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August 30th-Sept

3rd , 2010
Introducing! contact me @
227-1221 or
Happy Camper News teresa.hay@wayne.k12.i
News for you to know
First Grade in Mrs. Hay’s
A Peek at the Week New Words to know:
- New Skills include:

Language Arts
Unit 1
-ad, ap, ack word families
-Short a in words
High Frequency words:
-Writing on lined paper (practice your Wk 1: up, down, here, not, jump
first and last name correctly on lines) Wk2: what, friend, over, it, too, yes

Writer’s Workshop: Official writing prompt All words are in the Study Me section
given and scored with First Grade Rubric
of your child’s binder on a mini word
-Learning that
Vowels and Consonants work together wall- Study with your child.
when we write. This week your child will be responsible
for reading wk 1 and wk 2 words AND
-Reading Workshop: When, Where, should be able to read the words in
What, Why and How do we read? sentences.

Ways we can read: Picture Books,

Easy reader books, Familiar stories
Don’t forget to visit my class
that we can retell, Chapter Books. blog at:
Social Studies/Science- Owls
Facts about owls
Learning by watching the webcam
of Molly and McGee the Barn owls in California

Math- Unit 1 Number Concepts Assessments this

-number identification, ordering, and writing
numbers week!
-numbers that come before, after and between • Fountas and Pinnell Reading
-identify, create and extend patterns
Assessment con’t (indiv.)
-Comparing numbers greater than, less than, and
equal to • Spelling Test (Friday)
• Word Wall Test (Friday)
• Writing Prompt given and scored
• Math assessment Unit 1
Camper News pg.2

More for this week:

Homework is weekly and will be sent Don’t forget!
home as a packet on Mondays. The Do not put anything that you want me to have in
homework contract will include your child’s backpack.
signature lines each evening for an Place all important papers and or envelopes in
adult to sign. This assures that your child’s BINDER. (Important note pocket or
someone is helping your First Grader zipper pouch.) Mark all money please
read the directions and do the (name/amount/and what it is for)
homework correctly. You have the All papers should be checked and cleaned out of
freedom to do homework throughout your child’s Binder daily.
the week each evening or on a few Also, jewelry, silly bands etc.. can interfere
with learning and teaching. If your child cannot
days that work for your schedule.
leave their jewelry and or silly bands alone, they
The homework should be returned each will end up on my desk or in their back packs.
Friday in a stapled packet form with Please discuss- your child already knows
the contract on the top.
this rule.
The homework is a part of your child’s
weekly citizenship grade. From the Teacher’s Desk:
Right now Spelling practice is a BIG
part of homework getting your child
use to taking tests. Be sure that you
are also practicing the sight words •
each week. Your child is taking a test
on these words each Friday.
This week you should be getting
- Reminders !
*Speech & Hearing Screening on Sept. a folder containing your child’s
1st and 2nd graded work. Please be sure
you look through this work and
* Monday Sept. 6th No School
sign the page containing an
*Family Night on Tuesday Sept. 7 at itemized list of what has been
Applebee’s in Avon graded. Check off each item
*September 17th- Data Sheets re: then sign. Then return the
student progress go home signature page along with your
child’s folder back to school so
*Wednesday Sept 8th
• Fundraiser ends for BPE/ money that new papers can be graded
and forms due and sent home. This will help
*October 4th- Vision Screening assure that you are seeing
October 18th-19th Parent Teacher
Conferences graded work. Mrs. Hay