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TPACK Template

Subject Science

Grade Level Kindergarten

Learning Objective Science SOL K.2: The students will investigate and understand
that humans have senses that allow them to seek, find, take in,
and react or respond to information in order to learn about their
surroundings. Key concepts include:

a.) The five senses and corresponding sensing organs; and

b.) Sensory descriptors used to describe common objects
and phenomena.
Activity The teacher will introduce and explore the five senses with the

The teacher will begin class by asking the students to point to

their appropriate body part that corresponds with each of the
five senses (i.e. the students should point to their nose when
asked what they smell with).

Following the introductory activity, the teacher will pull up the

IWB activity chosen to go along with the learning objective, and
explain to the children how to use it.

The teacher will be using slides 4,5,6, and 10, from the SMART
Exchange activity titled, The Five Senses.

Slide 4 will require the teacher to point to an image on the slide

and ask the class to raise their hands if they know what sense
goes with that image. The teacher will then call on a student and
have them come up to the board to drag and drop the correct
term to the corresponding image. If they are incorrect, the
teacher will choose another student to attempt it. The teacher
will continue to do so until all 5 senses have been used.

Slide 5 will require the students to go up to the board and spell

out the 5 senses, in any order. The teacher will choose five
different children to complete this task, or continue asking
different children until completed correctly.

Slide 6 will require the students to list one thing that can be
touched, heard, seen, tasted, and smelled. The teacher will

choose another 5 children to do so, or continue asking until

Slide 10 will require the students to connect each picture to the
correct describing word. The teacher will choose a final 5
children to attempt this. If they are incorrect, the teacher will
continue calling on students until it is correct.

The teacher will follow up this review with a worksheet that the
students are to complete individually.

Technology http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=55ead57c-4afd-