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Gabriel Hernandez


Grade: 8th Grade

Lesson: Plot development

Goal: Students will be able to identify the setting in any given nonfiction text. They will
order the events starting from rising action to resolution. Through looking at the plot
student will make inferences about the text. In addition students are to look at text
purpose, organization, and character development by forming mental pictures of texts.

Analyze Learners: The students I am working with are eight grade students who did not
meet state test standards on STAAR. I have 3 girls and 2 boys. There are 2 ESL students
and the other 3 have distraction issues, test anxiety, and or need more content reteaching
of TEKS.

State objectives:
(5) Comprehension skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using
multiple texts. The student uses metacognitive skills to both develop and deepen
comprehension of increasingly complex texts. The student is expected to:
. (A) establish purpose for reading assigned and self-selected texts;

. (B) generate questions about text before, during, and after reading to
deepen understanding
and gain information;

. (C) make, correct, or confirm predictions using text features,

characteristics of genre, and
. (D) create mental images to deepen understanding;

-Students will have the ability to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction texts.
-Students will be able to select texts based on its purpose. Purposes of text: To inform, to
entertain, to inspire, to persuade.
-Students will deepen understanding of texts and make connections by KWL chart usage.
-Students will be able to paraphrase and make note of reading passages to identify
authors characters and identify each characteristics.
-Students will use select pictures to help create mental images when reading.

Select Media and Materials and Methods:
Board, projector, scan camera Reading passage
#2 Pencil
Worksheets (KWL)

Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods:

Prior to starting class, we will go over the agenda so students know what I will be expecting
them to do. First, we need to pass our reading passages. I need to go over basic information on
topic to help build background knowledge and make connections. I will then explain the topic
further and go over KWL to fill out the K. We will proceed by reading and highlighting
important text details. We annotate as a group. After reading, we look back and go over main
idea, type of text, purpose of the text while filling out the w and l. We end by having students
answer the multiple choice text questions. These will be timed and each student has to show
textual evidence. Students testing anxiety lowers due to the comfortable yet challenging
environment students are exposed to in my class.

Require Learner Participation:

Students must participate when doing the read aloud. They offer quick thoughts related
to reading to gain understanding. Students must also paraphrase the text on their own
receding guidance from teacher. Every once in while teacher will ask what a key term
means and how does the text portray a specific literary device. Students will be rewarded
by praise and candy. In addition to answering the multiple choice questions, students
may get an exit ticket. These exit tickets help students focus throughout the class period
as they know that I will say something they need to know by the end of class.

Evaluate & Revise:

I will evaluate the students through the use of exit tickets as most will be TEKS aligned.
If they answer it correctly I know that the student has successfully been retaught that
specific TEK. In addition students have the chance of having their work posted of the
HALL OF FAME. This wall is for students who make a perfect score on a reading
passage. This also lets me know which students have been successful by the reteaching of
the TEK. I will be checking for the textual evidence students were required to show and
testing strategies I have taught the student prior. Repetition of this process is necessary to
help students on the STAAR. Students get work revised the next time they see me. I start
off by passing out the previous reading passage so they get a chance to look over their
work and identify weaknesses. Such weaknesses are usually careless mistake, bubbled in
wrong, or simply did not understand the text. Students ask questions and we go over it
as a group. Then we begin the next selected text.
For the intervention tracking sheet, I grade students 1-5 based on their understanding of
the Tek. 1 meaning need to go over again, 5 meaning they mastered the topic area.