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A Baton Twirling Beginner Checklist

Left Right

1. Front Circles
2. Side Circles
3. Back Circles
4. Two hand spins
5. Cartwheel
6. Thumb toss
7. Horizontal
8. Horizontal toss
9. Elbow roll
10. Arm roll
11. Wrist roll
12. Palm spins
13. Pinwheel
14. Ferris wheel
15. Finger twirls
16. Marching 8 count on beat

The twirler in the Beginners class should be able to complete each twirl 8 counts
without dropping or breaks in the twirl. The twirls should be completed with good
posture those shoulders back and down, feet together and chin up.
Y.M.C.A Baton Twirling Beginner B Checklist

All twirls from the beginner class should successfully complete checklist 1 before
entering Beginner B class.

Left Right
1. Combine front, side, back circles
2. Front circles toss under leg
3. Two hand spin with passes and tosses
4. Cartwheel with roll over hands
5. Forward and backwards
6. Consistent thumb toss and catch
7. Combinations of pinwheel and ferris wheel
8. Reverse thumb toss and catch
9. Horizontal toss and catch combination
10. Horizontal boxes
11. Finger twirls both 4 and 2 vertical & horizontal
12. Smooth single elbow, arm and wrist roll
13. Smooth double arm and wrist rolls
14. Roll over the shoulder
15. Flat toss spin catch
16. Wrap around neck and waste
17. Forwards and backwards pinwheel
18. Pinwheel turns
19. Marching 8 count in a square
20. Memorization of short routine to perform

Twirlers in the Beginner B class should be able to combine twirls together

smoothly. Good posture is a must. Shoulders back and down, feet together and
chin up. This course is when twirlers should be able to twirl on the toes too!
Y.M.C.A Baton Twirling Intermediate Twirlers

Left Right
1. Moving combination of front, side and back circles
2. Front circle toss under the leg and catch under the other leg
3. Thumb toss spin and catch
4. Thumb toss catch under the leg switching repeatedly
5. Thumb toss with arm at least three in a row
6. Pitter patters
7. Elbow roll down and roll up
8. Double elbow roll (catch behind the back)
9. 4 forward fish fins
10. 2 shoulder rolls
11. Horizontal wrap around the neck, waist, leg (one and two
12. Horizontal toss spin catch
13. Blind horizontal catch
14. Finger twirls with body movement and turn
15. Heal stretch while twirling
16. Twirling illusion pass
17. Two baton twirl
18. Partner baton pass
19. Memorization of several short routines/ must perform

Twirlers in the Intermediate Class should be able to combine twirls together smoothly
with dance movements. Twirls should be completed with good posture.
Gracefulness, smoothness, showmanship, speed and control should now be developing.