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Pin Code Software

External DC12V AR TY
1 Y AN
Fingerprint, Code, Access Control, Time & Attendance AR
IPBio™ IP-W2 is a robust fingerprint system for door access and time attendance, particularly suitable for outdoor installations. IPBio™
IP-W2 is specifically designed to withstand weather effects and it is also made vandal resistance. The casing of IPBio™ IP-W2 is made of
Zinc Alloy with waterproof standard IP54 approved and the fingerprint sensor is UPEK TCS1 which can read various kinds of fingerprint
despite interference which could caused by dirt, injuries, wetness, bright light, etc. IPBio™ IP-W2 also has an industrial design anti PCB
against lightning and high temperature. The sturdiness of IPBio™ IP-W2 makes this product fit to be used in high traffic areas such as in
office main entrances and factories.

IPBio™ IP-W2 can contain up to 3,000 fingerprint templates and 80,000 transaction logs at any given time. All the data from the reader
can be downloaded to the powerful IPTime software to generate reports. The raw data from the reader can be exported to Excel, text,
and ASCI formats for other purposes such as for payroll calculation. IPBio™ IP-W2 uses the most common communication protocol,
TCP/IP for easy data transfer and management of readers.

Extra Access Control Functions: IPBio™ IP-W2 is built with Template Capacity : 3,000
standard Wiegand 26-bit input/ output feature and NO & NC Transaction Storage : 80,000
alarm feature for better door access control solution.. Verification Methods : FP (1:1 & 1:N), Password, PIN
Processor : 32-bits Intel CPU
Robust Casing Material: IPBio™ IP-W2 are built with robust Communication Interface : Wiegand 26-bits input/output
materials for better finishing and higher resistance. Communications : TCP/IP, RS232, RS485
Serial Comm. (bps) : 9600 ~ 115200
Various Language Selection: IPBio™ IP-W2 offers various Standard Alarm Output : NO/NC
languages for user to choose from for hardware display, voice Additional Features : Anti-passback feature, Workcode feature
greeting and software display. Sensor Type : UPEK TCS1 fingerprint sensor, 500 dpi,
standard FIPS 201
Casing Material : Zinc Alloy with IP54 Approved (IP54-
Protection from the amount of dust that
would interfere with the operation of the
equipment and protection from splashed
LAYOUT PLAN water), Industrial Design Anti PCB against
lightning and high temperature
LCD Specs : 3 lines, 15-5-11 characters, white backlight
FAR : 0.0001%
FRR : 1%
EER (Equal Error Rate) : 0.1%
Operating Temp (ºC) : -10~55
Operating Humidity : 20~80
Operating Voltage : 12V, EMLock Driving Output : DC 12V 3A
Certifications : FCC, CE, UL, MIC, SGS
Accessories Supplied in the Package: Power Input Connector, TCP/IP Cable & Joint,
Serial Comm Connectors, Screws Pack, Power Supply

Accessories Available (Sold Separately): Electromagnetic Lock, Back up Battery,

RFID Card, U-Bracket, L-Bracket, Exit Button, Emergency Break Glass, Override

Ordering Information: Unit Dimension (mm): 140 x 116 x 42, Weight Per Box
(kg): 2.1, Qty Per Carton: 8, Weight Per Carton: 17kg, Dimension Per Carton
(cm): 51 x 41 x 33

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