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Orange Sherbet-- another cooler to beat heat.

You have to make & eat to

feel the cool breeze.
Khao thanda raho thanda.
For Sherbet--
1tsp - finely grated orange zest
1/2- salt
2 cups- fresh orange juice
1tsp- vanilla extract
1 cup- cold heavy cream
1tsp- lemon juice
1 cup- sugar(change as to taste)
In blender mix all ingredients barring heavy cream. Blend until sugar is
dissolved. Transfer mixture to bowl n whisk heavy cream. Cover the bowl &
put in freezer. After n hour or 2 Sherbet will be firm take it out n whisk. I did
3 times. Again put in freezer to get firm Sherbet.
Once done take it out. Keep for 5-10mins n then serve the way you want.
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