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Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best
answer from the answer marked A, B and C or A, B, C and D.

Question 1 4

Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

1. Pravin took a _________ of the garden using his new camera.

A. album
B. bottle
C. plant
D. photograph

2. That man has a ________ moustache.

A. thin
B. long
C. thick
D. hooked

3. ___________ live in space stations for long periods of time.

A. Aliens
B. Astronauts
C. Venus
D. Earth

4. An Iban lives in a _____________ in Sarawak.

A. terrace house
B. apartment
C. longhouse
D. bungalow

Question 5 - 7

Read the text and choose the best phrase for each picture given.

Kavita keeps herself (5) ___________ . She has

(6) __________ . She (7) ____________

neatly when she goes out.

5. A. clean and tidy

B. clean and fit
C. slim and fit
D. healthy and thin

6. A. short and straight

B. long and straight
C. long and curly
D. short and curly

7. A. combs her hair

B. curls her hair
C. pins her hair
D. cuts her hair

Question 8 10

Study the pictures carefully, then choose the best answer.

8. A. Do not get into a strangers car.

B. Do not use roads where there are not many
C. The wind is blowing strongly.
D. The people are running in the rain.

9. A. Encik Alias is asleep on the sofa.

B. Yusuf and Lisa are doing their homework.
C. Encik Alias is on the floor with his children.
D. Yusuf and Lisa are playing with their toy cars.

10. A. A. There is a bus at the bus stop.

B. The children are running the bus stop.
C. A woman and her children are waiting
for the bus.
for the bus.

Question 11 - 15

Look at the pictures below carefully. Choose the best sentences to fit the situations in the

11. A. Is this the way to Lido Complex?

B. Is Lido Complex straight ahead?
C. Where is Lido Complex?
D. Can I turn left?

12. A. Thank you.
B. Dont worry. I will.
C. Yes, I can take care of it.
D. Of course, I will return it.

13. A. Yes, its a rainy day.

B. No, its not raining.
C. Yes, but its only a drizzle.
D. I dont think its going to rain.

14. A. You have a wet umbrella.

B. Dont forget your umbrella.
C. You have made the floor wet.
D. Please leave your umbrella outside.

15. A. These hats are on sale.

B. These hats cost RM5.00 each.
C. Would you like to buy a hat?
D. Hurry! These hats are cheap.

Question 16 20

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

16. They spoke softly _____________ they did not want others to hear.

A. so C. because
B. but D. although

17. Look at the beautiful rainbow _____________ us.

A. on C. beside
B. under D. above

18. Saturn is located ______________ Mercury and Earth.

A. between C. above
B. below D. around

19. Do not play _____________ the river. You might fall in.

A. between C. near
B. around D. in

20. Akela wanted to care for Mowgli ______ he took him to the council meeting.

A. if C. then
B. so D. because

Question 21

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined in the following statement.

21. Neptune is a large gas planet that looks like a blue-green ball.

A. small
B. big
C. great
D. huge

Question 22 - 23
Choose the correct spelling.

22. The Indians usually wear ______________ costumes during Deepavali.

A. tradisyional
B. tradisional
C. tradisionel
D. traditional

23. That small girl has curly hair and thin ______________.

A. eyebros
B. eyebrows
C. eyebrown
D. eyebows

Question 24 - 25
Choose the sentences with correct punctuation.

24. A. Is it raining in Ipoh? asked Lily.

B. Is it raining in Ipoh? asked Lily.

C. Is it raining in Ipoh? asked Lily.

D. Is it raining in Ipoh? asked Lily.

25. A. The pupils shoes are dirty.

B. The pupils shoes are dirty.

C. The pupils shoes are dirty.

D. The pupils shoes are dirty.

Question 26 30

Look at the picture and then read the passage carefully. Based on the picture, choose the best

Mr Low and his family wake up early today. 26 are cleaning the compound of their

house. Mr Low is cutting the 27 while his wife is watering the plants. Their daughter, Xian

Qi, is wearing a 28 of gloves and is pulling out the weeds. Their son, Dee Hang, is

sweeping the dry leaves 29 a broom. They work hard to ensure a healthy 30

clean environment.

26. A. She B. He C. We D. They

27. A. grass B. plant C. tree D. flower

28. A. set B. pair C. pack D. bunch

29. A. by B. in C. on D. with

30. A. or B. but C. and D. because

Question 31 35
Read the news report and answer the questions below.

KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - The Western bank which is located between Union Bank and YYT
Bank was robbed at about 11 oclock yesterday morning.
A gang of five robbers entered the bank. Three of them were armed with guns. They ran
away with RM 100 000. All of them wore masks. When the robbery took place, there were
about fifteen customers in the bank. They were all very frightened. One of the women fainted.
Luckily, no one was injured.
Two hours later, Mr. Jeffrey, the manager of the bank, lodged a police report at the Jalan
Permata police station.

31. When did the incident happen?

A. Thursday
B. Friday
C. Saturday
D. Sunday

32. Which bank was robbed?

A. YYT Bank
B. Union Bank
C. Western Bank
D. Jalan Permata Bank

33. How many robbers were there?

A. 15
B. 11
C. 3
D. 5

34. When did Mr. Jeffrey made a police report?

A. One oclock in the afternoon.
B. Two oclock in the afternoon.
C. On Friday morning.
D. 11 oclock in the morning.
35. Which statement is not true?

A. The incident happened in Kuala Lumpur.

B. The robbers ran away with RM 10 000.
C. No one was injured.
D. A woman fainted.

Question 36 40
Read the poster below and answer the following questions.

Madam Chew : Hello, is this Laus Grocery Shop?

Mr Lau : Yes, it is. This is Mr Lau speaking. How can I help you?

Madam Chew : I would like to order some groceries.

Mr Lau : Can you tell me your name and address?

Madam Chew : Im Madam Chew. My address is No.2, Lorong Lang 3, Taman Lang.

Mr Lau : What would you like to order?

Madam Chew : I would like to order a packet of sugar, a bottle of Seahorse Cooking Oil,
a bottle of Mak Minah Tomato Sauce, and three tins of Daisy Condensed

Mr Kong : It will be RM28.40. I will send the groceries to you as soon as possible.

Madam Chew : Thank you.

Mr Lau : Youre welcome.

36. The dialogue took place _________________________.

A. in a grocery hop
B. over the telephone
C. in Mr. Laus Restaurant
D. at Madam Chews house

37. Madam Chew called Laus Grocery Shop because she wanted to __________________.

A. talk to Mr. Lau

B. order some groceries
C. tell Mr. Lau where she lives
D. asks Mr. Lau if he sells tomato sauce

38. Madam Chew ordered the following except _________________.

A. cooking oil
B. tomato sauce
C. pineapple juice
D. condensed milk

39. How much did Madam Chew need to pay for her groceries?

A. RM 30.80
B. RM 25.80
C. RM 28.40
D. RM 55.40

40. What will Mr Lau most probably do after talking to Madam Chew?

A. Close the shop.

B. Pick up another call.
C. Go to Madam Chews house as fast as he could.
D. Get the groceries that Madam Chew ordered ready.

Prepared by,


(Elinda Binti Nisabury)

Year 4 English Teacher


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