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Destiny Bulger

Professor Collins

ENGL 1301

4 October 2017

To Save A Life

Pediatric surgery is the practice of diagnosis and treatment of fetuses into adulthood. That

said; the career choice of a pediatric surgeon is extremely intimidating. Pediatric medicine in

general was established in mid nineteenth (19th) century; which originates in the same place as

all medicine; Greece, as said by theworldofpediatrics.com. Although pediatric surgery is a

subspecialty to the immense world of pediatric medicine. As pediatric surgery is a deeper more

defined form of pediatric medicine it may already be presumed that the requirements and job

responsibilities are heightened for, the life of someone else; a child at that; is in the hands of

someone else. This comes with many exquisite tasks and surgeries to be performed. Pediatric

surgery will be reviewed based on requirements, salary and working schedule, and the many job

responsibilities with exampled procedures to determine if pediatric surgery is a realistic career


The requirements of a pediatric surgeon are extensive. That said, time is of the essence

while in any medical field. To save a life education is tedious and lengthy but, when all that

stands between the beat of a heart is the hands of a surgeon education is crucial. The

requirements of a pediatric surgeon is not just the determination nor the dreams of saving lives; it

is the time put into an education that takes nearly a decade. Study.com establishes that initially

the first step is to achieve a bachelor's degree. Starting with either a two year college or a four

year university. It is then recommended to major in a science relating to biology and possibly
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chemistry. Once completed, the next stepping stone is to attend medical school. Another four

years down; although, it is the most adamantine time; that is if accepted. The obstacle is not the

school work and or the long nights studying; it is the time and perseverance of striving to

acceptance. To begin the application process one must complete the medical college admissions

test (MCAT), and make an exceptional score before going through the application process and,

an interview by the school to see if one should be in line for admissions. Once the four years of

medical school is completed five years of residency in general surgery must be achieved;

although, at this time a pay will be earned. Thereafter, another residency in pediatric surgery

must be practiced for only two years. In the end all that is required aside from education is a

certification by the American Board of Surgery. Education in the field of pediatric surgery is

laborious and demanding yet, saving a life is arduous and if a dream is being achieved then

nothing will ever be to burdensome to accomplish.

The career path of a pediatric surgeon is very lucrative; although, the schedule is arduous.

Saving the lives of others is a time consuming task and to make it a career is per say life

consuming. Shift work is most common in hospitals; it is also extremely time consuming. A

schedule in a hospital does not just include shift work, but also being on call; that said separating

work from home life is difficult but still possible. Yet, the rate of pay is beneficial not just the

wealth which accompanies pediatric surgery, but also the aid such as insurance. The beginning

rate of pay declared by www1.salary.com begins at a rate of three hundred thirty six thousand

nine hundred twenty four dollars ($336,924), and a median rate of four hundred seventeen

thousand one hundred twelve dollars ($417,112). As stated on the source, ...the salary varies

depending on a variety of factors, which could start from location all the way to the job outlook

for that year. Also affirmed by www1.salary.com in which the hourly rate of a pediatric surgeon
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is on average two hundred and one dollars ($201) an hour. The job schedule and duties of a

surgeon depend on which field of surgery is chosen. A pediatric surgeon is normally always on

call; as are most surgeons; although, the work week usually accompanies fifty to sixty working

hours as stated by facs.org. That being said a day of eight and a half hours of work sounds

typically normal, yet, the whole time is spent standing or on foot. A surgeon generally is in the

operating room for about two to four hours for a single patient on foot, in the same spot, and only

making movements with the hands. Facts.com explains that Data are not currently available on

the marital status of male surgeons, however, more than 60% of women surgeons are married

and 40% of women surgeons have children. It is also said that many household chores may be

neglected because of the strenuous working schedule; although, it is still possible to maintain a

healthy life as a father or mother in this case while still giving plenty of time to a significant

other and or spouse. Which the earnings of a pediatric surgeon seem immensely beneficial; the

negative is absolutely the hectic working schedule yet, it is feasible.

When choosing a career; job responsibilities are key, yet, one who chooses pediatric

surgery has the responsibility of another life in the hands of their own. A responsibility so

important that many may stray away. The pediatric surgeon duties include, ...the surgical repair

of birth defects and trauma in children; collaboration with neonatal specialists, pediatricians,

family physicians, as stated by study.com. Surgeries conducted may be as simple as giving local

anesthesia to reduce a hematoma; to the exquisite surgery of reconstructing the thoracic cavity

for a newborn with a malformation of ectopia cordis. Pediatric surgeons job responsibilities

consist of surgeries on different organs and regions of the body, yet, they all deal with a child.

The job of a pediatric surgeon is overwhelming and stressful, but, the physical and emotional

hinderance surgeons pay is worth it.

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Pediatric surgery was reviewed considering the requirements, salary and working

schedule, and the countless job responsibilities. The salary of a pediatric surgeon is immensely

profitable; although, the time in school and the strenuous work schedule is exceedingly tedious.

The requirements are outstandingly demanding and exhausting, but, with the overall task of

saving lives; it is worth the years of wait. Pediatric surgery as a career is an ambitious choice,

yet, the general evaluation comes to the point of how determined someone is to reach their goals.

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