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Grammar Test #3 Results for Danae Coetzee

Score for this quiz: 53.5 out of 56

Submitted Nov 17 at 10:10am
This attempt took 25 minutes.

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Question 1

Please have the adult proctor type their name signifying that they know you
are testing and you are not using any books or notes.

Your Answer:

Yvette Coetzee

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Question 2

Choose a list that contains only prepositions.

Correct! aboard, about, above, across, after, against, along, among, around, as, at

house, town, family, church, park, library

swim, run, play, laugh, talk, run, jump, tickle

big, huge, gigantic, small, little, tiny,

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Question 3

What is an imperative sentence?

A sentence that makes a statement and ends with a period.

A sentence that asks a question and ends with a question mark.

A sentence that gives a command and ends with a period or an exclamation

A sentence that shows strong feeling and ends with an exclamation point.

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Question 4

Use this sentence:

The bear cub and its mother crawled into their cave and fell asleep.

What part of speech is the underlined word?


Correct! conjunction



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Question 5

Use this sentence:

Look carefully for snakes and spiders under the rocks and logs along
the trail.
Who or what is the subject of this sentence?

Your Answer:


Correct Answer

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Question 6

Use this sentence:

James and I worked on our science project.

What labels should I put above James and I?

Correct Answer CSN, C, CSP

You Answered SN, C, SP

C, C, C


WHen there is more than one subject, the C is put before them to
signify they are compound.

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Question 7
Which of the following words is NOT a preposition?




Correct! and

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Question 8

Use this sentence:

Wow! My brother joined the circus!

What is the word wow?


Correct! interjection

prepositional phrase


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Question 9

What do we call the helping verb and the main verb together?
helping verb + main verb = _____________ ___________.

Correct! verb phrase

prepositional phrase

auxiliary verbs

complete predicate

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Question 10

Combine these three short sentences into one well written sentence.
Remember, you can add words to help it make sense and flow smoother.

Aiden lifted the garbage can lid.

Aiden screamed.

Aiden saw a black snake.

Your Answer:

Aiden lifted the garbage can lid and screamed when he saw a black snake.

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Question 11

Thanksgiving is a common noun.

Correct! False

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Question 12

Present tense tells what is happening now.

Past tense tells what has already happened.

Future tense tells something will will happen.

What tense is the following sentence?

Michelle is taking the test.

Correct! present tense

future tense

past tense

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Question 13

Present tense tells what is happening now.

Past tense tells what has already happened.

Future tense tells something will will happen.

What tense is the following sentence?

Robert took the test yesterday.

Correct! past tense

future tense

present tense

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Question 14

The following sentence is missing all the capital letters. Retype the sentence
adding them back in so it is correct.

attean and saknis came to visit matt in the forest, but marie did not get
to come.

Your Answer:

Attean and Saknis came to visit Matt in the forest, but Marie did not get to

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Question 15

Complete the following analogy:

pen : writing :: hammer : __________




Correct! pounding
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Question 16

Match the following parts of speech with the correct definition.

Correct! noun person, place, thing, or idea

Correct! verb shows ac!on, being, or existence

Correct! sentence a group of words that has a subject and a predicate and expre

Correct! adjective modifies a noun or pronoun

Correct! adverb modifies a verb, a"ec!ve, or another adverb

Correct! pronoun takes the place of a noun

You Answered preposition a word that joins words or groups of words together

a joining word that

connects the noun or
pronoun to the rest of
the sentence

Correct! object of the preposition a noun or pronoun that comes a#er the preposi!on

Correct! interjection
expresses mild or strong emo!on

Correct! conjunction a word that joins words or groups of words together

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Question 17

Explain what is means when a sentence is in INVERTED ORDER.

Your Answer:

A sentence is in inverted order when you can find predicate parts in the

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Question 18

A preposition will always have an object of the preposition in the sentence.

Correct! True


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Question 19

Write out this sentence and parse it on a separate sheet of paper. Then
come back here and match each word to the part of speech that you
assigned to it.
Did Attean hunt in the green forest yesterday?

Correct! Did HV

Correct! Attean SN

Correct! hunt V

Correct! in P

Correct! the A

Correct! green Adj

Correct! forest OP

Correct! yesterday Adv

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Question 20

Write a sentence using the following parts of speech (in any order).

Example: He will take the test in an hour. (You may not use any words from
this example).

Subject pronoun

Helping verb
Main verb


Object of the preposition

Your Answer:

She did hunt near a lake today.

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Question 21

Which of the following words is an interjection?

Correct! yikes




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Question 22

What are the 3 conjunctions?

Your Answer:

And, Or, But!

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Question 23
What does descriptive writing mean?

Give me a definition, and then give me a few example sentences about

something beautiful you have seen.

Your Answer:

Descriptive writing is like trying to paint a picture in the reader's mind.

I stopped on the high, steep mountain trail to catch a breath. I looked down
the mountain to my left and almost lost my balance with the beauty. Beneath
me I saw a few small, wispy clouds and the flaming orange sun setting in the
cool breeze. I saw the wildflowers growing down the mountain in every colour
and shade one could possibly imagine, and the ice-blue lake stretching as far
as the eye could see. The vision made my head spin. I had never seen
anything so beautiful before in my life.

Excellent answer!

Quiz Score: 53.5 out of 56