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Christine Young

COMMS 345 Persuasive Speech Outline
Topic: Why Christian millenials should understand worldviews relative to politics

Audience Analysis: My audience ranges predominantly between the ages of 19-22. The class

size is approximately ___ with slightly less than half being men, around 60% women. The class

holds an overarching evangelical Christian worldview, and most lean very conservative

politically. However, only a few are truly interested in politics and government. The majority,

although likely vote Republican, would have trouble conversing in depth on many political

subjects other than abortion and varied hot social topics. I plan to challenge this apathy toward

interest in government, and align a relationship with God to an interest in the social sciences

concerning our nation.

Purpose or goal of speech: The purpose of this speech is to persuade the class to read Prevailing

Worldviews by Dr. Glenn Martin, and understand the prevailing secular worldview of their time.

In our case, postmodernism.

I want the audience to leave the speech thinking that government and politics is not something

to avoid, that it permeates into every aspect of society, and that every crevice of society

screams postmodernism and can only be absolved through a reinterpretation of history

through a biblical perspective. After my speech, if the audience looks up Prevailing Worldviews,

re-read it (as some have already read it), or simply choose to be more politically aware out of

sheer interest, I will have accomplished my goal.

Techniques: quotations, analogies, stories, etc...my material is not yet strong enough to make a

convincing argument, but it will be by tomorrow morning at 8am!

I. You must understand what you do believe and why over what you
do not believe and why.
This was a quote I did not understand for a very long time about
3 weeks ago the Womens March on Washington happened. I was in the
National Archives with my roommate, which is right next to the Trump
Hotel where many of the protests were taking place. Of course, the
Archives were empty because everyone was at the march. Except for the
bathroom line, which extended far out the door. It was the only public
bathroom on the street so dozens of little pink piglet ears (pussy hats)
could be seen peeping over the line of ladies.
What was ironic was the place they were at. The first thing seen
when walking into the Archives is the Magna Carta, the document
stating that mans rights come from God. The document that served as a
basis for The Declaration of Independence, and yet, the most ironic
thing came out of the mouth of one of the marchers. who actually
reads this stuff? a guy said. I was beside myself. WHO ACTUALLY READS
THIS STUFF? Is this a joke?? Should not every patriotic citizen prize and
read these documents? Should not he, as someone who is marching FOR
rights care about the importance of this document? Yet that is not the
stance many take who propose themselves as active in politics. And
unfortunetly, many Christians treat the Magna Carta the same way. If he
had chosen to read the excerpt on it, he would have realized its
importance. Similarly, I know that if many of us looked, we would see
how important government is, and would become fascinated by it.
II. I am a student in the Helms school of government, and came into
college as a moderate who had lived in the most liberal places on earth:
Washington D.C and socialist Germany. I had no strong faith, and mixed
Christian and postmodern worldview. I had no real political backbone,
and that affected my ability to be able to defend my faith. I have since
then taken the majority of the classes required for an International
Relations major, and although do not plan to go into policy work, realize
that everything I learned is absolutely vital whether I go into politics or
not. You should believe me because I have seen the other side, the
liberal mindset and have lived in it. This is how I know why it is so
III. Knowing government is powerful, and as a starting point everyone
should understand worldviews, including the prevailing secular
worldviewwhich is postmodernism. If you allow it to, it will change
your life and understanding of the world.
IV. Overview-
A. It will enable you to be able to think on your own, regardless of whether
you keep up to date on the news
B. It will deepen your relationship with God
C. It will enable your ability to represent the Christian community in a secular

A. You must understand what you believe and why (Biblical Christianity) up
and against what you do not believe and why (postmodernism AKA the
prevailing worldview of our time) to be able to make your own conclusions
1. First: what is postmodernism?
a) Short and sweet, postmodernism is basically everyone does what is
right in his own eyes. My truth may not be your truth and I cannot
infringe upon your truth.
2. how can you know what you believe and why?
a) A fundamental book that explains the Christian and postmodern
worldviews relative to every aspect of life is Prevailing Worldviews. It
explains what is truth, and exhorts its readers to reinterpret the world
around them in light of what is true. This is called embracing a Biblical
Christian Mindset about the world.

3. The first reason why it is important to know what you believe and why
up and against what you do not believe and why is the fact that Ideas have
a) Our starting point will ultimately determine our terminal point!.
Prevailing Worldviews, aka your presuppositions are huge, and will
determine how you interpret information, what policies you support, how
you manage your life, etc.
b) For Example: The Neurofeedback center I go to is based off of a
Postmodern theory of counseling. Most are. The problem here is that that
means they dont have a set method of determining how to assess my
ADD, they assume I am the expert on my own life even though I am
clearly not an expert in my own health. See the issue? This is an example of
how my Dr.s presuppositions impact the way she lives her life and runs her
B. The second reason why it is important to know what you believe and why
up and against what you do not believe and why is the fact thatIt will impact
your relationship with God:
1. God wants us to love him with all of our minds, which means aligning our
intellect to the Christian worldview. God defines love as obeying his
commandments, but you can only obey if you understand. because he cares not
only about the human mind but the implications of itexs of terrible effects of
postmodernism like abortions, transgender bathrooms, etc.
a) It took me two years being at Liberty for me to internally
understand what I had been taught my freshman year in GOVT 200. Christ
had to soften my heart for 2 years before I could look at Prevailing
Worldviews without skepticism
b) Whatever is absolutely true must have something that is absolutely
false, that is the mindset we must come to understand. If Christ is true, we
will realize our entire worldview is a broken conglomerate and must be
C. The third reason why is that it will enable your ability to represent the
Christian community in a secular world
1. Its important to push back against the tide of postmodernism because if
we dont there will be consequences for the future generations, they will be
walking on quick sand/diff sins and societal problems if we dont correct it now
a) every person is either a leader or is led. If you dont know what
you stand for what will you fall for? Hamilton
b) I can personally relate to this, going to the Inauguration and then
the Womens March the next day. My sister had asked me beforehand
Christine, honestly what is so wrong about the womans march? and I
had trouble answering. I didnt understand the implications of non-biblical
beliefs. But when I came back to school, I realized that I had been clinging
to some of the wrong presuppositions of the marchers by default. I
brought these ideas before God, and Kicking and screaming, I threw them
c) Now I am more equipped to push back against the sinful actions of
my generation because I understand that they flow from wrong beliefs.

VI. Restatement of Proposition- understand worldviews and
postmodernism, the basis of your ability to re-interpret news and think
on your own as a Christian pursuing Christ wholeheartedly
VII. Advocacy result- What do you want audience to do: understand
Biblical Christianity and the prevailing secular worldview,
postmodernism. To do this you need to read Prevailing Worldviews.
Become interested in studying what it is you are voting for as a U.S
A. You will not gain a political backbone by regurgitating the Republican party
platform, news outlets, or Facebook. You need a stronger base
B. You as a member of the body of Christ are a torch bearer. Your opinion is
important. The world will look to you because of your faith, often as skeptics of it.
How will you represent Christ? Will you choose to misrepresent the cross through
your ignorance, or break that stereotype?

VIII. Closing Appeal- Therefore, we are ambassadors to Christ, God

making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be
reconciled to God. -2 Corinthians 5:20
A. Do not forget who you represent.
B. Do not limit your knowledge base to your major. The Lord calls you higher.


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