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USM MSN Specialty Outcomes Evaluation NURSE EDUCATOR


PRECEPTOR: _Dr. Linda King____

Circle either Met or Unmet (may use a N/A if not applicable at this evaluation) then provide an example of how the competency was Met or Unmet. If an Unmet is
marked, please notify course faculty as soon as possible.
NURSE EDUCATOR COMPETENCY RATING Example of How Competency Was Met or Unmet
Facilitate Learning Met Unmet
*Creates opportunities for learners to develop their critical Kat did a thorough job of varying teaching/learning strategies in her course
thinking and critical reasoning skills development

Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization Met Unmet Opportunities were offered for students socialization through discussion and
Collaboration opportunities

Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies Met Unmet Evidence was used to develop courses
* Use extant literature to develop evidence-based assessment
and evaluation practices

Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Met Unmet Explanations are well developed in the paper using strong resources to develop
Program Outcomes Points of emphasis
*Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum development
including identifying program outcomes, developing
competency statements, writing learning objectives and
selecting appropriate learning activities and evaluation

Function as a Change Agent and Leader Met Unmet Great descriptions. Took learning a new delivery method and ran with it!
*Evaluates organizational effectiveness in nursing education Participated and led activities in the online course creation
*Promotes innovative practices in educational environments
NURSE EDUCATOR COMPETENCY RATING Example of How Competency Was Met or Unmet
Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Nurse Met Unmet
Educator Role
*Engages in activities that promote ones socialization to the Worked as a leader with the instructional designer and educator

Engage in Scholarship Met Unmet Well done, using research based innovation in creation of course activities
*Final scholarly paper demonstrating extant literature to
design evidence-based teaching and evaluation practices
*Designs and implements scholarly activities in an established
area of expertise

Function within the Educational Environment Met Unmet Talked of networking with others during development. Is a team player
*Develops networks, collaborations, and partnerships to who strives for excellence.
enhance nursings influence within the academic community

Evaluation Conducted By: Linda King, PhD, RN, CNE Date:_ __________11/30/17____________
*If an Unmet is marked, please notify course faculty. All Competencies must be Met on the final evaluation to pass the clinical portion of the course.

Faculty Review:__________________________________________________Date:_______________________________


You may add rows as needed to indicate the subheadings for each competency
Reflect on the nurse educator core competencies and provide evidence wherever applicable