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_INV201_ReadParameter (1/3)

201 Parameter Read: _INV201_ReadParameter
Basic Reads the setting value of the specified parameter.
Start trigger _INV201_ReadParameter
Inverter No. (INT) (BOOL) Busy flag
Busy flag NodeNo BUSY
Parameter No. (WORD) (BOOL) Parameter read completed
ParameterNo Done
MSG Area ID (WORD) (BOOL) Error
MSGAreaID Error
MSG Area No. (INT) (WORD) Error code
MSGAreaNo ErrorID
(WORD) Read value

File name Lib\FBL\omronlib\Inverter\INVRT\Serial\_INV201_ReadParameter20.cxf

Applicable Inverters 3G3MV Series, 3G3RV Series
models CIMR-V7AZ, CIMR-F7Z, CIMR-E7Z, CIMR-L7Z, CIMR-G7 (Sold by OYMC)
CPU Unit CS1*-CPU**H Unit version 3.0 or higher
CJ1*-CPU**H Unit version 3.0 or higher
CJ1M-CPU** Unit version 3.0 or higher
CP1L (except 10 points CPU)
Serial ports See _INV002_Refresh for detail
Combination FB _INV002_Refresh version 2.0 or higher
CX-Programmer Version 5.0 or higher
Conditions The inverter is to be connected to a Serial port controlled by the Refresh FB Status Refresh
for usage (_INV002_Refresh). (See the reference for the Refresh FB for applicable products and serial port.)
Additionally, Requests for sending commands and reading status are sent to the Refresh FB.
That means this FB only makes reservation for sending messages and does not control the serial port.
I/F Area (Always operating)
Start trigger Operation Area ID Area No
commands Command & Status Communications
Request commands
This FB Status read Refresh FB


MSG Area - Priority setting

MSGAreaID, MSGAreaNo - Sends FINS commands
Parameter setting Refresh settings
Error code read - FINS error processing
Message commands
Monitor item read Message response

Shared Resources
MSG area used for the FB _INV002_Refresh
Inverter Settings
The inverter communication parameters and Serial Communication Unit parameter .
The Serial communication unit parameters can be changed by CX-Programmer or using FB library
Function Reads the parameter setting of the inverter specified with the MSG Area (MSGAreaID, MSGAreaNo) and
description Inverter No. (NodeNo)
Refer to the manuals indicated in the Related manuals for the details of the register No. and setting values of
the parameters.
FB This FB takes several cycles to finish processing. The output variable Busy flag (BUSY) indicates whether
precautions processing is in progress or not.
Once processing is completed, the Parameter read completed (Done) or Error (Error) will be turned ON only
for 1 cycle. Use these flags to detect completion of FB processing.
Timing Chart
Start trigger ON

Busy flag (BUSY) ON


Parameter read ON
completed (Done) or OFF
Error (Error)
FB execution completed here

EN input Connect the OR circuit of Upwardly differentiated version of the Start trigger and the Busy flag (BUSY), the
condition output variable of this FB, to EN.
_INV201_ReadParameter (2/3)

Restrictions Always use an upwardly differentiated version of input to EN.

Input When any input variable is out of range, ENO will be turned OFF and the FB will not be executed.
variables The Inverter node number is 1 to 31 node 0 and 32 are not available.
Output This FB takes several cycles to finish processing. To ensure that processing is executed to the end, make
variables sure to insert the output variable Busy flag (BUSY) into the OR circuit for the input condition to EN (see the
diagram in the Symbol.).
Do not turn ON or OFF the output variable Busy flag (BUSY) from outside of the FB.
Application Reads the parameter 100 of the Inverter 20 connected to the Serial Communications Unit (SCU) with the Unit
example No. 10.
Unit No.: 10 (SCU)

CPU SCU I/F Area: EM0_1000 to EM0_1061
MSG Area: EM0_1150 to EM0_1194
Serial port No.: 1

Inverter: 20


Bit A
Inverter No. EN ENO Busy flag
Bit B &20 (INT) (BOOL) Bit B
Parameter no. NodeAddr BUSY
#113 (WORD) (BOOL) Parameter read completed
MSG Area ID. ParameterNo Done
Same as setting of &100 (WORD) (BOOL) Error
the FB Status Refresh MSG Area No. AreaID Error
&1150 (INT) (WORD) Error code
AreaNo ErrorID Read value
(WORD) D10

Always ON (P_On) _INV002_Refresh

Unit selection EN ENO
&10 (INT) (BOOL) Busy flag
Serial port No. UnitSelect BUSY
&1 (INT) (INT) Current axis No.
Scan List No. PortNo NodeAddr
#00100000 (DWORD) (BOOL) Error
Model Type List Scanlist Error
#00000000 (DWORD) (WORD) Error code
Interval Count ModelTypeMV ErrorID
&10 (UINT)
I/F Area ID IntervalCount
I/F Area No AreaID
&1000 (INT) _INV002_Refresh is required for
Message Area ID AreaNo each MODBUS line.
(WORD) more than one _INV002_Refresh
MSGAreaID cannot be used to control same
Message Area No
(INT) PortNo. It does not work correctly

Related SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Series Multi-function Compact Inverter Users Manual (I527)
manuals SYSDRIVE 3G3RV Series High-function General-purpose Inverter Users Manual (I532)
CIMR-F7Z Users Manual (YEG-TOE-S616-55.1-OY)
CIMR-E7Z Users Manual (YEG-TOE-S616-56.1-OY)
CIMR-L7Z Users Manual (TOMCC71067600AA-OY)
CIMR-G7 Users Manual (TOE-S616-60.2)
_INV201_ReadParameter (3/3)

Variable Table
Input Variables
Name Variable name Data type Default Range Description
EN EN BOOL 1 (ON): Starts FB
0 (OFF): Does not start FB
Inverter No. NodeNo INT &1 &1 to &31 The axis No. of the inverter used inside the
Status Refresh FB _INV002_Refresh should
be specified here.
Parameter No. ParameterNo WORD &0 Register No. of the inverter
Message Area ID MSGAreaID WORD #0082 The Area specified for the Refresh FB
_INV002_Refresh that controls the
Message Area No. MSGAreaNo INT &0
concerned serial port.

Output Variables
Name Variable name Data type Range Description
ENO ENO BOOL 1 (ON): FB operating normally
(May be omitted) 0 (OFF): FB not started or ended with error
Busy flag BUSY BOOL 0 (OFF): Communications completed (OFF at least for 1
1 (ON): Communications in progress
Parameter read Done BOOL 0 (OFF): Other than the below
completed 1 (ON): Communications completed without error
Error Error BOOL 0 (OFF): Other than the below
1 (ON): An error has occurred in the Inverter
Error code ErrorID WORD #0000: No error, or failed to acquire due to communications
#0001 to #FFFF: The error code of the error occurring in
the inverter. For details, refer to the manuals indicated in
the Related manuals.
Read value Value WORD Read value will be output.

Revision History
Version Date Contents
1.00 2005.4.22 Original production
1.10 2005.7.22 Suport CJ1M CPU
2.00 2007.6.8 The acquisition bank calculation mistake of EM is corrected.
(Combination with _INV002_Refresh version 2.0 or higher)
This document explains the function of the function block.
It does not provide information of restrictions on the use of Units and Components or combination of them. For actual applications,
make sure to read the operation manuals of the applicable products.