introduced (Overview Pages, List Reports, and Object
Pages) and new ways to develop for S/4HANA using data modelling techniques (ABAP
Programming Model) and SAP Fiori Elements previously known as Smart Templates
in SAP WebIDE.
While it is true that with the introduction of S/4HANA there has been a considerable
increase in the number of SAP transactions with Fiori equivalent applications, there are
still many applications that have not been natively integrated to this environment.

One of the best additions to the new version of Fiori is the revamped classic SAP
applications (SAP GUI for HTML, WebDynpros and FloorPlans, etc.) through the new
Belize theme, allowing this type of application to be embedded into the Fiori Launchpad
and also serving as a unique access point for all user applications/transactions, where
different user interface types coexist with a very similar look and feel.

Similarly, the search tool in the personal area known as App Finder, can be congured to
search both Fiori applications within the catalogues, as well as standard transactions
within the SAP GUI menu.

To take advantage of the benets from this new version, if you are already a client of SAP
S/4HANA you should update to the 1610 version, as well as upgrading the Front-End
Server to version 3.0, including SAP UI 7.51. If you are not a S/4HANA user you just have
to update the Front-End Server to version 3.0, including SAP UI 7.51.