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During the Observation: Notes: Pittman (Social Studies)

Students sit in rows facing the front board
Contributors to Positive
(traditional set-up)
X Teacher hooks students at the start of the Students come in and have 15 minutes to work on a
lesson(s) vocabulary quiz on SchoolNet

Objectives are written in language

appropriate for the grade level (SWBAT)

X Teacher presents material in meaningful Chunks information using ELA Strategy that he
chunks to students adapted for use in Social Studies
Next assignment is RAFT and textual evidence on
primary documents (to find main idea).
Each student has to take a
letter of Raft for the text
Role of the Writer: Who are you as the
writer? A movie star? The President? A
Audience: To whom are you writing? A
senator? Yourself? A company?
Format: In what format are you writing? A
diary entry? A newspaper? A love letter?
Topic: What are you writing about?

Teacher models expectations (I do, We do,


You do)

X Teacher provides an opportunity for Use of RAFT to find Main Idea

students to practice new skill(s)

Teacher uses manipulatives/hands-on


X Teacher facilitates productive struggle for Teacher scaffolds for students/asks them polling
learners (ex. Error analysis/Open-ended questions t o get them to think through the info. To find
question/Turn and talk) an answer

X Teacher uses proximity and rotates to When Audrey kept saying she was confused, he told
assist struggling learners her to come sit in the desk right beside him (he didn't
want her to be confused)

Teacher praises students effort in class

Teacher uses positive reinforcement to

encourage appropriate behaviors

X Teacher uses timer to facilitate high Teacher uses a timer for quiz and other tasks where
time-on-task students are paired

x Teacher facilitates maximum use of time by Students were pulled out for band and chorus practice.
utilizing activities to engage students in Remaining students continued to work on the WWI
learning during transitions, arrivals, or any
graphic organizer. The Language Arts teacher sent
time spent waiting...
(ex. Sponge Activities~Author of quote/why additional information to students for this intervention
did they say it?; time.
www.tackk.com/mhunter14 )

X Students are actively engaged and excited Students were engaged in the class discussion and
about learning intent on finding the correct answers in their small


groups. They remained on task for the majority of the

class period.

X Teacher is excited about the lesson Teacher appears to enjoy the material he teaches

Teacher uses static and emerging visuals to

engage students

X Teacher utilizes a variety of instructional He did use whole group, small group and pairs;
methods to facilitate learning (whole/small
group, pairs, independent) Question: Who was Austria writing to?
Audrey--I dont know! You confused me! You changed
it when you went over there so I never got the right one
Answer: Germany

Teacher uses wait time effectively

Teacher creates an atmosphere of mutual


X Teacher creates a safe space where Students appeared comfortable with answering
students feel open to ask questions;
questions/contribute to lessons
Audrey chose to sit by the teacher instead of working
with a partner. She stated that she wanted to make sure
she got the right answers and she even tried to talk him
into giving her the answers.

X Teacher utilizes technology to facilitate SchoolNet; Students moved on to a paired activity on

learning technology in WWI (in Google Classroom). Students were


given pictures and a graphic organizer. Now students

need to give a name and description of the technology,
how did the new technology change how wars were
fought, advantages of new technology, and
disadvantages of the new technology.

X Teacher relates content to real-life; makes Shared a picture of his grandma father in WWI Uniform
learning relevant to students with students
Teacher: It looks a lot like me, doesnt it?
Peer in Audreys class: Yes, but he smiles even less.
Teacher: Thanks a lot!

X Higher order thinking questions (HOTs) are Question: Why were they writing to Germany?
utilized effectively Answer: They are allies!
Question: What textual evidence is there that they are
allies? How do we know?
Answer: Student cites evidence from the text.

X Students know routine procedures Students enter and exit in an orderly fashion and
largely remain on task

PRESS (Patterns Relevant Every Student


Teacher presents content in a format

appropriate for learners

X Teacher facilitates opportunities for Students READ, Write, Speak and Think in small groups.
students to read, write, think and speak
during class

Teacher holds students accountable for

learning content


x Teacher elicits prior learning via Teacher reminded students that they had discussed the
instruction same topic historically yesterday and that todays
lesson was based around informational text.

X Teacher utilizes summative assessments (to Quiz results will tell him what students struggled with
inform instruction)

Teacher utilizes diagnostic assessments

X Teacher uses formative assessments to SchoolNet Assessment

gauge students understanding
(Quick/Whole-class prompt!Thumbs up

Teacher re-checks for student learning;

provides remediation

Teacher revisits objectives at the end of the

lesson to ensure that they were achieved

Teacher gives constructive (prescriptive)

criticism/feedback to affect student