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Rube goldberg Proposal

1. Title-Theme-name: Movie called It aka pennywise

2. Objective:
After receiving a paper boat from his big brother, a little boy named
Georgie float it on the water way near his house. However, the water flows really
fast which causes the boat to flow far away and disappear from little georgies
sight. With the worry in little boy heart, he started his adventure to find the boat.
Will he find his paper boat? Or will he find something else?
The purpose of this project is to apply mathematics knowledge in Rube
goldberg. Calculate the formula in order to make the machine work in every step.
In addition, we use the knowledge from physics such as vector, force and
momentum to achieve our goal in Rube goldberg. The goal in our It theme is to
make the balloon float and have some confetti fall down within 40 seconds.

3. Materials:
a) Yellow Coat
b) Paper boat
c) Gutter for the paper boat to flow
d) Color spray
e) Water bucket
f) Wood
g) Marble
h) Domino
i) Water
j) PVC tube
k) Confetti
l) Rope
m) Box
n) Bucket
o) Book

4. Drawing + List of steps:

Step 1: A boy pour water on the water sprout.

Step 2: When water was put on the sprout, the paper boat will move.
Step 3:The boat and water flow into a bucket which causes the seesaw to
move and push the wood plank upward.
Step 4: The ball will move downward through the plank.
Step 5: The ball will hit the dominos and books that were order in line.
Step 6: The last book will hit the ball and it will fall into a bucket.
Step 7: The ball make bucket fall horizontally to the ground.
Step 8 : The ball move to push the box that contain balloon It.
Step 9 : The balloon float upward.
Step 10 : The box that move forward pull rope which attach to cup full with
confetti. Then confetti will fall down. The End!